Opposition calls for debate over police management

| 23/03/2016 | 86 Comments
Cayman News Service

RCIPS Commissioner of Police David Baines

(CNS): The eight opposition members of the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly have asked the speaker to call a special meeting of parliament to debate the management of the RCIPS, which they say is in dire need of review. The members want two motions to be addressed at the earliest opportunity and before government’s next planned meeting, which, it was revealed today, will be on 25 April. As well as a private member’s motion filed by Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush into the handling of a search and rescue operation, East End MLA Arden McLean has filed an extensive lack of confidence motion in the governance of the RCIPS.

North Side MLA Ezzard Miller has seconded the lack of confidence motion and both of the private members’ submissions are supported by the entire opposition bench membership, which now has the numbers required under Standing Orders to compel the speaker to convene a meeting to discuss matters of national importance.

Given the catalogue of issues currently surrounding the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, the members believe that the public no longer has confidence in the police. Outlining a list of concerns, the MLAs noted the failure of the police to respond to complaints and the impact that is having on the confidence of people reporting crime. They also pointed to the break-ins at the police yard and the many failings in the courts because of poor evidence collection.

“Our residents are complaining that the police don’t respond to crimes for a very long time,” McLean said Wednesday at a last-minute press briefing at the Legislative Assembly, which was called to make the announcement. “We believe the governance (of the RCIPS) needs to be changed,” he said. “There are young, good police officers that can do the job.”

Seeking a declaration from the entire membership of the Legislative Assembly that they do not have confidence in the governance of the RCIPS, the opposition MLAs hope to use that to persuade the governor to appoint an independent team to review the police administration and then identify a Caymanian who can take over the leadership of the police service.

The second motion, filed by Bush and supported by Anthony Eden, who left the PPM government benches just last November, asked his political colleagues to back his call for an independent public enquiry into the search and rescue operation for five people, including two children, who went missing on Sunday, 6 March, and are now presumed lost at sea. Shortly after Bush announced his intention to file this motion, Police Commissioner David Baines asked the governor to undertake a review of how the operation was handled. Although the governor agreed, there has been no indication of who will head up the review, whether it will be a public enquiry or when it will begin.

Bush also pointed to the negative effects the RCIPS failures are having on the tourism product, following more home invasions in North Side and the recent robbery at a popular waterfront restaurant, where a visitor was injured during the hold-up.

“Tourism is vital to this country and we have criminals attacking our tourists,” he said. ”You would think that the police would have good patrols around tourist areas.”

The MLAs said they were all gravely concerned over the lack of visible police patrols, the alleged discrimination in the service and the recent rumoured departures of many local officers.

Bodden Town MLA Alva Suckoo, who left the government benches in December, said he had been very patient with the police to come back and show the members of the LA what was being done to address the community’s concerns.

“We are a relatively small jurisdiction. I don’t see why it’s so difficult,” Suckoo said. “I know we have a lot of great officers in this country but I think the leadership needs to be examined. When women are afraid to go to bed at night because they don’t know if they are going to wake up to someone standing over them, then we have an issue,” he added.

The opposition MLAs are hopeful that Speaker of the House, Julianna O’Connor-Connolly, will call the meeting sometime next week.

The press conference was called before the government had announced its decision to meet later next month ahead of the budget session, which is expected to open in early May.  In a release from the premier’s office, officials said Cabinet had agreed this week to call a meeting of the LA on Monday 25 April to deal with a number of bills and private members’ motions.

No confidence motion (David Baines)

Opposition request for meeting of LA re David Baines & RCIPS, 23 March 2016

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a joke, politicians blowing more hot air. They will not move or remove anyone. Her excellency the Governor will have the last word. Have a good look at the posted picture I see a hint of a smirk. We have all been Bush-wacked.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am amazed at some of the comments I am reading on here. I had the priveledge of serving with the RCIPS having retired from the UK having completed 30 years there. I came in to the RCIPS as a Constable despite having attained a higher rank in my previous career. I had specialist knowledge and training which I shared with my colleagues within the RCIPS who were from many different backgrounds and countries. Some wanted me to share with them what I had to offer. Some didn’t. Strangely some of those that didn’t were the first to shout about things not being fair or equal. There are many really good officers within the RCIPS. There are also some very poor ones. Unfortunately the ones that I would asses as being poor always seemed to have either a useful connection with someone with influence or a political side to run to. Their inability was allowed to pass because it was more difficult to get rid of them than to keep them. It was also some of these that appeared to be the most prolific agitators within the ranks. Such a shame that the very public they are employed to protect and serve now feel the need to launch some of these attacks on this site. Do you really think experienced knowledgeable officers will come, or even more importantly, stay in a society that appears to be so anti ex pat ?
    I still have many friends of different nationalities serving with the RCIPS.
    I fully believe that the last people you want to have any control over the Police are the politicians but Cayman appears to be wanting that to become its policy. I also believe that the press are there to report the news and not try to make it.
    Maybe I am a dinosaur in my thinking but these two as bed fellows are, in my humble opinion, a disaster in the making.
    There is an old adage that the society gets the Police it deserves.
    Be very careful what you wish for Cayman as once you have gone down a road of armed police on every corner (and let’s be honest would you want ALL your officers armed?) and getting the service to dance to the tune of whichever political party is in power it will be almost impossible to turn it around.

    • Anonymous says:

      My previous 20 years experience in the RCIPS is that for every 10 UK officers that arrive here, 8 are solely here for the money, sea, sand, sun and fun and the other 2 are genuine and will work their asses off at a moments notice.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why are you on here and not chasing villains? Donut taking too much time? Seems you got a jealous chip on your shoulder. UK cops can be sent home if they don’t work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Failure in Government, Failure in Immigration, Failure in Education, Failure in Parenting. Easy way out, blame the Expat CoP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is totally on Helen Kirkpatrick and her abysmal performance as Governor.

    First of all, she has no clue whatsoever of what locals are thinking. Whether you liked the former Gov Taylor or not, he got around and had a good feel for what the community was thinking. He didn’t spend 2hrs at the Market at the Grounds in Lower Valley on a Sat morning trying to decide what to buy. He spent it to connect with the ordinary people of the community.
    We saw a recent example of Helen’s connection with the community on the front page of the paper – attending Mrs Dart’s tea party.
    From what I understand, just like former Nothing-Before-Coming-to-Cayman Stuart Jack, she doesn’t go anywhere unless she’s CHAUFFEURED in the new wheels that her boy All-done gave her. You won’t see her pulling into FFF at the Strand in her own wheels on a Saturday afternoon.

    Secondly, I’m sure that these MLA’s know that they can’t solve the CoP issue down at the LA. Only Helen can. What should have happened is that the 8 of them should have met with her and she should have listened, got back to them as to what she proposed to do and acted. But she doesn’t have any time for them and they know that. So instead of her getting them to agree to a ‘early termination arrangement’ with Baines, she is left to await the outcome of the LA.

    I hope that while she’s lying on her beach chair waiting, she reads the history of David Ballantyne who even the UK Attorney General at the time coming out here couldn’t save.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen..she has turned out to be one of our worst Governors..To be honest I was expecting better from a woman but she just doesn’t seem to have the guts for the job…Tea parties and cocktail receptions are more her style..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Statistical fact: The lower the percentage of Caymanians in the resident population, the higher the rate of crime.

    The above fact flies in the face of the argument and suggestion that this continued “growth and development” is the best way forward – not to mention the anecdotal evidence of alarming disenfranchisement of Caymanians.

    We are doing many things wrong in this country. The woeful performance of the RCIPS is but one element of the much wider problem(s).

    – Whodatis

    (*Single-celled and one-dimensional organisms need not respond to the above.)

    • Anonymous says:

      A very broad brush racist comment. Does not explain the overwhelmingly Caymanian population of Northward. One dimensional organism yourself! Why even have the audacity to try and exclude anyone from answering (dictatorial trait), especially your amoeba brethren

      • Anonymous says:

        (Obviously someone failed to comprehend the final sentence.)

        Btw, my post also does not explain the overwhelmingly British population of British prisons, or overwhelmingly American population of American prisons and so on. What exactly is your point here, you damn jackass?

        Furthermore, a sensible person knows to accommodate for differences in the respective penal codes and attitudes regarding criminal activity.
        For example, a Caymanian is arrested, charged and becomes a convicted criminal for doing exactly the same thing a Brit (in the UK) that brings him nothing more than a warning – consumption of marijuana. In fact, marijuana consumption is a staple of British, American, European and Canadian tertiary education and adult life whereas we throw our Caymanian 18 year olds in jail for the very same.

        Anyway, to each his own – but truth is truth.

        – Whodatis

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually there is no offence in the UK of consumption of Cannabis but I suspect you are referring to a simple possession offence for personal use. If so there are criteria such as amount found, circumstances and frequency that allow a warning where appropriate. Not every time. Just in case you needed a little clarification on your statement.

          • Anonymous says:

            I trust you are currently residing in the UK with such a firm grasp of her laws and such.

            Quite sure you aren’t though. Wonder why. Somewhere better caught your eye maybe?

            – Who

        • Anonymous says:

          My point was to point out that your comment was stupid. Your reaction and cussing shows I hit the mark. You will disagree of course. But I can’t fix stupid, no one can

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many of these Caymanian Anglophobes have British passports?.

    • Anonymous says:

      Silly comment, Cayman passports are British, see for yourself by looking at one. Why do most people given Cayman residency from developed countries never give up there birth passport, do they really want to become Caymanian?, or just for a time.

      • Anonymous says:

        So if you obtained a British passport would you give up your Caymanian one?
        Works both ways brah.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Give Bainsey a break. Look at him, he can’t even put his hat on straight for his official photo.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Alden should be ashamed of himself, he talks about Mckeeva, but guess what Mckeeva stands up for his people when they need him!! Somebody having a bad Easter no sipping on bubbly this weekend!! lol

    • Anonymous says:

      @12:46pm Too bad you are missing out on the bubbly this weekend.

    • Anonymous says:

      To 12.46 What happen ,didn’t get no free fridge from PPM? Guess Mac had you spoiled.

    • Anonymous says:

      All MacKeeva is doing is taking another opportunity to bash the Brits…especially anyone who he thinks is a part of the UK establishment that won’t allow him to do as he wishes.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well this is when we will see who are MEN and WOMAN; will they stand for what is right for their people or continue doing what they have done for the last 3 years ignore the people who voted for them and focus on themselves!! #Useless #gutless #spineless

    • Anonymous says:

      Men or Women, huh? Is there another choice?

    • Julian Clary says:

      If you need help in only now differentiating who is a man and who is a woman, I would say that you have been drinking in the wrong sort of bars!

  10. Anonymous says:

    As a West Bayer that voted for and supported Tara, I am waiting to hear from her to see what stands she takes. If she continues to sit on the sidelines and support Alden and the PPM in this situation, she can be prepared that me and a lot of West Bayers will make a change come next May…

    • Anonymous says:

      @12:33 Are you crazy, Tara sitting on the sidelines? This lady has been out front taking licks getting a minimum wage in place ,and trying to improve education . But where have you been ,probably sitting on the sidelines waiting for UDP/CDP to get back in power to give you freeness.

      • Anonymous says:

        For your information, I voted for one person, Tara, not because she was UDP/PPM or whatever the other one was called..Unlike you I don’t believe in the parties, I believe in voting for who I think best would represent me and my country and I am not lead blindly by McKeeva or your god Alden.

        Wrong is wrong and this Commissioner has to go and I expect my representative to stand up and be counted and represent the vast amount of people not only in West Bay but all over Cayman, not just the Caymanians but also the expats that see this and are affected by it. This man has lost all control and he does not represent our interests.

        It you want to play the PPM/UDP card go ahead..My country comes first, way above any party, it leaders or its fanatic supporters..

        Trust I have made myself clear.

  11. Anonymous says:

    “When women are afraid to go to bed at night because they don’t know if they are going to wake up to someone standing over them, then we have an issue.”

    Exactly. Sort it out.

    • Whisky bravo says:

      Is baines supposed to be standing infront of everyones house all night and day? Lol he foiled a new years robbery but the rest took 14 hours to respond, come on now hes tryna do something but its hard to maintain the “police academy” keep it up he soon wont give a sh*t lol

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, got a medal for running down a man with his car. Anyone could do that but do you see any of his other police officers getting medals for crimes the many prevented? Trust me had a been another police offer he would no longer be on the force.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If this was a Caymanian Alden and the Regressives would have him/her terminated long time!! In 3 years they have not once stood up for the people of these islands!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    This is a great start to the Easter Weekend, I applaud these 8 members of parliament for taking a stand. For far too long things have been occurring in these islands and RCIPS not held accountable. Alden you like to use that word so make sure you back it up when it counts!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to know whose policy it is to employ the less talented members of RCIPs from the larger Island to the east. I really believe that is the biggest problem. Less officers but better trained would resolve a lot of this. So is he being forced to keep them on, or is this his doing? Its all very well screaming for him to be thrown out, but then what next? Mac as head of COP? Somebody who cowtows to Mac or the MLA? Most of the MLA’s have had their noses in the trough so long that it would be very convenient to have a stooge as CoP. Is that good for Cayman? Not in the least…As usual everyone screaming for accountability from the CoP when there is zero accountability elsewhere, including the people now calling for him to go.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The RCIPS by and large are not helpful to the public or to themselves, with a few good officers left to despair about the condition of the force. They don’t care, they don’t listen and they don’t act.

    Having witnessed first hand their incompetence and blatantly unsatisfactory actions after being the victim of a violent crime I made a complaint to the COP. This was a huge mistake, rather than address the issues with their police officers they targeted me as retribution. Do not point out when they fail in the most simple of tasks, it only makes them mad. You will be punished, not the officers who refuse to do their job.

    Do not expect the RCIPS to help you when you need it. They won’t. And in return they can expect the same from the community. It’s no surprise people would get robbed and not even bother calling. After my experiences I will never even bother to call the RCIPS again.

    This is not how policing should be done.

  16. Boddentown Committee. says:

    This is the time. Critical time for the VOTED members of Boddentown to prove to their voters that they WILL do as ask asked.

    This is the make or break it period. You only get one shot. You make the wrong desicion now its all over.

    Stand up or say goodbye. Stand up

    • Anonymous says:

      Tony and Al will but you can forget Ozzie and Wayne doing anything…

      • Anonymous says:

        Well if Ozzy and Wayne won’t then they need to ensure they have other plans in place come next election.
        We the people of Boddentown will not allow them back in.
        Put up or shut up time fellas. Where’s your marbles. Are they steel or driftwood.

    • Judean People's Front says:

      Right on Brother! Independence or nothing!

  17. Clarence Ebanks says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen as a strong generational Caymanian I must weigh in on the matter re CoP. I applaud the Governor’s stance to support the CoP Mr. David Baines and I encourage all politicians to exercise restraint. Being a community and faithful Church of God member for 55 years I have seen plenty in Cayman. Let us take our emotions out of it and in light of the recent tragedies let us try for Heaven’s sake to be impartial. The bulk of the crimes we see taking place and chaos erupting in the educational system is all part of a growing cancer in Cayman (call it the SPIDER). WE have lost our way. As a people we have lost sight of our community spirit which caused our industries to flourish and grow and welcomed the mass to these shores. Perhaps we grew too quickly (explains Mount Trashmore- but that pales to the SPIDER) and as a country we failed to manage change well. We have to look to the family at a personal and individual level to see what’s going on. Moms and dads working 2 and 3 jobs to make ends meet, out of control cost of living which places severe pressure on families, leveraging of extended family members like aunties and grandparents to help raise kids and in most cases nannies do the job. The young ones grow up in economically, socially and even spiritually starved environments and have little to no role models. Allot of them turn to gangs for support and accept the way of the streets.

    We have a case of 2 Caymans. Let’s face it. The haves and the have nots. Yes it exists in most countries but when you have 55,000 people rubbing shoulders that close you feel it much stronger.
    On the one hand, we have the rich lighter tone business oriented Caymanians – don’t need to call names but we all know who these powerful families are AND the mid to upper tier expats who have high disposable incomes according to global standards.
    On the other hand we have everyone else fighting for scraps and having to endure the bright lights of the stuff they just can’t afford, houses they can only look at and never given even an invitation to visit, fancy cars they will never drive, hotel rooms they can’t stay in- with their menial jobs and low standard of living. It’s within this context that our misguided youths are thrust and with low morals and few role models they succumb to vice- seek the easy way out to earn a quick dollar. Crime is rampant for lots of reasons but please please please put down the pitchforks and see and call the problem for what it is. We need to fix our broken society, TOGETHER and try to find ways to bridge the wealth disparity in Cayman and create opportunities for those most at risk and/or disadvantaged to come up in the world and break through their socio economic barrier. We need all levels coming together- church, community, private and public sector and call in international support if needs be!!!!!!!!!!!! But do it fast rather than waiting around for another consultant to describe how fat the cobwebs are. Nuts find the SPIDER.
    The police and its leader Mr. Baines are doing their best. It’s the system that we have so support it. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. We have no time to make a new baby- takes 9 month LOL !!!!
    Support the CoP and the police force. Work with them. Having spoken to many dedicated police officers who do a fine job day in and day in for LOW pay, they have such a hard time making cases because witnesses are either not reliable or don’t cooperate lest they be branded as “snitches”. If we kill the metaphorical SPIDER and stop clearing the cob webs we can solve a number of our country’s ills- not just crime but education, employment, and finance to name a few. Yes, having more productive citizens and residents will generate more wealth. It’s proven.
    The leaders of the country should focus on doing their part to locate the SPIDER and fix the problem. Why have they not held an LA meeting since Nov of last year? In any other profession they would be fired on the spot, yet they moan and complain like kids and want to de-stabilize the current enforcement system by doing away with the CoP Mr. Baines. This is crazy and some have a personal axe to grind against Mr. Baines (no names need to be called) but for God’s sake leave it alone and again focus on that SPIDER.

    • I agree...but says:

      You are correct the spider is the issue but that doesnt justify ignoring the obvious. The RCIPS needs new leadership. It is limping along and unable to effectively offer its service. What are you suggesting? Pretend all ia great there and continue to stick our heads in the sand? This is one specific issue. It wont kill the spider but it certainly will fix the poor policing we have forced upon us by the FCO and Government.

    • Anonymous says:

      Clarence, i want some of that stuff you smokin’…That has to be some good $hitt…

      Even the Bible says there are none so blind as those who will not see…

      Share the spliff nah!

    • Anonymous says:

      You must be living in another island!! SMH

    • Boddentown Committee. says:

      Sir, whilst I applaude your spiritual commitment I amust remind you of something.

      The recent actions and the stance taken have reminded me of a story in the old testament of the Bible.

      Its the story of Moses and the Pharoah.
      Let my people go. No. God takes away until he takes away the first born sons.

      I would rather say thank you. Have a nice day. You tried but it is not working out, rather than lose my first born.

      We, the Caymanian people are Moses. The Gov, the MLA’s and COP are the pharoah.

      Whats it going to take.

      Maybe God is speaking by what has been happening through the failings of the current regime and we the Caymanian people are not listening.

      An old Caymanian once said, when a child lashes out so loudly and often, then maybe there’s something wrong at home. The child was being abused.

      Well the local population has been lashing out very loudly and for a long time. Something MUST be wrong at home. The current management is not working. Change MUST happen.

      And yes emotions must play a part. If it was your family member, like a son, daughter or anyone that has become a victim of a serious crime, and because of bad managment nothing was done that could have, should have prevented or solved it, then I guarrantee you would be singing a different song.

      So please, unless its hit you hard at home, dont sit on your high chair and make assumptions without personal experience.

      Its time for a change, the vaca is over.

    • Rico Warez says:

      Pure unadulterated Waffle Clarence Ebanks Low pay my ass this situation has occurred because we allowed UK officials with their agenda to come here taking advice from those closest and loyal to them who are corrupt Then they allowed the same little corrupt group to recruit criminals from jurisdictions where corruption is prevalent to come here as a proxy force against Caymanians and have brought discord and resentment and blatant discrimination towards the local population. That must be the dangerous Spider you keep referring to, what has simply happen now those who keep maintaining this enormous criminal web can no longer control the spider and her offspring from doing what they want do. Divide & Rule Clarence Finally we aren’t destabilizing the current enforcement system it is destroying our society and displacing us you idiot!

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Clarence thank you for a very logical article. You are so correct. No matter who the Commissioner is many residents will not support him. Society needs support the police, not antagonize them and above seek solutions to Cayman’s criminal and social problems.
      I expect the usual retoric thumbs down regarding my response but conversely I doubt that even I can approach the recent record of 100 thumbs down set by a previous premier.

      • Kent says:

        Chris, the RCIPS does need the support of the committee, but the RCIPS is not defined by a single person. Baines is a failure, his greatest failing is allowing our community to fall to hopelessness. We have lost confidence in him, and by extension the services he is entrusted to provide. I don’t believe anyone is expecting perfection, however the reality is we are fed up! I would hope that Baines would be replaced with someone that Cayman can accept as having our back, through thick and thin. That is not what we have now. What is the benefit to us as a people in keeping Baines? Will some forward unseen forward progress be haulted? Will our quality of life lessen? Why? Why should we allow him to finish his contract?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right about one thing, this is just a Zimbabwe style “land grab” for political control of the Police.
      This will go on until someone is placed in the hot seat who is beholden to family ties, politics or can be controlled in any other form.
      Once that is firmly on the way, the lobbying for a local governor or a governor with a reduced or limited control will be next.
      Rest assured, I will observe this from another jurasdiction.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you referring to the infamous EastEnd land grab by the former min? Yes Juan. We still remember it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Flights leaving everyday son even some direct to London..get on board!

        Please stop talking this political crap..and by the way what is wrong with us having our own people in positions of power in Cayman. Do you honestly believe that everyone that comes from England is above reproach..If you like I can give you a long list of corrupt English people that were sent to us that were in positions of high power and left these shores in disgrace..Similarly, I can point to Caymanian politicians and person in high positions in Cayman who have lost their power and never to be elected or hold office again..

        Stop painting all Caymanians with one brush…You haven’t lived here long enough..Get down of your high horse and get to know us, you will find the we are a kind, hospitable and welcoming people but understand that if you continue to insult us or tear us down as a people, we will stand up!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for the advice, I will go when I am ready not when you say so.

        • The Cellist says:

          I doubt it.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is nothing wrong with having your own people. In power and I believe that the original poster was referring to this happening now.

          There is a definite feeling that the road to self determination and self governance is under way. I have no view either way, I would just prefer to be somewhere else for the transition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, we now have the term “strong generational Caymanian” which I believe is possibly slightly higher than a multi generational Caymanian, not as low as a paper Caymanian but does get you a seat on a truck during Batabano

  18. Just Watchin says:

    I’d been giving the Commissioner the benefit of the doubt but his handling of the Tempura matter and his locking arms with the Governor’s office to frustrate and stall the Information Commissioner has convinced me that he is merely a puppet of the Governor’s office and the FCO.
    This Governor is an utter waste. Instead of Alden giving her a brand new Jaguar to drive around in, he should have worked a deal to send her back to the UK and let her do “her FCO work” from there; she doesn’t do anything for the Cayman Islands and doesn’t need to be a guest on our 7-mile beach at our expense. I thought Stuart Jack was a waste but she beats him. Neither of course had been anything in the UK other than just another UK civil servant until they came to Cayman.
    On top of that, I continue to hear too many stories of the double standards that apply to UK officers vs officers from Cayman and other jurisdictions.
    It’s time for new leadership of the RCIPS and IF it can’t be one of our own, it needs to be someone who comes on a SINGLE two year contract with a mandate to sort the organisation out and knows that at the end of it, he/she is gone.
    The cycle has to be broken and I commend the members who have challenged the issue. I just hope they have a plan or formula for what should happen.
    P.S. And the ultimate piece of waste – Larry Covington – should have no input in what goes on here in policing.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      A very illogical comment . Have you ever thought of making a positive response in your blogs or are you incapable of such thoughts?

  19. Anonymous says:

    What is there to debate over? Just show him the door ASAP!

  20. Raffaelle says:

    I really did not think anybody could be worst than Mckeeva but Between Alden, Baines and Helen Kilpatrick I have now started the process of Beatification for Mckeeva.

  21. Blacka Sayso says:

    It looks like Dear Helen needs to be reminded that it is us the people of the Cayman Islands that have the last say and if she want to throw her lot in with Baines she can leave when goes too. What Many here have not told her is that once you get caught in the Cayman Winddrift no amount of tea parties at Dart or Legge’s embellished hearso can bring you out of the discontent funk that will follow you around this little island. Which can not be wipe or power washed off you.

    • Diogenes says:

      People of Cayman do NOT have the final say. The FCO does. The Governor can revoke any law, suspend the LA and controls the t RCIPS. And she does what she is told by the FCO. What on earth makes you think you are the final say. Only one way that happens, and that is independence.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right – we don’t have the final say. That is why we need to go to Full Internal Self-Government.” At least that will be a good start. We will be able to replace all those Caymanian UK puppets within the civil service.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure she will go when she is ready. Not when you say so.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Everyone is complaining about the symptom, and not the disease. Why is there crime on our beautiful, peaceful little island in the first place? That is where the focus needs to be centered.

    • Laverne says:

      Ok here you go: the last premier made the mistake of granting 3000 status at one time. The infrastructure and jobs just wasn’t there to support this huge mistake. Remember this 3000 became 9000 when spouses and dependents. The granting of permits without a fair opportunity for caymanians, then there’s the glass ceiling effect in the work place. Unfair practices that provide concessions to the wealthy and big corporations, whilst the small businessman has to close up shop. Unfair pay schemes. The CEOS and executives receives huge incentives even when there are losses and the basic employees receive crumbs. Over 500 students graduating each year. No work, no hope, no balance, no equal opportunity then what do you expect? The days of paradise is over. Take a look around you and ask yourself I this the Cayman you came to? Is this the Cayman you expected it to be and live in? Is this where you want your children to grow old when law abiding citizens are robbed and mugged on a daily basis?

      • Cabron says:

        Don’t know much of where the 3000 status grants and Baines intertwine, however, I am quite clear on the lack of effective leadership in the security aspects of these Islands. There is no escaping it it’s nothing but sheer incompetence.

    • Anonymous says:

      anon 851 a very big reason you have crime is because our police department is not worth the money invested in it. We have way too many police officers for this size island but you supposedly need them due to the crime. But the police department has no accountability and the final say on their chief does not rest with caymanians but the Governor. We cant even mess with their budget. If our police department was performing the crime rate would go down.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mac revenge attack! RCIPs proved he had no morals at all due to some stupid lack of basic rules, and now he wants revenge

  24. Taoukalo says:

    Mac demanding accountability. Eden in alliance with a known gambler.

    Strange times my friends. Strange times.

  25. Allar says:

    I applaud the eight member let’s just see if PPM have the balls to stand by them. Enough is enough Baines must go he is causing an unstable country.

    • Southsounder says:

      Applaud what exactly? the fact that the opposition want to put their own stooge in Bain’s place, to placate their own constituents and help engineer the prosperity of their careers?
      The shameful state of the Police funding, compounded by a population who are always looking to blame someone else for their own misgivings, prejudice and inaction, is not a recipe for an improvement.
      Putting a Caymanian in his place will make the position even more political and will not resolve the problems that they face, the last thing we now need is a change of Police commissioner and senior staff, at every election!
      If we want a 21st century Police service, then we need to be prepared to invest in it and have it run by someone who is accountable and not genetically or politically swayed by a few megalomaniacs in the MLA.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a sad day for justice. Baines stood up for corruption. Did we forget this already.

      He does not deserve this. Shame on you MLA ‘s I will not vote for anyone who has signed this.

      • Silo Broker says:

        You and south sounder can both vote for Baines in the next election see how far you get with that.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Nothing will come of this because Alden will say the Governor has already called for an independent investigation. He is useless and has no guts.

    It is so good to see the opposition and independent member working together for the good of the people. I can honestly say I am proud of all of them and it goes to show that “yes” Caymanians can and will stand up and stand up together for what is right and do the will of the people.

    Baines will still be here when Alden is voted out of office and I hope that Alden will see his inept attitude then while Baines and Helen, with their special gues Duncan are sipping Champagne at Government House.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the CoP has called for an independent inquiry, not the Governor, but don’t let a factual error get in the way of a good witchhunt. And “Duncan” – would that be Duncan Taylor, the man who was promoted to Ambassador to Mexico – a nation of 122 million people? I suspect he has a rather larger champagne budget than the Governor of this little place.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Someone in the LA needs to start asking questions about RCIPS handling of the Martin Bridger investigation. Whatever may have gone on during Tempura this is exercise is getting to look more and more like a cross between a witch hunt and deliberate obstruction of the work of the ICO.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I think at best the CoP has given up. Can’t control his force or compound.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Only certain types of people are to be held responsible for their actions.

  30. O'Really Factor says:

    Does any member of the PPM have the courage to vote their conscience on the two motions and represent their constituents?

    Will MLA’s Tara Rivers Marco Archer Osbourne Bodden Roy McTaggart Joey Hew et al show loyalty to their voters instead of choosing loyalty to the PPM or will they do the cowardly thing by not attending the debate or abstaining in the vote?

    Will Madam Speaker covene a special meeting of the LA?

    Can Premier McLaughlin afford to allow his slim majority government members to vote their conscience and act in the best interests of the voters who voted them into office on a platform of Accountability, Transparency and Good Governance?

    Politically can the PPM afford to be seen to go against the wishes of the majority of the public who are demanding answers and greater accountability from RCIPS, Governor Kilpatrick and elected governments if they fail to support both proposed motions with general elections only 14 months away?

    There are more questions than answers so stay tuned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden has already circled the wagons and said he will stand with the COP and the rest of his stooges have no balls, guts or stamina to do what’s right..If he thinks Helen can protect him come election time like she does her favorite boy Baines now, he has another thought coming..she can protect him but we the people of Cayman have the right to vote and we will use it to move Alden and his entire group of useless politicians…Mark my words Alden, your days are numbered and you will not be re-elected…

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