Mac attacks PPM’s success claims

| 02/01/2016 | 54 Comments
Cayman News Service

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush

(CNS): The opposition leader took aim at government in his New Year message, undermining the claims of government success by the premier in his own annual statement. Taking credit for the improvement in government coffers, McKeeva Bush said the present government had done very little to help the people and their plight had worsened, with more bills to pay, rising unemployment and increased bureaucracy.

He described the Christmas work programme as a “dirty deal”, while $500,000 “was sent to another island”.

Bush also took aim at the Saab aircraft purchased by government for the Brac route, where he said “no ends of trouble exist” and criticised the missing elements in the Grand Cayman airport project, including a lack of jetways and extension to the runway.

Describing the ruling part as “regressive” not “progressive”, despite the party name, he pointed to rising crime, uncertainty in the financial services industry — with Cayman on another black list and threats of new regulations — and social deterioration in family life. He said the government was building roads in George Town while “people are hungry with no place to lay their heads”, as he criticised the government’s late response to the unemployment problem.

“I know our people will not be fooled by the utterances of the government about how they will start to provide for them this year. We are not daft to be fooled when being starved for three years, and for the government to come in the last year of their term – to pack the place with all kinds of PR about jobs now,” he said.

Bush said he wanted the people to help him, and echoing comments in his Christmas message, he asked for unity among the people and said he wanted to help young energetic people.

“I cannot carry the burdens alone. Let’s stop the bickering – let’s work together to fashion a stronger Cayman Islands,” he said.

New Year Message – 2016 McKeeva Bush

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please shut up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mac was the only man politician that I see that ever did anything for the young people of the Cayman Islands. He is te only man politician that I see that ever did anything for this country. Tell me who don’t gamble. Tell how don’t take take trips and ball out and have fun. He have a life too! God bless my cayman people. we need to stop fighting down are own. The people that are complaining about Mac is the same people that’s robbing and stealing down the island with corruption! But all this corruption is goin to come to an end soon believe it or not. And caymanians will take back this country! Watch out for the young people that’s coming up. No one lives forever. If you not doing nothing for the cayman islands people to see us get jobs and take care of out families please shut the XXXX up and enjoy the ride while your still alive. Caymanians need jobs. And I swear the next person I here about caymanians don’t won’t to work ima sorround the place with 3000 men and all of them will be caymanian. And trust me we will take back this country and run all you corrupted people off that mean us no good if not by choice we will by force. Time is longer then rope! And these young caymanians is like walking time bombs. And when mac start his campaign to run again I will back him with 5 to 6000 young caymanians between the ages of 20 to 40 years. We are the new bread of caymanians that have awoken from a deep sleep!!!! Sleep is the cousin of death. And I won’t sleep until we regain control of our islands so help me GOD! Mac 2017! BLA&JBM&CPU these movements will crush the corrupted and feed the poor and middle class for a better united Cayman Islands.

    • SSM345 says:

      If you are a new breed of young Caymanian that has awoken and is going to support Mac to get rid of corruption in the next elections, then I suggest a) you stop smoking crack and b) go back to sleep.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s what they’re worried about(FCO & PPM) The return of the Mac…… Long live William McKeeva Bush, Cayman’s premier 2017-2021.(Rightfully so)They won’t be able to stop him this time.

      • Anonymous says:

        I intend to do my part to help him get elected. When he does his first job will be to clean house starting with those who conspired against him. Once he becomes Premier again by the will of the people I can assure you that appointed culprits will have to go, not the elected ones. Start cleaning your offices.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are living in some kind of fantasy land, my friend. You off the medication or what?

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry folks, your beloved mac has reached the point of no return. Quite some time ago actually. We should all be rejoicing for that.

        • Anonymous says:

          Listen Cayman, we must find out which crevice in West Bay that kool aid spring is and put a permanent cap on it. I think the crevice is located somewhere in the Hell area. Maybe that is why they call it the hell area.

        • SSM345 says:

          Replacing incompetence with the same, wow, you have a win-win situation there. Did you have a clue about anything in life?

      • Anonymous says:

        For a minute i thought you were being serious.Thanks for the laugh!

      • Anonymous says:

        So you want to live in a Cayman ruled by vindictive corruption.

    • Anonymous says:

      Breed or bread? Lol!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You my friend are the epitome of a local embarrassment, and a great example of the type of person that supports Mr Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      That one powerful weed you on my friend.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey dude, so far it looks like only 7 of those 6000 young Caymanians have thumbs…

    • Anonymous says:

      5 to 6000? Well that’s a close enough estimate for me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mac WAS responsible for the turnaround in the public coffers- by getting voted out of office. That put a stop to the luxury world tours, abuse of credit cards, illegal slush funds etc etc etc

    • Anonymous says:

      not factually correct…..udp left power with a large surplus…but more to do with the fco budgetery restrictions…..

      • SSM345 says:

        Using “facts” provided by Mac as proof of anything to bolster your argument is about as believable as a crack head’s response to you after you give $3 to them for “baby formula” they claim they need and will buy; absolute bollocks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be fair the poor man gambled night and day on his “business” trips in an effort to win some money so he could support all those desperately poor West Bayers who always vote for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      FINALLY some recognition for all the sweat and tears Mac put in over in Vegas! You any idea how tough it is to be crouched over four slot machines for 17 hours straight?

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    Mac! Mac! Mac!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mac has lost all integrity with me until he follows through with his intention to leave politics. Still waiting…

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s rich coming from mac who traveled the world and partied for four years on our dollar with nothing to show for it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      He almost gave us all a big hole in the ground to show for it, if his illegally imported explosives had gone off….

    • Anonymous says:

      that was the governors fault!

    • Anonymous says:

      mac …the guy who wanted to tax expats….yep that nearly happened!
      the last udp ‘administration’ was a circus with weekly pie in the sky ideas followed by inevitable u-turns and flip-flops…..
      udp have zero ability and ppm have zero motivation to do anything…. whoever wins…we lose.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Putting hundreds of hungry, unemployed Caymanians to work for Christmas to help put food on their tables, and helping a neighbor in need, an act that has most certainly not gone unnoticed by God Almighty Himself, is a dirty deal while handing out tens of millions in concessions and tens of millions more in illegal room tax breaks to the very last entity on the face of this earth that could ever possibly need it, and while having to be handcuffed by the UK from signing a ‘clean’ deal with CHEC, and while gambling out and losing tens of thousands of the country’s money and ending up in court and gleefully walking away from court free and a bigger blissfully ignorant ego maniac than ever because of an unfortunate glitch in the country’s laws is supposed to make sense? Is mckeewa bush the kind of person we ever, ever, ever want to be running this country’s affairs again, folks??? Seems to me we need to rename this guy ” ‘hood robbin’ “.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Poor, Mr.Bush. He’s pressing the buttons but they ‘ain’t connected to anything any more. Time to go home, have a glass of lemonade, then turn in for a nice long nap. The country’s moved on.

  10. Carl says:

    This whole party system is a joke in a terrible way. Mr. Mac in one breath you state the ppm has done anything to resolved the unemployed issue. However the 3000 status grant some years back has really negatively impacted the country in so many ways and Alden is making it worst by the concessions that is being granted to the rich whilst the middle class still is carrying the burden of the economy. Why not country and people first, before politics?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry Mac PPM falling apart, soon Alldone will be the only one left.

  12. SKEPTICAL says:

    And tell us bush – how many MILLIONS of dollars did your government have to pay out in damages and claims for breach of contract.

  13. Sharkey says:

    Mr Bush , I think that if you elaborate on the $ 500, 000 that was sent to other Island would be more productive for us to know how Governments is helping the Caymanian. This really shows us how Caymanians are helped and protected .

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the $250,000 that he left on casino tables all over the world, that was money well spent.

  14. Nunya says:

    Employed Caymanians fail to recognise that they are ambassadors for all other Caymanians seeking work. As many of us who have ever tried to get help at a government agency (for example) can attest to – the “lazy Caymanians” who sits by watching the others work gives the rest of us a bad name – thus we all get painted by the same brush.

    Yes we can cite our poor education system, poor parenting, etc. as the problem, but at the end of the day many of us came through that same system and hold jobs today. We all get incensed for the unemployed Caymanian, spouting ideas for solutions – but what are these people really trying to do for themselves? Jobs are not going to come knocking on your door. And long gone are the days where companies will hire you based on what you can one day do for them; they want you to come ready to get results off the bat.

    I’ve seen many hard working Caymanians and watched them succeed and climb the ranks. Equally, I see the lazy, good for nothing ones in jobs sitting around warming the chair while their colleagues do all the work. Really??? Really??? So why then are we surprised that we are not given chances? As a potential employer if I frequent establishment after establishment and I repeatedly see Caymanian employees slack of and the expat bust their butt (while having a smile on their face) – who do you think I’m going to seek out when it comes time for me to hire.

    WAKE UP!!!!! We need to be the change we want to see. There is not going to be any politician come riding in on their white horses to come save us. The are all too busy with their self serving agendas. And that goes from the PPM to the UDP and right back around. MacKeeva is campaigning all over again – unemployment numbers were on the rise from his administration and giving 50 people made up work is not the solution Mr. Bush!!!

  15. Unison says:

    Errrr … I have to wonder. 🙂 Is it true Mckeeva Bush will be our next Premier in 2017??? I don’t know, but we Caymanians every four years do have the reputation in electing the opposition party, which always happens to be the characters leading…

    So I can almost my Florida lotto and gambling machines, it will be –


  16. Anonymous says:

    So, Mac, where do you stand on the gay issue? It wont go away and while you are probably happy Alden can’t find the flies on his trousers he’s so confused, one day you might be asked to deal with it. So, let’s hear from now how you will deal with it.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry mac, the PPM are not building roads in georgetown for the same reason you were building them in West Bay.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Everyone please stop bickering… while I bicker. And please stop all you under handed deals while I …..

  19. Anonymous says:

    Obama announced that in his last year he would work on unfinished business, specifically gun violence. Pretty big undertaking.

    Speaking of big undertakings… Maybe before the next election here those new speed limit signs can be installed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Daaaam mac, don’t you think its TIME some roads got built in town and not West Bay???

  21. Anonymous says:

    He is right about the SAAB. The pictures were printed of the inaugural flight weeks ago and we haven’t seen it since. We can’t get the info on the Embraer service cost as government hide behind an obscure competitivity sensitivity clause. How can one politician spend so much money to satisfy his voters? No accountability is what is wrong with this government. Screw up as much as you like, because no one will hold you accountable and you still pick up a big fat pay check and remain honorable forever – sickening sickening sickening.

  22. Michel says:

    Thank you Mr. Bush, unity is the key if we want to get out this. Caymanians deserve better. I have worked with many over the years and the majority are hard. The problem is that they need proper training and Respect. I am certain that our precious visitors to the island would rather interact with Locals then persons from all over. Yes we need both but the balance is tilting and not on our side. My dear Caymanians be the best you can be at whatever you do. Even if it’s not what you would it to be. Let’s bury this “we are all Lazy excuse and show those who don’t want to know or employ us that We built our Islands to #1in the past and the envy of many other Islands. And we will do it again. God Bless. Michel Lemay

  23. Anonymous says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    Hey Mac – thanks to you many of the unemployed Caymanians we have and who took part in that clean up also sent money to “another island.”

    • Anonymous says:

      Lol that’s hard to say right? Begins with J right? Mac and Alden’s voting base and source of revenue for that island

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