Mac uses Facebook to criticise Alden

| 14/01/2016 | 64 Comments
Cayman News Service

McKeeva Bush, Cayman Islands Leader of the Opposition

(CNS): The opposition leader has criticised government plans to spend $1.7 million to set up a task force to address unemployment and taken a swipe at Premier Alden McLaughlin’s management style. In one of a growing number of posts that McKeeva Bush is now making on his Facebook page criticizing the current PPM administration, and in particular McLaughlin, he said it was in the “11th hour” of this government that he was recognising that people were out of work.

Bush said there was no need to set up the employment task force that the premier announced recently on Cayman 27’s politics show, The Panel.

Describing the announcement as the “usual pomp to the media”, Bush hit out at McLaughlin for announcing he had appointed Winston Connolly as the chair only to have the backbench MLA reveal a few days later that he knew nothing about the request and that he could not take it on.

Change of plan sees Alden lead work task force

“If I had done that the PPM would be screaming I was a dictator,” Bush said, adding that the premier’s pageantry over appointing Connolly came after “they beat Winston to pieces” in a recent debate about the challenges faced by Caymanians in the modern workplace.

Following a debate in the LA at the end of last year it was clear that Connolly and a number of other members, including some from McLaughlin’s own front bench, had a different view of the employment and opportunities issue facing Caymanians in a much tougher economy. The premier had heavily criticised the comments made by Connolly and others, saying he was scared by the tone of the “anti-foreign and anti-business” sentiment expressed by members during the debate on Connolly’s motion.

“Here he comes now and appoints Winston without him even knowing he was appointed to head up a programme to get Caymanians to work,” Bush stated, pointing to the irony.

Bush said the only plan the premier or the PPM had was to remove the UDP and him from the premier’s job. The opposition leader said that it was because the former governor and the opposition had “stopped everything I was trying to do for the country” that people were suffering.

“Caymanians are starving, lost their homes, and don’t have jobs,” he said.

Bush also commented on McLaughlin’s recent announcement that he will be amending the elections law to increase the amounts that can be spent, saying the premier was doing it purely to get himself re-elected.

“He will do anything to keep his position. That’s why he now increases the campaign expenditure. Why else?” Bush asked rhetorically. “I would think in all these hard times he should be finding ways to cut back on campaign expenditure.

In the past, speaking in the Legislative Assembly and other public platforms, the opposition leader had signaled his support for increasing spending during the official eight week campaign period between Nomination Day and General Election Day.

See Bush’s Facebook post here

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought I would never say this, but Mac has a valid point. The anti-business warblings of the MLAs about employment protectionism mean that no-one in their right mind would consider opening a new business and investing in it at the moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      WE DONT NEED any more new business and investment here if there is nothing in it for Caymanians. WE ARE TIRED of foreigners coming here and taking over this country and walking all over our people.

      • The rapture says:

        I hear comments like this all the time , I think a lot of us forget the main thing

        And that it is our right to work here .
        Our right to own a minimum of 60 percent of a business when more than “60” percent of the time we have nothing to offer except that right ….
        I have to advertise for four weeks in the paper. And then when still no one shows up or worse they do, I give them the job and then they just don’t show / sick / or are over it within six weeks .
        I then have to come up with a thousand dollars to put a permit in for someone who only wants to work here . And have a little bit of what some of us really do all take for granted so very much.

        I love our country so much .

        And This whole thing has to stop. I have so many friends from all over the world, who I look at, as one of us. I walk down the street sometimes and can’t believe what I hear out of the mouths of some people. Dosent God tell us to love and treAt one another as we would our selves . That’s what makes us special here .

        Have any of you watched the news over past six months. The whole world is falling apart. Turing on itself. Just like it says it would in the days before he returned to us. That’s what makes us so special here. All of us.

        We are so small here . Imagine what we could do if we band together . And yes some people definitely need to leave .. But some caymanians need to get their act together and realize what we have here . And how lucky we truly are. It is out right . We are so lucky to have that right. So go out and grab it . While it is still your right .

        (You know who I am talking to if you are reading this!!! )

        If cayman is going to move forward. And believe me we have to,

        We have to step outside and have a look and realize we all live on one planet. And I . You . We were so lucky enough to be born here

        Let’s do it right by all


  2. E Sanction says:

    I can not believe we still have some idiots running round here waving and blowing the fco flag and horn after Operation Tempura! to tune of CI$20 million dollars whats CI$50,000 which was paid back compared with the fact we can’t even see their fraudulent secret report. This FCO Scam which will never ever be investigated properly nor our money be refunded just because we the same kind of idiots elected.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I clicked the link to his facebook page.
    To the left of Bush’s name is Ghandi’s image and a very famous quotation.
    This association is unbelievable arrogance and displays an utmost disrespect for one of the greatest men of our times and I don’t mean Macandi.

  4. Speaking about Caymanians without jobs I wonder how much of an impact the granting of all 3000 statuses during his tenure has impacted those who cannot find work?Just wondering.Anybody have any thoughts??

    • Anonymous says:

      Quite a bit. It’s more than jobs, it’s also education. Think of all their children in schools making the ratio of children to teachers higher. Also, some children can’t even speak English so the teacher has to have someone translate for them which is interrupting the class and making it harder for the other children to concentrate.

  5. A cayr See says:

    Mac owned up and was charged and acquitted for his credit card misuse what he did not do was reported it stolen after some funny Pimp sounding Trini name end up using the government card in circumstances yet to be explain or to pay for family members university tuition or buying high end ladies watches. Yes our politicians and their blind followers and supporters are a bunch self righteous HiPPo size Critics

  6. Anonymous says:

    I am a PPM supporter…a bit shame to type that but…I have to agree with Bush on this one. Why spend 1.7 mil on work task force on a sector that owes us NOTHING they may the ridiculous fees to Government annually. Use those funds and convert them into salaries and HIRE! Be the solution for a change.

    • Anonymous says:

      More “social service” jobs? They are unsustainable as are the current 6000 CS jobs. Collapse come soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      The very sad fact is that for every supposed “screw up” that the PPM makes the forever honerable would make ten more at ten times the magnitude. People who very obviously cannot even come near a better or sensible solution really should keep their mouths shut.

    • Anonymous says:

      The money is not being spent “on the task force”. It will be used to pay for training for Caymanians that need to gain experience or training. What is spent for a few months on each individual will be a lot less than what would be required if they have to be supported by Social Services, i.e. you & me.

  7. Sharkey says:

    CNS can you please give us an update on the North side scumbag robber, even if the Iphones had been found yet 5 day’s later.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here’s your update: he sitting in the bush, drunk and high, squinting at the phones, wondering ‘why these TVs so small and how do you turn em on’

  8. Duppy Conqueror says:

    You don’t have to like him but he’s right in this instance. I never voted for udp and McKeeva I do not approve of his ways but his rant on Facebook is spot on. Why is there a double standard in Cayman when in fact both parties and its leadership are exactly the same and proven themselves to be tyrannical naricists with poor judgement.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently mac told you something about the PPM running off to Las Vegas with tens of thousands of our hard earned money in their pockets and donating two million more to their church to buy wotes?

  9. Cysico says:

    Mr. Ken Dart for Premier!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I fear Mr.Bush has taken a complete leave of his senses to imagine that he could ever lead the country once again. Too much water under the bridge. Time to bow out and write his sure to be very entertaining memoirs.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There’s an election coming and Mac misses that sweet gravy train. He’s not going to shut from now until election time. He must think we have very short memories! We know what you were up to in office Mac and we aren’t going to forget it!

  12. Anonymous says:

    China Harbour
    Stan Thomas checks
    Gambling with government credit cards
    Turtle farm
    Cohen financing fiasco

    Yeah Mac, your really credible. Go back to sleep. Your time is done.

    • Anonymous says:

      The FCO scuppered Mac’s early retirement plans when they stopped the Chinese port deal, no wonder he hates them so much.

      • Lukus Spence says:

        Yes but it never stopped the FCO from doing deals with the loathe Chinese or inviting them to Buckingham Palace, speaking of scuppering where is the Tempura report and where is our CI$20 million dollars we spent on it. Mckeewa at least paid his back!!!! Oh what short memories we have eh??????

        • Anonymous says:

          Lukus, one major difference, all UK Gov deals with the Chinese have to be open and transparent as they always get inspected or some reporter finds out something if they are not…Nothing is transparent here…

    • Chris Johnson says:

      And a director of the defunct First Cayman Bank before his signature appeared on the currency notes as Minister of Finance. He was and remains an embarrassment to the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        As usual Chris you are spot on. Obviously the thumbs down are UDP supporters. Please keep your comments rolling so Caymanians know [what] is taking place in our small island. It is amazing what has taken place in football here and we need fix that with your help.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Facebook-all show no action…sounds about right.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have to ask an important question based on the above captioned article:

    Does Mac really know how to use a computer and post on Facebook or is it being done by one of his many – – – wipes on his behalf ?

    I suggest that Mac and his cohorts are “great champions” at using personal and government credit cards in Las Vegas and Bahamas but are “absolute fools” when it comes to criticising anyone about running the Cayman Islands Government.

    Mac was previously responsible for finance and tourism, correct ?

    How in God’s name can anyone in their sound mind believe or say that Mac knows more about government financial matters than Marco Archer ? This young Caymanian is absolutely brilliant when it comes to sorting out government finances.

    Does Mac know more about prompting Tourism in the Cayman Islands than Moses and Joey ? I strongly doubt that very much.

    If it’s one thing that I can applaud the PPM administration thus far in their tenure……. is that no real corruption scandals have arisen when it comes to PPM elected representatives and their board members.

    That says a lot about the PPM vs UDP !!

    I was a big time supporter of Mac here in West Bay but I jumped ship when I heard that he used the peoples credit card in Las Vegas and Bahamas but when not gambling, was ringing the church bell very Sunday with clean hands, a clear mind and a pure heart.

    Yeah right !!!

  15. Knot S Smart says:

    Mac looks a bit forlorn in this photo…
    Was it taken outside the Court House before they found him not guilty?

  16. Anonymous says:

    It is time for all the politicians to leave us the hell alone.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The whole CI government is run on Facebook what a joke

  18. Anonymous says:

    But you’re not starving Big Mac! And while you were leader you should have foreseen this and taken care of it instead of waiting to bitch about it while placing the blames on someone else’s shoulder!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the add

  20. A. Dormouse says:

    There’s a lot of truth in what you say about Alden. It’s bad……… but you were worse! Why don’t you retire and spend some of your millions.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Now that Tony Eden is sitting in opposition, I truly think it may be a good idea to appoint him as the Leader of the Opposition.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Come on CNS. The correct title should be “mac’s cronies help him to use facebook to criticise Alden in exchange for more kool aid”.

  23. Anonymous says:

    9:24: You so right Bo Bo, most of us agree with you.

  24. Anonymous says:

    The Gardener/Handyman strikes again with his razor sharp and correct use of the English language. McKeeva, you moan about Education and yet my Year 7 students can write more coherently than you. You moan about everything and you seem to be the biggest problem. I’m no PPM fan, far from it, and I think Alden is a weak leader, but, honestly, isn’t it time you just took your pension money to the casino, sat on a slot machine, hoped for the best and kept your mouth shut?

  25. Anonymous says:

    mac….your time is done…you and your cohorts will never win a seat outside west bay….

  26. Anonymous says:

    mac…your administration was a circus of incompetence…….that government could not go 5 mins without humilating itself and the country….

  27. Anonymous says:

    Bush is totally irrelevant and is destructive for the progress and development of our country. He has no place in politics or as a community leader or representative.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thats right mac highlight these regressives for what they are. In 3 years they have done absolutely nothing for the people of these islands.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Take our credit cards, take our money. Just go away!

  30. SKEPTICAL says:

    bush, go away and stop bothering us. You no longer have any place in politics or public affairs in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is scary that after all that bush continues to blatantly show himself to be we are still getting objections to comments like this. God help us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Daaam Alden. I KNEW you should have gone to Las vegas with that money. Or better yet, give it to your church to buy wotes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dream on sonny boy…. McKeeva is here to stay untill he says so, come on now ole buddy you well and know that.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, truthfully, he does still have a place in the country’s politics and public affairs – and, that may be, until he rolls over sick or dead. In other words, Mr. Bush isn’t going anywhere for a very long time to come. He is still young & vibrant, has a burning passion politics and a strong desire to lead to people of this country.

      What needs to be told is that he, like Alden, will never be Premier in 2017- as their leadership have repeatedly failed the people!

      Please take heed.

    • Anonymous says:

      As you can see by the many thumbs down that the many ethically challenged voters still want their own representative.

      • Anonymous says:

        Unfortunately those ethically challenged voters dont have a clue what ethically challenged means.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would feel more safe with a PPM government than an UDP one. People of integrity are more honest than those who use taxpayers money at the CASINOS or pay for body guards at the gambling tables in the name of Christianity. Clean hands and pure heart. Keep up your rant.

      • Tellme says:

        If you borrow money from the bank to buy a house and then pay back the bank loan, is the house now yours or the bank’s? You people are so sick and full of hatred !!!!! Didn’t Mckeeva pay back that money he gambled so why keep saying he gambled taxpayers or the country’s money ? Isn’t it his money he gambled since he paid back?

        • Anonymous says:

          The entire point is, idiot, that a person in mckeewas position is not supposed to ” borrow money” from the country to go gambling, particularly when he is travelling and spending even more of the country’s money on “official” business, and then try to write it off as security and chauffer costs, and then finally pay it back when he realizes his a** is going to end up in court for it. The house was never mckeewa’s, bo bo. Try wake up please.

          • Anonymous says:

            Good grief I cannot believe “Tellme’s” comment, either intended as a joke or a display of the typical Mac disciple’s lack of grey matter.

    • Lily says:

      I guess Alden is your savior then. LOL Ignorance sure is bliss.

      • Anonymous says:

        I doubt many would ever look upon Alden as a “saviour” (except as an alternative, maybe) any more than they would towards Mr.Bush as a viable future leader. The electoral landscape has changed, and I don’t just mean in regard to OMOV. We have, thank goodness, lots of new talent in the house, and I reckon we are moving in the right direction in regard to the integrity of our elected representatives.

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