Mac and Alden court new Jamaican premier

| 07/03/2016 | 21 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush (left) and Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness

(CNS): Premier Alden McLaughlin led an official delegation, including Cabinet Secretary Samuel Rose and political adviser Roy Tatum, on a trip to Jamaica last week for the swearing in of the newly elected prime minister, Andrew Holness. But according to the Jamaican press, it was Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush who was one of the most popular guests, attracting “huge attention” because of his frequent trips and close ties to that country.

On his own Facebook page Bush said that his association with the leaders of both political parties has been long and friendly.

“Both Portia and Andrew are my good friends. My friendship and acknowledgement of the commitment and positive contributions of the Jamaican people to our islands is never, never in doubt by them,” he said. While offering Holness his backing, Bush said he was not at the swearing in because he supported the Jamaican Labour Party (JLP) but because of his closeness to the Jamaican people in general.

Meanwhile, in a release from the premier’s office, McLaughlin said he was there at the invitation of the new prime minister.

Cayman News Service

Jamaica Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) and Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin

“It also allowed an opportunity for us to have a brief chat and for me to congratulate him in person. I also congratulate the Jamaican people on what was a fairly peaceful election and I look forward to working with Prime Minister Holness in the weeks and months to come in the mutual interest of our respective countries,” he added.

This was the second inauguration for Holness in five years as he served as prime minister for just a few months from October 2011 to 5 January 2012. His party, the JLP, gained 32 seats to the People’s National Party’s 31 seats in the election last month, giving Holness a wafer thin majority, an experience he now shares with McLaughlin.

With just over one year to go before he and McLaughlin face off in the 2017 election in the Cayman Islands, Bush told the Jamaica Observer that he expects to be returned to government after that election. However, he said he “admires the policy of the current government” as they have continued the plans originated by his party. “I am happy that they have the sense to follow what is a good plan,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Both of these so-called leaders from Cayman have played an integral role in the development of the party system and the continued tarnishing of the “jewel of the Caribbean”.

    To see them fauning over the leader of a third world failure is simply embarrassing. Jamaica is no example for Cayman to emulate.

  2. Mckeeva bush says:

    To the one who writes about my jamaican and scottish linage and deems it to be 2 out of 12, better check your facts!!!! However what is fact is that they survived the crossing either from europe ir africa.They survived!!!!!!! I am here!!!!
    I dont know that i ever reply to this blog but i find it today that i should tell you to check your facts about 2 out of 12. But can i just ask couldnt you have read it,have your own twisted thoughts and that would be your own jollies?!! Our world is already too full of evil minds who conjure all kinds of things that dont help anyone.make yourself known to me and i will show a linage from the great granparents who came here by the way of westmorland through cuba,(that parish administered the affairs of our islands at the time.) Those fobearers lived til he was 109 his good wife til she was 107. Their granddaughter my aunt,til she was 102. Julia hydes their great neice til she was 106. My aunt living niw at 102 and my dear mana at 92.that was from thise who here through the westmorland. Those from st elizbeth not such as long livers.
    I know my history because i have had teachers with ” hands on experiance”. I hope you know yours.
    Do dont try to twist my facts. You can twist yours if that brings you some kind jolly.
    If you want to make your self know to me and i can fill in your blanks.cns, stop printing your twisted headlines there are many other words more positive

    • Anonymous says:

      This man was elected to the highest office in Cayman. Can anyone honestly read the above without cringing or thinking “hey, I think I could be king here”.

    • Anonymous says:

      You seem to forget Your mass status grant to Jamaicans has done to Cayman what the mass asylum influx has done to Europe.
      If you so wanted to be with your own people , all you had to do was move there instead of imposing over there , over here , and polluting our way of life in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one said YOU had Scottish lineage, that was a scenario posed by writer

    • Anonymous says:

      You said TWO great grand parents ….. Care to re read article? Or are there more and you only mentioned the two great grandfathers??

      • Anonymous says:

        Well this is West Bay we’re talking about so nobody can be certain.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well if you knew WB there was rarely a marriage outside the district, worse from Jamaica unless they came via boat on iron shore from all over or slaves and Europeans coming through Jamaica and they couldn’t be Jamaicans at that point

    • SSM345 says:


  3. R says:

    Talk to him about their open minded view on ganja! That policy will affect us in many ways! Policing our borders? Loss of tourism?

  4. Just Watchin says:

    “Take one with me too Mr Prime Minister. McKeeva done put up the nice one with you and him” Lmao

  5. Sharkey says:

    He looks too much like the other PM , to be better.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mac yes you have great-grand parents from Jamaica (doing fact check on that now sir) but point is, move on already!

    We all have 4 grandparents, 8 great grand parents and 2 of your 12 are from Jamaica, so what does that mean? Favorable treatment for ALL Jamaicans ?

    So my great grandfather was from Scotland does that mean I have to give them preferential treatment?

    Credit to Arden on not constantly pandering to Jamaicans, at least publicly, Arden and Bernie the only MLAs married to Jamaicans but Arden doesn’t use that to pander to Jamaican voters….,reality check, Jamaicans have smart people and they see crap being down to Caymanians and now they have Caymanian children bad might actually want then to live in this country and not led by leaders who want to turn it into Ja the land from which they had to run.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @1:52 neither! Think the usual pandering by caymanian politicians doing anything for the Jacán vote in 2017, thank God jacans have more sense than poor Caymanians who might new appliance every 4 years or some turtle and ham, the jacans not fool they know value of their vote so playing both parties PPM or UDP and getting full rights of citizenship….. Protection from unfairness by police and judiciary, jobs, promotions AND the new appliances! Love politics

  8. Anonymous says:

    Even in Jamacia Big Mac is beloved and respected more than Alden. ROFLOL

  9. Observer says:

    JLP nor PNP seem impressed with his royal arrogance the Premier Alden McLaughlin

  10. Anonymous says:

    My only question is: who is more photogenic between the two? Keke looks relaxed and oh so comfy while Alden has the look of new money.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Wow!! Fighting over Andrew Holness or consoling Portio.- which it is.

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