Pedestrian knocked down in West Bay

| 01/01/2016 | 2 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): A local woman is recovering from non-life threatening injuries after she was knocked by a vehicle early this morning on Watercourse Rd, West Bay, in the first road accident of the new year. Police say they responded to the report at about 1:20am on 1 January. The victim was unconscious and breathing and was transported to the GT Hospital by ambulance. The driver of the vehicle is also local but has not been arrested in relation to the incident. Police say they are investigating the matter.

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  1. Cho King Often says:

    Whilst this is a tragic incident, there are relatively few of these in West Bay, despite having the narrowest roadways in the Islands in may places. XXXXXX

    CNS: Comments are always closed after someone has been arrested for an offence until the court case is over. Trying to sneak in a comment on a different story won’t work.

    When will something be done about the youth that is tearing up and down the West Bay extension at breakneck speeds on an unlicenced dirt bike? I have reported this repeatedly and he has not, to my knowledge been taken to task. Once a few weeks ago, a police cruiser drove right past him in the midst of his antics, and paid no heed whatsoever to the fact that the vehicle bore no tag or lights and the operator was quite obviously under driving age!

    Then there is the regular Sunday drag races between Yacht Club and Governors Harbour/Limetree Bay that goes totally unchallenged. Many times I have witnessed and even turned in dashcam evidence and STILL nothing is done. Plates & faces are clearly visible in these videos!! Does this mean that someone “connected” is participating in these activities?? We need more ordinary drivers with dashcams to turn in evidence and stop the madness on our roads.

    Is it any wonder there were so many smashups during the holiday “SAFETY CRUSADE?” Road blocks do not catch dangerous drivers. PATROLLING the roads is how to catch these fools. Oh, i forgot that the traffic division was disbanded by our fearless police commissioner. Road rage and maniacs have increased so much in the last few years – and there is a reason for it. ENFORCE THE ROAD CODE!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This why ya need drive. If you not in a car you going get lick down. This place is a shame.

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