No arrests made on NYE for DUI

| 01/02/2016 | 4 Comments

purple bus 300x200(CNS) More than 1,000 people rode the free Purple Ribbon Bus on New Year’s Eve and the National Drug Council said based on police statistics not one person was arrested for drinking and driving on the last night of the year. While the RCIPS has confirmed some road blocks took place on the night, notorious for drunk drivers, they are not prepared to say where or how many for operational reasons. While it is unlikely that all drivers were sober that night, the free NYE bus service and the NDC’s Designated Driver Campaign certainly contributed to keeping the roads safer and plans are afoot to extend the programme throughout this year.

The NDC said 26 local bars and restaurants took part and it now hopes the Designated Driver programme will run throughout the year on both Grand Cayman and the Sister Islands. A release said the focus would be on destination and community-based events, such as Easter weekend, festivals and boating activities. The NDC will also continue server training to ensure safe and sober designated driving.

“Social responsibility is a huge priority for us. Expanding the Designated Driver programme will heighten awareness and promote responsible drinking which is one of our core values,” added NDC Director Joan West-Dacres.

CNS contacted the police about road block and traffic operations on NYE specifically and we are still awaiting a response. However, according to the figures they released in the wake of the annual seasonal road safety campaign, there were 226 road accidents across the month-long Operation Magpie. During this period there were 32 arrests for drinking and driving, but only five of them were during the last week, which spanned New Year’s Eve.

The Purple Ribbon Bus sponsors were Reid’s Premier Tours, DART Cayman Islands, Jacques Scott Group, Cayman National, High Impact Media, Greenlight RE, ECAY, and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Because RCIPS can only check license coupons. The drunk drivers were out in force just like any other weekend. Royal Cayman Ineffective Police Service.

  2. Fred the Piemaker says:

    Bit like the evidence locker break in – if you pretend you don’t notice, and don’t investigate, then it never happened. Come to think of it, a successful policy already practiced in relation to other road traffic offences such as licence plate covers and disabled parking, and by government in relation to the theft of employees pension contributions and wholesale breaches of immigration and work permit regulations.

  3. Sharkey says:

    That’s because the police had to enjoy NYE too , or maybe that 1,000 was all cops is why they can’t say if there road blocks on NYE or arrest.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I dont remember new years night

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