CONCACAF embraces reforms in effort to save itself

| 15/02/2016 | 10 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): The regional football association CONCACAF says it has collectively embraced the proposals for reform from FIFA and member states, including the Cayman Islands, will vote on the changes during the Extraordinary Congress later this month in Zürich. But a report by Reuters revealed that the association’s lawyers warned the members last Friday that if they don’t adopt the reforms they will risk more convictions, the freezing of accounts, the forfeiture of CONCACAF assets and even the end of the association.

Most of the indicted officials in the massive FIFA corruption investigation by the US Department of Justice were part of either CONCACAF or CONMEBOL, the South American federation.

Three of CONCACAF’s former presidents have been arrested, including the Cayman Islands’ Jeffrey Webb, who has been convicted of racketeering offences, and former general secretary Chuck Blazer, an American. Jack Warner, Webb’s predecessor, is still fighting extradition to the US from his native Trinidad, while Webb’s successor, Alfredo Hawit from Honduras, was arrested in December in Switzerland and was extradited to the US in January, where he pleaded not guilty to the bribery charges.

Nevertheless, the lawyers told the members that the association itself is still considered a victim by US authorities, however that position could change if the do not back the reform package and save the future of the regional football body.

CONCACAF said all 41 of its member associations in Friday’s meetings welcomed the reform package and discussions were positive and productive.

“The world of football is at a turning point, and today our membership seized the opportunity to take an important step further down the road towards tangible reform by supporting the reform proposal put forward by FIFA. CONCACAF strongly supports FIFA’s reform efforts and stands willing to work with FIFA to ensure that each proposal is implemented at every level of the game and maintained over time,” officials said in a release from CONCACAF.

Bruce Blake, Acting President of the Cayman Islands Football Association, is leading Cayman’s delegation to Switzerland next week, when the reforms to address the worldwide football scandal will be under discussion and voted on. The national association will also be voting for a new CONCACAF leader and a FIFA president at the Congress, after Sepp Blatter eventually agreed to step down last year as he was sucked further into the corruption enquiries in both the US and Switzerland.

Blake said that local reforms will also be implemented at CIFA following the Zürich summit. He also told CNS last week that he will be consulting the local membership about who CIFA should vote for in the CONCACAF and FIFA elections.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We’d like to read a local media article where a reporter calls and seeks direct comment from the handful of CIFA member club presidents on what their official club positions are towards the exposed and unresolved thefts within CIFA.

    Here they are: Sunset FC, George Town SC, Cayman Athletic SC (GT), Bodden Town FC, Academy SC, Elite SC, Scholars International FC (WB), Roma United SC, Tigers FC, Cayman Brac. Shouldn’t be too hard to ask for a comment from each of these clubs.

    It is now a matter of public record that there are, at minimum, hundreds of thousands of dollars, that once belonged to Cayman Football, that were deliberately obscured and siphoned-off by tainted individuals – some still appear to be featuring within current CIFA organizational structure.

    It is astounding to many of us that over a year later, none of these club Presidents have sought resignations or audits, nor does there to be any outcry from them for the recovery of the assets for local football, or at minimum, a collective effort to clean up the optics of the CIFA chapter. How do they respond to this?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Qatar is a great place to hold the World Cup and even if everyone involved in the voting process was up to their necks in kick backs and corruptions there is no basis whatsoever to be concerned that the Qatar vote was tainted in any way. Of course a new free open vote would help prove that, but that is not necessary. Not at all.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, they will adopt the new reforms to avoid the risk of further investigation and or convictions? So they even get to keep the $40K from Bin Hamann meeting in T&T. The CIFA member attending the event retired from football activities soon after the meeting and JW taking over from J Warner. All water after the bridge!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What’s the old saying about a day late and a dollar short? Just shut the whole damn thing down!

  5. Anonymous says:

    “But a report by Reuters revealed that the association’s lawyers warned the members last Friday that if they don’t adopt the reforms they will risk more convictions, the freezing of accounts, the forfeiture of CONCACAF assets and even the end of the association.”

    Well lets hope the reforms fail them! It will be the only way to actually clean up the mess. If reforms are adopted by the very same people who allowed CONCACAF to act as a cash cow and a criminal organization to benefit just a chosen few at the expense of the development of the game. CIFA is one of the 41 members association who embraced the reforms, however they have turned a blind eye for the last 15-20 years and still acting as if “nothing to see here, move along”. What hope is there?

  6. Anon E. Mouse says:

    Let’s see who could not make the trip to Zurich, Switzerland, and what excuse will be given. This may not be a comfortable flight. A few gray hairs, maybe?

    • Anonymous says:

      Gray hairs from CIFA investigation or from Care Pay scandal ?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure I won’t be there. And I know who else won’t be there. They missed the boat last time and will be a b s e n t this time around. No more free first class flights.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Run Bobo!

  8. Sharkey says:

    Too late , there are too many people involved in criminals conduct with in the whole organization. I hope that everyone see the benefits of being honest all day and every day. The future don’t look good for the whole organization.

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