RCIPS keeps lid on new probe by Bermuda cops

| 22/02/2016 | 25 Comments
Cayman News Service

Bermuda Police Service Commissioner Michael DeSilva

(CNS): An investigation by Bermuda police into allegations about local officers supplying drugs is being kept under wraps by the RCIPS, CNS has learned. A small group of police officers from the UK territory were in the Cayman Islands recently investigating allegations about the conduct of officers here, reliable sources have told CNS. However, the RCIPS has refused to comment on the reason why the officers were here or the status of any police probe relating to Cayman police officers supplying a witness in a criminal case with drugs.

When asked about the enquiry and the presence of the visiting officers here, an RCIPS spokesperson said management would not comment on the issue.

“We are not in the position to offer any response or comment on this issue as the matter is subject to judicial proceedings before the CI Court of Appeal, and to comment could amount to contempt of court,” the spokesperson added.

The police have refused to say what the situation is regarding the officers accused of drug related offences and there is no indication if the officers are still on duty or if they have been suspended.

The news follows the most recent ruling by the Information Commissioner’s Office on documents relating to Operation Tempura, the last police corruption probe in Cayman, which proved to be an all-round disaster.

Check back to CNS later this week for more on this story.

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  1. Edith Mae Scott Solomon says:

    Jaesha Maliya Hendrix remains missing. The only one missing according to a past article in Cayman Compass. I can verify she is missing, because I am the Caymanian mother of this Caymanian child. Instead of crow down the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, along with sharing negative opinions on the situation and investigation. Better then four months has past with Crime Stoppers, RCIP Media, local newspapers reporting, and paid advertisement informing the public there is a missing person stemming from this situation at hand. I praise the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service and all parties that give assistance. Readers and commentators, please acknowledge there is a missing person! Serious matter at hand, “Where or what, has happen to our Jaesha Maliya Hendrix?” Please contact crimestoppers

  2. Naya Boy says:

    Oh but you see 451pm those just like you who come here selling and touting their Policing attributes of uncorruptibility,modernization.transparency,benefit for Caymanians and fairness at “Premium Prices” must be held accountable or is it just a deceptive ploy to get here to change and manipulate and destroy our little island and its people in order to carry out you and the UK’s real agenda. The hopelessness and frustration we see strongly suggest that is the very case. You are right about two things too much information in the hands of the native of exactly what the colonial power is doing is downright dangerous and should not be tolerated. Yes and we should hold ourselves to a different standard,where we don’t have to manufacture lies and manipulate the truth like those who are now in full control of these little islands.

  3. Evel Knievel says:

    Let me get this straight……. A large amount of drugs were “taken” from police custody. No thieves have been arrested. Now it is said that some Cayman police might be involved in dealing drugs on another Caribbean island. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it….. ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Where did it say they were dealing drugs in another Caribbean Island? It is normal for the British territories to bring in officers from another territory to investigate the Police Force as they are not supposed to investigate themselves. Granted the brotherhood may not find any wrongdoing but do you really think in such a short time they will get the truth? What they should have done is to bring them in as undercover investigators – place them in the Force as new recruits with experience and then let them investigate from within! Thats what I say!

  4. Evel Knievel says:

    Let me get this straight……. A large amount of drugs were “taken” from police custody. No thieves have been arrested. Now it is said that some Cayman police might be involved in dealing drugs on another Caribbean island. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it….. ?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you guys not find it weird that there was a pay raise for the RCIP right after all the drugs we’re stolen from the station? I still can’t wrap my head around how this sort of thing happens when there are cameras in play. This is such corruption at it’s finest. How can anyone respect our police when this sort of crap is going on? I have lost all respect for the CIG and RCIP. The police here are nothing more than criminals with badges.

    • Michael says:

      Before making sweeping criticism like that consider (1) How many officers are in the RCIPS, and (2) How many are possibly “corrupt” as you call it. You might find that your negativity is totally unfounded. Engage brain before mouth!

  6. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    These little islands are catastrophically imploding yet it speaks volumes about those who are running it and whether they are deliberately and intentionally doing so. .

  7. Anonymous says:

    I love this and these responses, I just hope all you posters begging for transparency and accountability are as vocal in your lives as you are on here, fighting for the cause; btw too much information can also be a bad thing…

  8. Whisky bravo says:

    Whoever smelt it dealt it ???

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why they would want it ‘kept under wraps”? Oh, let me see, maybe so that the people they are investigating don’t get wind of it. It’s a good job CNS is here to blab to everyone, that should really help the enquiry.

    • NCIS: West Bay says:

      From my position, maybe they want to keep it under wraps because non-transparency is what our whole Govt/public sector knows best, or is it that MOST LIKELY these are Jamaican cops who’s wrapped in this one and of course Baines does a very good job protecting these bunch of “shadowy” yardie cowboys who come from a police posse & who i am all too sure are playing their part in plunging Cayman into the abyss of crime & corruption just as they came from.

      • Michael says:

        Here we go again, it’s the foreigners. When last did you check the population in Northward? Get facts and numbers, not BS propaganda.

    • Jotnar says:

      If it is a matter before the Court of Appeal I suspect they already know!

  10. Anonymous says:

    WOW anyone no wonder why we have a British naval vessel visiting for an extended period of time

    • Anonymous says:

      You expecting a British Invasion of armed forces! Go back to your conspiracy web sites and report back when you know for sure who shot JFK.

  11. The Judge says:

    Well, I never expected anything like this, but somehow I am not surprised! I await information on the accused.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wow, more RCIPS and CIG “transparency”!! Clearly there must be some wrongdoing if dozens of kilos of coke and ganja disappeared from RCIPS’ “secure” container!

    When will Baines and his protectors, Eric Bush, Franz Manderson and Her Excellency acknowledged the sores in RCIPS and clean it up!!

  13. NCIS: West Bay says:

    Does Canover Watson & Jeff Webb have any close friends in the RCIPS?

  14. Who Deh Cap Fit says:

    Yes and whom did they consult the very same ones who are involved and selling it no doubt. Just like Tempura investigators who were deliberately being mislead and deceived by those at the very top and their agents of sabotage whom they should have been investigating. Interesting part those are the same very people who now occupy very senior post at Customs, Police and Immigration and other gov’t entities. Here a hint for Mr Bermuda Shorts Look a yard?? and who the grass with speed is?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again….another international embarrassment for our beloved Cayman Islands.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ah the joys of transparency-in the UK something like this would cause such a scandal that anyone associated with it would be out on their a$$ in no time at all…who lets RCIPS decide what news comes out and what doesn’t? The Lodge? Only in a fully transparent society will we ever be able to guide these Islands down the path the need to go. Any secret keeping is anti democratic at least.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. The Governor’s Office controls the RCIPS. It is under direct control of the UK. As the Governor’s Office acts in the interests of the UK. Not the Cayman Islands or its people. So we basically have an occupying force as our police service.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not at all,12.46 these are British Islands. Which is all the more reason for this to be given the transparency it would get in the UK. And Tempura too! I am a Brit and I find this amazing, they just would not get away with it in the UK, end of story.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Tempura was not an all round disaster. It has brought a great deal of good. Just the benefits have not been broadcast to all and sundry.

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