Premier opens fire on deserters

| 01/02/2016 | 35 Comments
Cayman News Service

Alden McLaughlin, Cayman Islands Premier (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

(CNS): Taking aim at the Independent MLAs, now dubbed ‘the over-throwers’, the premier wants to know why they are now so afraid of the democratic process. Refuting their position on the matter, Alden McLaughlin maintains that he does indeed have the constitutional option of asking the governor to dissolve the current parliament and call early elections, but he has not done so. The five independent members of  the Legislative Assembly revealed Friday evening that they are seeking clarity from the governor over a possible early election and concerns that it would be conducted under the old multi-member system.

Meanwhile, Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush has said he is ready to fight any election any time the premier “rings the bell” and believes the premier will do whatever is best for him and the PPM. But he stressed, “I’m not interested in bringing down anyone’s government. I’ll let the people do that.”

The government’s political fight in the run-up to the next elections heated up when, in recent months, three members of the coalition administration, including two Progressive members, crossed the floor to the opposition benches. McLaughlin told CNS that he has not asked for an early election but he must carefully consider the possibility because if government lost one more member, he would lose control of the Legislative Assembly.

“It is ironic that those who have created the current instability in government, either by crossing the floor or inveigling others to do so, now fear the outcome of the democratic process of elections. They must ask themselves why,” he said, following the publication of the letter from the five independent MLAs. “We who are elected owe a duty to the country and our people to provide sound, honest, selfless leadership. This duty must override personal agendas and individual political ambition. In this instance I shall act as I have always endeavoured to do, after careful thought and proper advice and in the best interest of these beloved Cayman Islands and its people.”

McLaughlin added that just two weeks ago the independent member for East End, Arden McLean, claimed that the government must have more than nine members on its bench to function at all.

“Now he and his group assert that more than an overall majority of two is a ‘super majority’. I strongly encourage him to seek the advice of a constitutional lawyer before making any more constitutional pronouncements,” the premier told his one time Cabinet colleague.

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  1. A Nony Mouse says:

    The newly amended and gazetted election law states that the next election SHALL (not even may) be undertaken under 18 single member constituencies (OMOV). That is hard coded in the new law, so either NOW or LATER that is what MUST happen. Be careful what you wish for! This will introduce a very interesting new aspect to the existing “party system” and the likely composition of the next LA. Watch for it, as it IS coming – sooner or later.

  2. jeff bertrom says:

    The PPM clearly has a leadership problem. Alden is criticising the 3 members for leaving his Government bench and creating instability instead of blaming himself for failing to step down in the face of this clear demonstration of the lack of confidence in his ability as a leader. How many PPM members have left the PPM over this leadership issue ? Lets count them. First is was Charles Clifford, then Arden McLean, then Tony Eden, then Al Suckoo and latest one is Winston Conolly. 5 have left, 3 of which were Ministers in the Cabinet with Alden. That is a sweeping indictment on Alden as a leader. So Alden clearly you are the problem and its time for you step down as Premier and stop blaming others for your own failure as a leader.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I will let the people do that.” Shows precisely where Bush’s intentions are. Wake up Cayman.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The poor deluded mr bush speaks of “bringing down someone else’s government” as if he could actually do it if he wanted to. Maybe this is where he hopes his forged documents will come into play?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there Alden, good things are happening on the Island, stay the course man.

    • blah blah blah says:

      Love your joke – very funny!

    • blah blah blah says:

      Personally, I can’t wait for an election. What I’d like to see even more is for Bush to become Premier once again. There’s a 0 percent chance of that happening, but you never know. But seriously, I miss Bush. Compared to Bush, Alden is a bore. He makes no grandiose pronouncements and announcements like Bush (ie. we’re going to build a rocket launch station for NASA in the Eastern parts of our island or maybe on Little Cayman), he doesn’t gamble, he doesn’t tell the governor to best watch him/herself, he doesn’t give out free money or get sued for not fulfilling contractual obligations, there’s no investigations, there’s nothing – nothing, nada, zilch. Boring!!!! Even though he’s a big of an 1d1ot as Bush, Alden has ZERO entertainment factor.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’ll never forget his Birthday party where the cops used tear-gas to break up fights. Good times!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank God Alden is intelligent enough to understand he is not where he is to entertain.

  6. Sharkey says:

    I think that this man is a dangerous man because he just opened fire on his deserters. If you don’t stay with him and do as he say he opens fire on you .

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stand strong as always, mr Premier. Deserters will always be deserters. This spineless bunch in truth do not deserve another chance at the immense responsibility of running this country.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The forever honerable bush doctor says “I’m not interested in bringing down anyone’s government. I’ll let the people do that.” well you do have a treasure chest full of not so forever honerable ways to “let the people do that”, mr. bush. but the people are waking up, mr bush. and we pray to Almighty God they will all finally be fully wake by the time the next elections roll around.

  9. Anonymous says:

    How about you stop pretending that this political backstabbing and its minute voting population really matter outside of this jurisdiction. The fact is that in reality a multi party political system is worthless, decisive and should be consigned to history. It is a demonstration of little men, (who are paid far too much public money) trying to play big boy politics in a sandpit, when in the real world they probably wouldnt make an average town council officer.
    The grandeur of the term ‘Premier or Minister’ just goes to illustrate the self important nonsense that these playground politicians push on the population to justify their ever increasing salaries and pensions.
    With many Caymanians living in poverty and desperation the last thing they want to hear from their so called representatives are insults and self interest. What they need is a functioning welfare and health system paid for by taxes on those who can afford to part with a small percentage of their vast wealth. They don’t need to have a national reputation for tax evasion and avoidance, they don’t need the rich using their island to conceal their wealth when they can barely feed themselves.
    They need real representation that ensures that if the rich want to live here, then they damn well pay for the privilege and support those less fortunate than themselves.
    Charity is not a good enough solution with such huge wealth at their door step, people don’t want handouts, they want dignity, they want jobs and they want those who claim to be their ‘own’ to ensure that wealth trickles down into society and doesn’t just go to a select few.
    Cayman needs a different economic model, it needs to build a fairer society with those who can afford it supporting those who can’t.
    Basically the whole damn place needs a rethink and a rebalance.

    A non Caymanian.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There is a reason why your members defected. Maybe you should have a look at why.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I note with interest that Alden’s pontifications in the article, that he can call elections, is not supported by him with any reference to the relevant sections of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order 2009.
    Is this not the same Alden as leader of the PPM after he failed to win a majority of the 18 seats in the 2013 general election, asked the Governor to appoint him Premier as soon as Julie jumped ship, for Speaker, to give the majority of 10 members.
    The two independent C4C candidates did not join him until he gave Tara a Cabinet seat to give him twelve after he had been announced as the Premier with ten.
    Is Alden suggesting that without Tara and Winston he would not have formed the Government and accepted the position of Premier, but would have instead asked the Governor to call new elections.
    For general elections to take place in the Cayman Islands Section 84 applies;
    Section 84 (2) The Governor , after consultation with the Premier, may at any time by proclamation dissolve the Legislative Assembly.
    This section , clearly by use of the words ” after consultation” make the decision one of sole discretion of the Governor. If the Premier could call the elections it would read, ” on the advice of the Premier”. So Alden where is the section that gives the Premier the authority to call elections, please identify the section.
    Section 49 – “Appointment of Premier and other Ministers” deal with the appointment of the Premier and it is who the majority supports. If no member gets the support then all members have to vote. maybe the other members of the PPM and some of the independents would vote for Moses if Alden declares to the Governor that he has lost his majority.
    Section 51 ” Tenure of office of the Premier” deals with how the Premier is removed and it is by motion of no confidence supported by two thirds majority of the members meaning twelve members. In the case of Alden loosing the motion of no confidence the Governor can revoke his appointment or in his discretion dissolve the Legislative Assembly.
    Alden get on with the work of governing the country you have the majority stop being an alarmist and dumbing down the peoples expectation of your achievements. You and your Government already lost two votes and they left you in government as Premier. So Govern withdrawing the bill on daylight saving time was a good start. Bring the budget the independent members can’t vote against it as it will contain benefits for the people they represent. You will just have to put up with Ezzard and Arden asking their numerous questions but even them voted for your last three budgets.
    The opposition may have it’s say but government must have it’s way.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Had a feeling Alden would bring things back down to his level before too long. And now that WB has-been is chiming in with his customary foolishness………. for goodness sake, can we finally quite with this childishness?

  13. Just Watchin says:

    Chuckie left him; Arden left him; Tony left him, Alva left him; Winston left him – but he still can’t find a mirror big enough to see that he’s the problem!
    As the “leader” of this country, he should have been the last person to bring up early election.
    But when you can’t see your own faults and can’t stop thinking about your own survival, that’s what you get – blaming others and crying wolf!
    Lil fop!

    • Jah Dread says:

      Youse people that talk about people leaving the PPM, get it straight, with the exception of the last two Bodden Town MIA’s (sorry MLA), the other two were frothing at the bit to become the leader , so top the rated nonsense and talk the truth.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Alden. Before you continue with this deserters rhetoric ask yourself, who deserted who?
    Once you answer that, consider whether anyone has deserted their electorate, and who that might be? Look in the mirror before answering.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I wish all our politicians would spend their time doing the peoples work which we elected them to do and stop this childish battling back and forth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everyday he looks like a bigger idiot. So disappointed. Where are the bloggers today to help? Looks like a pane of glass in front of an outhouse. Input and output is the same.

    • A.J says:

      This is just a repeat of the mess he created over eight years ago. The man is self centered, don’t give a hoot about the citizens of these islands. This is the worse that I have witnessed in all my voting life. My opinion on all of them, we need to clean the whole house, there is too much ego’s in that honorable house.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ha, Alden called Arden out and told him the way constitutional law works.

  17. Anonymous says:

    mickey mouse wears an legislative assembly wrist watch…..

  18. Conscience says:

    Your Excellency The Governor, please consider that democracy must rule the day in this present saga of people fighting for ideals and power. Madame Governor in your hands is the ability for the people the majority of the people to exercise their desire via a vote whether they choose to at this particular time to have the PPM continue to lead this country or the loose grouping which has only reared its head of late.

    I close by reminding us all that Governments govern for the majority and a government without a majority cannot govern effectively. Let Democracy be upheld not the will of a few.



  19. Anonymous says:

    Apparently Donald Trump has shown a lot of interest in the Premiers seat as he now realises that the US population is aware of his stupidity. It seems like Caymanians will swallow anything that’s crazy in politics!

  20. ALL SEEING EYE says:

    “There are none so deaf as those you cannot hear. There is none so blind as those that cannot see”

  21. Anonymous says:

    Replace this clown with Moses or Marco

  22. Anonymous says:

    The main problem with the PPM is its leader how can they not see this? His arrogance and leadership will cost his party and this country dearly in the end.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Karma karma karma karma chameleon
    You come and go, you come and go
    Loving would be easy if your colours were like my dreams
    Red gold and green, red gold and green.

  24. Anonymous says:

    For the first time Alden is making true why are the same ones that caused the instability in the first place worried about the government being unstable?..

    They are all power hungry if you ask me!

  25. Anonymous says:

    For once Alden has the upper hand in this double bluff. Tails he wins and heads he wins.

    The ideal outcome for Alden is a no confidence vote in the LA. This allows him to call the early election he wants without being seen to scupper the new SMC system. Hence he is goading the independents and the opposition and will continue to do so till they vote no confidence.

    If opponents are not willing to vote no confidence then the implication is that they have confidence in him.

    My prediction is that there will in due course be a no confidence vote and thus an early election. Opponents will blame this on their lack of confidence in the current government and Alden will blame this on the opposition who care more about removing the government than the implementation of SMC’s.

    What must be borne in mind is that the Governor has, as the Queen’s surrogate in our parliamentary system, a largely ceremonial role in the democratic process. If no party leader commands a majority (enabling them to avert a no confidence vote), then an election must be called.

    This was avoided last time after the ousting of McKeeva by opposition and independent members forming an ad hoc coalition to support an interim government. This was far from ideal democratically because the interim government lacked both a stable majority in the LA and a popular mandate.

    Since Alden is the only party leader with anything like a majority it is impossible to see who else could be invited to form a government, unless his own party rebelled and ousted him as Premier (installing for example Moses as Premier).

    There are only 3 or 4 incumbents with little to fear from the change in system (and 1 or 2 of them are PPM). Many of the others like OMOV in the abstract but have every reason to feel squeamish about running in the new system.

    16 vs 2 in favor of the status quo = early election.

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