Crosswalks open at three more primary schools

| 28/03/2016 | 4 Comments

cross walk sign(CNS): The National Roads Authority (NRA) has installed three more pedestrian crosswalks outside local primary schools in Bodden Town and in the capital. In order to improve safety in school zones, crosswalks have been installed at Savannah Primary School, Bodden Town Primary School and at the Seventh Day Adventist Church School on Walkers Road. NRA Managing Director Paul Parchment said he was pleased the crosswalks lights were now operating.

“The NRA management and board working in conjunction with the ministry of infrastructure will continue to implement measures aimed at improving safety on our roads for both pedestrians and drivers,” he said. “These signalised pedestrian crosswalks are one of the methods we aim to employ to enhance public safety and improve the experience of all who use our roads. As all three of these locations are school zones, the NRA wishes to remind motorists to follow the 15mph flashing light when school is in session,” he added.

Drivers are being warned to exercise caution when approaching the crosswalks that require pedestrians to press a button before proceeding to cross the road. The yellow flashing lights will then begin.

Pedestrians are reminded that vehicles will need more time to stop if the road is wet or slippery. When crossing, look both ways for traffic that might be overtaking: STOP – LOOK – LISTEN and continue to look and listen while crossing.

The NRA plans to install another crosswalk at the St Matthew’s University Residence Hall in the coming weeks to improve pedestrian safety on the West Bay Road and Seven Mile Beach area. This system will be like those currently in operation neat the Strand, the Westin Hotel, and Royal Palms.

For more information, call the NRA on 946-7780, email or visit  and Facebook page.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How long until the first “Child killed/seriously injured on crosswalk by drunk driver in an old green Japanese car” story?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks NRA but why not tell the driving public about these crossings BEFORE they are open? That way we are expecting them to appear and therefore getting ready for persons to be using them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    There’s still a huge problem with these crosswalks. THERES NO ONE MONITORING THEM! Why don’t we have a traffic cop at each primary school crosswalk every morning? RCIP I don’t think that’s asking too much of your time.

    • Coco says:

      I think you should be realistic here. It doesn’t need a cop, what we need is a paid position – think like the UK where they have what’s endearingly known as ‘Lollipop Ladies/Men” who are there to help the kids cross safely during school opening and closing times and ensure the traffic respects the crossings.

      I also think they should adopt these crossings in George Town – this is to aid the drivers rather than the pedestrians this time though. It can be a nightmare when the overfed tourists start crossing in droves, then just as one group of them are nearly across, another group of them start crossing. If we put in the above type crossings, then at least the traffic could keep flowing regularly.

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