Webb parties as Watson starts 7-year stretch

| 08/02/2016 | 124 Comments
Cayman News Service

Jeffrey Webb and his wife, Kendra Gamble-Webb, celebrate her 40th birthday in style at their mansion in Loganville, Georgia

(CNS): As his old friend and business partner began settling into his new life in jail this weekend, former CIFA president and FIFA VP, Jeffrey Webb, was enjoying a lavish party at his Georgia mansion. Still under house arrest, Webb hosted a celebration for his wife’s 40th birthday at their home in Loganville, just outside Atlanta, which, according to evidence in the recent CarePay trial, was paid for by the people of the Cayman Islands through his criminal conspiracy with Canover Watson.

Pictures posted on Facebook by friends and family who were at the event this past weekend show Webb, who has been convicted of racketeering in the massive FIFA scandal, playing Blackjack and drinking champagne at a Harlem Renaissance theme party just hours after Watson, his friend and neighbour, was sentenced by a Grand Court judge to seven years for corruption and conspiracy with Webb to commit fraud.

Webb has not answered charges or stood trial in connection with the CarePay case because of his current situation in the US over the FIFA scandal. However, he was charged alongside Watson with fraud and money laundering offences for his role in the conspiracy regarding the hospital payment system contract. Evidence revealed during the nine-week trial supported allegations that Webb was a beneficial owner of AIS Cayman Ltd and received cash payments from the bank account created for the local firm, which secured the payment and verification contract in partnership with AIS in Jamaica.

Webb was accused of transferring funds from AIS to an account in the United States, which was used to buy the home where he is now under house arrest and where the weekend party was held. Having admitted various racketeering offences in relation to the FIFA investigation by the UD justice department, Webb is expected to be sentenced for those crimes in June.

Watson also owns a home near to Webb’s but it is one of a number of assets that the local authorities are hoping to confiscate as they begin legal proceedings to recover the money that prosecutors believe Watson and Webb syphoned off from the hospital contract.

Cayman News Service

Jeffrey Webb at his wife’s 40th birthday party inside their Georgia mansion

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey, you lunatics have to feed, house and clothe my good friend for the next seven years and you wondering why the hell i am partying. Just wait until they say you have to do the same for me for the next fifty years. Don’t stop dis PAARRRTYYYY!!!.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!!! he is a hottie!

  3. Sharkey says:

    @ 4:37 pm ,some women just live for the money and lifestyle and to hell with everything else, it’s better known as gold diggers.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely disgusting. How his wife has continued to stand by him is beyond me.

    • Anthony says:

      If that was you or one of your children, would you want your spouse to be by your side or leave your stupid ass. One day it can happen to you or your children. You are not God to judge any!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe she took her vows seriously. That’s a real ride or die. I think it’s a beautiful thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps she regards women like Cherie Blair, Jackie Kennedy, and Hillary Clinton as role models?

  5. Smiley says:

    What is his sister’s name? I want to peep at her Face Book too.

  6. It Never Happened says:

    I agree. Stop celebrating. Just let all of us pretend as if it never happened.

  7. Sharkey says:

    How can anyone have sympathy and defend criminals like them that steal from everyone and deprive the children of the country that they are stealing from a future, they are worthless low life criminals that deserves no sympathy or defence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same man who claims he didn’t have enough money to maintain himself in NYC? I guess the cost of living is much less in ALT then.

  9. Anthony says:

    Another sad day in Cayman. Don’t celebrate that other Caymanians have fallen. I remember both of theses guys growing up. They were well educated young men that everyone was so proud of. I’m so sad to see what has become of them. Make this be a lesson rather than a celebration. Far too long now Caymanians still have this Colonalize mentality!

    • Anonymous says:

      Jeff is the one celebrating, the rest of us are embarrassed and angry that he and canover could do this to us, to our kids.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Jeff I hope your family are proud of you!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Based on their attacks on people on social media and attempts to defend him it appears that they are VERY pleased with his behavior. I saw the pics online and his sister is right there in the thick of it. She has posted tons of pics on private jets to the world cup etc. So yea, they appear super proud of him and all the kickbacks they have received.

      It’s sad and distasteful that criminals still get to feel like they are heroes.

      • SYM says:

        Why are you stalking the lady’s Facebook page. Those pictures are from 2014 Brazil and earlier; which if you can do the calculation, then you’d know that those pictures were BEFORE the FIFA corruption case. I bet you liked them picture too, nah true? 🙂

        Making unnecessary assumptions off of pictures that were before the scandal and saying that the family is proud of him NOW, is unreasonable. His family is going to be behind him no matter what because that is what family do. I’m sure if you had a close family member in a situation like this you’d be defending he or she as well. They are NOT proud, however, they have his back 100%!

        • Anonymous says:

          Really, from Brazil 2014 before the FIFA corruption case? Unfortunately and I do not take any pleasure in saying this, however, JW was arrested in May 2015 but his corruption started as soon as he took over from J Warner in 2012. Just take some time to read the court documents.

          • SYM says:

            Oh darling. Obviously you didn’t take the time to read the first comment that started this debate and what led to mine. But that’s okay. Let me explain.
            Before May 2015, as you stated, no one, including his family knew he was involved in such crimes. In 2012, as far as I know Jeffrey was a free man and every Caymanian was behind him, however, that changed in May 2015 when he was arrested.
            Now back to my original comment..why speak of picures his sister posted BEFORE SHE KNEW he was involved in such crimes? Example: the Brazil 2014 pictures.

            • Anonymous says:

              Oh come on! Even Tony Soprano’s family knew his main income was not derived from being a waste-management consultant. A high-ranking Fifa executive who has a stable of luxury cars and properties, you would think a red flag or two would go up. After all, for years it was hardly a secret about Fifa.

            • Anonymous says:

              Oh darling. How you know she did not know? If a close member of your family suddenly starts flying you around private charter flights and given you expensive gifts, lets say watches, would you simply enjoy the ride ask no question and pretend you do not know what is going on.

            • Anonymous says:

              Nobody knew? Really? He is spending money like it is going out of style and nobody knew? Oh honey, get your head out of the sand. They ALL knew, but it was accepted as OK. Judging by their conduct this past weekend, they STILL think it is ok. No remorse or shame at a party paid for by stolen money….

            • SSM345 says:

              Your defense of his family’s actions have a striking resemblance to both Jeff’s stance (prior to his guilty admission), Canover’s defense throughout his trial and now Bruce’s claims that he knew nothing……..
              Stop trying to defend it, everyone and their dog has known about the rampant corruption in FIFA for at least the last 20yrs, its only now we are finally getting proof thanks to the US.

              They are thieving bastards, the lot of them, and anyone trying to defend it is effing deluded and/or on their payroll.

          • Anonymous says:

            BUT the other pics show it’s her 40th b-day they are celebrating with the same cake and clothes. If you google it you will see that she WAS 39 and is NOW 40. In the USA that stuff is a matter of public record. So stop lying. No one is buying your BS. There are other pics that CNS did not publish from the 50th Super Bowl – oh wait … are you going to say that was last year too?

            We were fooled a long time by Jeff but no more. That gravy train has ended. He had time for 2 parties this weekend and the proof was all there in the FB pictures and geo location check in stamps. People like him can never gain respect ever again because they just refuse to tell the truth no matter what.

            Guess he’s lying to his wife too about all the ex-marital affairs listed in that civil lawsuit? You know the ones that CONCACAF paid for and they hired someone in his office and that was her job … booking his lover’s trips! Yea … oh I’m so sure these pics are old.

            SMH … go away!

          • Anonymous says:

            So the photos were taken when he was taking kickbacks and stealing from the kids but we did not know all about it. That clears things up.

        • Anonymous says:

          Before the scandal? The woman just turned 40. They had gone out to a venue and tagged the location and others. You must really think people are stupid – just like Jeff. Oh the lies … will they ever stop?

        • Anonymous says:

          Do the FEDS read CNS? If not someone should send them this link!

      • cm says:

        Seems to me as if the only thing you need to be worried about is your household and your own hole. None of what you’re saying is relevant. Obviously, you are her friend on Facebook to see those post you speak of. Stop being a hypocrite.

        • Anonymous says:

          Yep, another family member. Can spot you guys a mile away! SMH. Someone posted the pictures in a PUBLIC forum/page – that’s where I saw them so you need to get your facts together. Not friends with any of that unethical bunch. Didn’t some of Jeff’s family also work for Canover – even has his PA? Seems they were all scratching each other’s back.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How easy it is for people to judge and rejoice in the misfortunes of others without knowing the FACTS.. I am ashamed of Cayman, How many of us lead a “squeaky clean” existence????

    • Anonymous says:

      FACTS….OMG…how naïve are you? The man is fraudster through and through on “house arrest”. He should detained on “remand” for what he has “admitted” and not living the life of Riley (now know as Webb from here on in) in a home that was bought with funds obtained in illegal manners.

    • Anonymous says:

      How large is the gap between squeeky clean and $10 million dirty?

    • Anonymous says:

      He has pled guilty to the facts. They are publicly available to read. I’m guessing you haven’t read them though……

    • Anonymous says:

      The current wife will be ok. She will have a few dollars and she looks pretty good. I feel sorry for the former wife.she is the one who got shafted . However on second thought she should be glad he left her before all this crap came about. Hold your head high girl.

    • SSM345 says:

      10:39, clearly the 120+ page Indictment was too big a book for you to read or understand, would a drawing help?

  12. Anonymous says:

    No honour among thieves!

    • Anonymous says:

      Man, this guy is a genius, not only was he raking in the cash from the Health Services Authority, he has his own in house CASINO and was probably making a killing from Government issued credit cards as well.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Moral – when the feds have got you by the balls squeal like a stuck pig. This is clearly quid pro quo and Jeff has done a deal here. I bet he’s not only set to be a key prosecution witness in the USA but has also been guaranteed protection from extradition to the Cayman Islands.

  14. Dutty laundry says:

    Go though JEFFFY show dem how Shay Whitey does it finally finally Cayman has got their own Nick Leeson after all these years of suspicion and blame. Living LARGE JEFF! Show dem how its done! Haters gonna Hate!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    And there was no shame, class or watches to be found.

  16. frangipani says:

    the gall!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    what’s he talking about – Those suckers in the Cayman Islands, I really pulled a fast one on them!

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    How dare you get on here and shame a Britisssh political icon anon 530am how dare you! All those Iraqis and Syrians and hostages slaughter simply don’t count. After all Jeff has finally justified there presence here in these outlaw islands that they are helping themselves to laundered money for their sole benefit while blaming the natives for being here.Jeff is no less despicable than those here who financed and derived benefit from the various international Billion dollar frauds and scams Enron, Parmalat, Bre X Worldcom, Libor, BCCI Bernie Madoff, AIG and not to mention the various drug traffickers and terror groups and the list goes on. Not only did they have a part to play they even turned around and benefited from the subsequent litigation of these enormous financial frauds. Yes finally they have a local face to focus our hate and contempt and blame Dont hate the Playa people hate the game. Haters will hate Finally Canover and Jeff are going to Jail they never seem to make it there retired and given some title for their misdeeds.

  20. Anonymous says:

    There is no honor among thieves!

  21. Sharkey says:

    When Watson see this birthday party he should feel like he was slapped in his face by his partner in crime. This party shows that he has unemployment / house arrest checks coming in from other places, and how disgraceful in your face attitude .

    • Anonymous says:

      But as someone else has remarked, unlike the old saying, apparently there is no honour amongst these thieves….don’t forget at the trial Canover blamed everything on JW, he really threw him under the bus…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Jeff probably has to submit to drug testing as part of his bail, but Canover wont have that problem during his parties at Northward.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sure they need to party as long as a bunch of stupid people give them all the money to do it. Real set of moral & ethical people.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Running an illegal casino is one way to bring in untraceable funds.

  24. Anonymous says:

    ‘El Jeffe’ . What a party! Would be cool to know who flew to Atlanta that weekend. Who is going to take care on Kendra when El Jeffe goes to the big house?

  25. Anonymous says:

    His wife is perfectly entitled to a 40th birthday party. Posting pictures of it online however is not the smartest move.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sure she is entitled to a party, but judging by the pictures, this was a full on bash which didn’t just cost a few dollars.

      It is evidence that this man doesn’t have a bone of shame in him and that he clearly doesn’t give a crap about the people he stole from and lied to for who knows how many years. It also confirms that Watson was just a whipping boy, way low down in the chain of this whole charade. Much bigger fish still out there living hoity-toidy.

      • Marathon says:

        “It also confirms that Watson was just a whipping boy, way low down in the chain of this whole charade.”
        How so? Watson was having a house built next door just as big, built on similar sums of embezzled cash. Seems to me they were more or less equal partners.

        Watson was just the first one to get sent down, that’s all. Jeff’s turn soon come.

        • Anonymous says:

          It will remain to be seen – from what I have read, the funds Watson embezzled and the kick-backs he enjoyed is NOTHING compared to what CONCACAF and FIFA officials had pushed in their direction………

  26. Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of scum bags. Yea this is a Cayman local boy done real good off everyone else back.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmm, the wife is quite attractive, I wonder what she is doing for the next few years?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Living large and laughing easy, I would love to the the Facebook pictures of which of his Fayman squad was there.

  29. Anonymous says:

    The word may be megalomania, and feeling above the law; Nixon had this ailment also.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Webb reminds me of Tony Blair – minus the public office, and arrest, and conviction, and condemnation, and war crimes, and bloody hands, of course.

    Oh, and to date, Tony has acquired far more houses and money via illicit acts than our local boy.

    However, it appears Jeff has won the category for hotter “Sticking By My Criminal Husband” wife.
    Lastly, I am not 100% certain, but I don’t think Jeffie has compounded the effery’ by banging the younger, trophy wife of his ageing billionaire buddy – in his house to boot, lol!

    Shall we call it a tie then?

    – YaDoneKnow


    #feelingzeronationalshame #answerableformysinsonly #nationalshameappliestoallnations

    P.S. Seeing that I paid for it, I’ll be booking a week’s stay at the mansion on Airbnb, ok Jeff? We can do an exchange and I’ll return the favour, if and when you ever come back to the rock.

    • Anonymous says:

      “# feeling zero national shame” and “# national shame applies to all nations”

      Just wondering, which is it?

      The problem with your Blair comparison is that it would have been very difficult to find a Caymanian with anything bad to say about Jeff Webb before his fall, whereas in his landmark general election victory in 1997, Blair was supported by only 4 out of 10 voters. Unlike Caymanians, the majority of Brits did not have to abandon a sinking ship, because they were not on it in the first place.

      As always the clarity of your thinking is there for all to see.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hmmm … ok. First of all, if accurate, your posts highlights the errors of the UK’s electoral process, but let us not digress.

        Furthermore, the problem with your problem regarding my post is that, unlike former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Jeffrey Webb is NOT, and never was, elected to public office – moreso the highest possible.

        However, with that being clarified, if you and your supporters consider it reasonable to continue the debate then let’s get it on bub.

        *Btw, is it not extra shameful that an, according to you, unpopular individual could be elevated to the highest position in British society, go on to illegally invade sovereign countries, commit war crimes and ultimately walk away scot free … while continuing to amass a vast personal fortune to this day.

        Dude – gtfoh. Not another word.


        • Anonymous says:

          Who, your sign off, telling people aggressively and rudely to go away and not to participate in the debate is inconsistent with your pleas about being bullied online on another recent thread. Is this simply hypocrisy on your part or are there other reasons for your niggardly attitude?

          • Anonymous says:

            Wow … you should have quit at your previous post.
            This pathetic attempt of a witty comeback is simply cringe-inducing. Please accept my deepest condolences.

            Now – shall we return to the issue at hand, or do you prefer to call it a day?

            – Whodatis

      • Anonymous says:

        Btw re your first question; I guess the answer is “both”.
        Meaning, if there is an attempt to assign shame to all of the Cayman Islands, then those doing so must apply the same standard to their own homegrown criminals.

        Get it now?

        – YaDoneKnow (…finish it yourself)


        • Anonymous says:

          I guess ” Not another word ” means not another word unless 1 hour 14 minutes later you think of some killer comment. Not only clarity of thought, but speed as well.

          Although technically you might be right, since it was not another word, but another 47 words.

          And just to engage you on the subject for one moment, the only person on this thread assigning shame to the Cayman Islands as a whole for Webb’s behaviour is you.

          I wonder why?

          • Anonymous says:

            You damn jackass.
            “Not another word” was an instruction to you – not a declaration on my behalf.

            If you managed to do the reasonable thing and immerse yourself just a bit in the culture of the Cayman Islands you would have realized that and not played yourself as such a silly donkey.


            *Stick to counting words though – you seem to have at least mastered that skill.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know the man, but it’s funny how the comments on the early stories of his arrest were filled with warm wishes, moral support and people so convinced of his innocence. Now that he has plead guilty, he’s a POS douche bag.
    I won’t disagree with the above comments, but it speaks volumes to the character of those in this community. Were you really so naive to think he was squeaky clean from the beginning? Frankly I think people kissed his ass b/c they all wanted something from him, and now that the well has dried up, they want nothing to do with him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh this is the norm here Ala Canover Watson for example. When he won the YCLA he was this wonderful Caymanian and an asset to this country; so smart full of potential. When he was found guilty the other day he became a criminal Jamaican to these same ppl who washed his feet some years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is not a Cayman thing. Remember the headlines in Canada over Ben Johnson.

        Canadian Sprinter wins gold!

        Later, after doping scandal;

        Jamaican Sprinter stripped of medal!

  32. Janelle says:

    First of all Sir/Madam,

    If you knew you were facing time, would you not want to enjoy your freedom while you can?
    If your wife/husband was planning a party for their milestone birthday, would you not participate in the festivities just because your “best friend” was just sent to jail? After all, Mr. Jeffrey Webb had no control over when his “best friend” was sent to jail. Then again, his wife did not choose to have been born during such a time. I am sure this party was planned well before Mr. Canover was sent to jail anyway.

    Before you start calling names and stating your opinion, you need to put yourself in his shoes.

    He’s not “acting” as if nothing is going on. He’s just simply enjoying the short time he has left with his family and friends.

    We all deal with extreme situations differently.

    Do you really expect him to sit in a corner and cry all day? What do you want from him? Fly to Cayman and visit him? Well he can’t do that now can he?

    What if they talked on that day? What if Mr. Canover told Mr. Jeffrey to enjoy the party for him? You wouldn’t know that right? Do you know Mr. Jeffrey and Mr. Canover’s current relationship status?

    People need to worry about their households and their life instead of bashing others and leaving biased opinions.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a beautiful Party. I’m happy his wife had a good time! Not sure why you all is bashing here, makes no sense! God bless you all! Xoxoxo

    • Anonymous says:

      Janelle, with your words your protecting a man that stole money from poor Caribbean children. The Haitian relief fund was lessened because he stole money allocated for it. YOU GET IT?????? He is a thief of the worse sorts and so are those people at the party.

      • Anonymous says:

        With what words is she PROTECTING him? Where in her comment do you see her state that what he’s being accused of, is okay? Her words? What is there to get, if it has been gotten? Where in the comment did she say she didn’t get it? In the FIRST sentence, she acknowledged that he is facing time, therefore, acknowledging that he’s guilty of the accusations. No where in the comment (and trust me I’ve read it over 10+ times even used a magnifying glass baby love), do I see where she is PROTECTING this man. Her comment is STRICTLY about Jeffrey enjoying his little time of freedom while Canover is locked down. She did not speak of the FIFA scandal, the CarePay scandal, or no Haitan relief. How is your comment about him allegedly, “stealing money from the poor Caribbean children” relevant to Janelle’s comment? So what exactly is your definition of protecting? As far as I can see..BY HER WORDS, she’s NOT protecting him. You need to read that comment again boo boo, before you start making allegations. Pssshh, bout protecting -_-
        I’m still searching for where she speaks of the scandals and says good job Jeffo..
        P.S pumpkin pie, it’s “you’re” not “your” 🙂

    • Rorschach says:

      I think the words you’re missing are HUMILITY and REMORSE. He appears to lack either by this display of behavior.

    • Anonymous says:

      Janelle you must live in a sweet bubble.

  33. Wilma Dias says:


  34. Anonymous says:

    My Lord; Jeff! My Lord have mercy on your wicked soul…..To think we thought you’d be one of our leaders; to think you’re one of the role models our precious children admired; to think you’re a part of our generational heritage; of a prominent family who has given outstanding citizens; and who have done much good to our islands and its people; to think that those older patriachs and matriachs must be shivering in their graves along with those of your widely and respected parents; makes me cringe and shiver with anger!
    I and so many other Caymanians, are shocked, ashamed, angry, sad and SO disappointed in you, what you should have been and how you’ve disrepected the Thompson and Webb name.
    To think that you’d join hands in this kinda dirty enterprise to deprive those who you should have helped; makes me angry and wanting to lick you with cow cod!
    You haven’t paid your debt yet; we, haven’t heard one peep of apology from you and yet we hold out hope; that the callous heart being displayed will soften and feel remorse! We hold onto hope!! And yes some says not to hold my breath!
    Yet I believe that deep down in you; there is the lessons of honesty, caring and decency which were instilled in you, and still remains.
    You have caused the Caymanian people get shame!
    Jeff, for the sake of your soul; bend those knees and apologise and seek forgiveness!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow I don’t understand why people are so emotional LOL comments cracks me up. On another hand he look smoking hot! Always was a hottie! Wish I was there to have some fun! God bless you and your family! Stay strong guys!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    It does not appear as if they are wearing any watches! Shock about the wife, standing by her guilty husband! I wonder if read the concacaf vs Cartan Tours court papers regarding JW clandestine trips with many girl friends.

  36. Anonymous says:

    The band played on while the Titanic was sinking…..

  37. Anonymous says:

    Money (however acquired) cannot buy class.

  38. Skinny says:

    Are not his assets frozen and only given living expenses. Does make the whole thing a farce and sick to think Caymanians are paying for it

  39. Anonymous says:

    Time is longer than rope bobo

  40. Anonymous says:

    OMG. I’m shocked by this. This man is a narcissist psychopath – this seems almost to strange to be true. Who does that?

  41. Anonymous says:

    It must be the done thing, just saw Mike Missick’s 50th birthday bash video on TCI Sun. He had Morgan Heritage and Ashanti among the performers. Webb, like Missick’s has no conscience

  42. Anonymous says:

    Guess Webb figured out the US jails are” Country Clubs” so spend his time there rather than I Cayman. And when he gets out he still is rich!

  43. Anonymous says:

    He sang like a “humming bird” for the US authorities and this is why he looks quite relaxed, with some much promised in return for his co-operation.

    Due to this co-operation – which will probably take down the entire former FIFA criminal organization, he will be sent to a minimum security prison in the US for about 5 years. Millions will be forfeited but no all of his money. That’s part of the deal. I do expect that after his prison time in the US, he will extradited to Cayman Islands and if convicted, he will be given about 7 – 10 years jail time up at H.M. Northward Hotel.

    I don’t advise anyone to become a criminal but if you do decide to go this route, then do what Jeff Webb and others have done over the years.

    He is terrible guy but not exactly like a Bernie Madoff type – who picks up 150 years in jail time for his Ponzi scheme.

  44. Anonymous says:

    What a douche bag!!!!!!!

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Simplicity says:

    This is the first time in my life I have been struggling to find a description for a human being’s greed and flamboyant lifestyle. Hubris is the closest word that came to mind but just wasn’t enough. Gluttony? I am really trying to study this. How can you go on like nothing has happened to you? That you are so far gone, that nothing matters. You have now become numb to the goodness in this world? You have perfected the art of theft and conscience no longer exists. Are you capable of caring anymore? Is your current jubilant behavior a façade? Its seems to me you have insulated yourself against shame and embarrassment or is it no longer part of your makeup? I just can’t describe all of this. Just keep shaking my head.

  47. Anonymous says:

    We should check immigration records to see if any Caymanians attended.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol your dumb! What would this do?

      • Anonymous says:

        Confirm a number of us are a corrupt bunch of shameless idiots. It would be great to have confirmation of who.

        • Rorschach says:

          I heard the former minister for health flew the coop after it was queried during the trial why he wasn’t in court as well. Heard he flew to Atlanta just in time for this bash.

  48. Anonymous says:

    CIG need bring his a$$ home for his crimes

  49. Anonymous says:

    Jeff Webb is a scum bag crooked convict with a sweet deal in USA

  50. Anonymous says:

    wow unbelievable how this man acts like nothing is going on! wow wow wow!

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