Former supermarket boss appears in court

| 16/02/2016 | 0 Comments
Cayman News Service

Craig Gaskill

(CNS): Craig Gaskill (45), the former general manager of Kirk’s Supermarket, appeared in court Tuesday morning charged with two counts of fraud against the store. The US national was bailed to return to Summary Court on Thursday for a hearing to vary his bail conditions. Gaskill was the general manger during the turn around of the supermarket’s fortunes but the was reportedly fired last year following a dispute with the store’s owners. He was arrested in November and charged this month with obtaining property by deception and obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

Gaskill filed a legal action in the Grand Court on 3 February against the police, just two days before the first charge was laid against him. Following his arrest in November, police had placed him on bail and taken his passport as he was seen as a possible flight risk. Gaskill then filed a writ of habeas corpus to release him from arrest or return his passport and to demonstrate to him why he was still under arrest.

During his brief court appearance Tuesday, Gaskill’s attorney asked for a two-day adjournment after the crown served papers in connection with the case in which prosecutors claim the man stole tens of thousands of dollars from his employers.

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