Four Cubans on the run in Grand Cayman

| 31/01/2016 | 22 Comments

Cayman News Service(CNS): Forty Cuban migrants reached Cayman waters this weekend in two vessels but the authorities discovered today that four of them are missing and are now on the run in Grand Cayman, possibly in the Beach Bay area of Bodden Town. A fifth man who left with them returned at 3:30pm Sunday, police said. The immigration department is asking the public to help find the men, who came ashore sometime on Saturday, but authorities said there are no descriptions of them at this time. 

Police said that one of the two Cuban vessels is moored off East End with 15 people on board.

The other one, which arrived on Cayman Brac Saturday, is now moored off Beach Bay with 21 people on board, not including the missing four men. Some of the migrants who arrived on this boat appear to have chosen to get off after they reached the Brac, while their companions remained on board and travelled on to Grand Cayman. Police said that those migrants were transported to Grand Cayman and are currently being housed in various locations, including the detention centre at Fairbanks.

Police are asking members of the public who may have seen the missing migrants or who are aware of their location to contact 911 or 526-0480 or 526-0433 with the information.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today the refugees are Cubans, tomorrow….

    Read about the voyage of the St. Louis months before World War II began.

    On May 13, 1939, the German transatlantic liner St. Louis sailed from Hamburg, Germany, for Havana, Cuba.

    On the voyage were 937 passengers.

    Almost all were Jews fleeing from Hitler’s murderous Third Reich. Most were German citizens, some were from eastern Europe, and a few were officially “stateless.”

    Neither Cuba nor the US granted refuge to the ship’s passengers.

    The St. Louis returned to Europe…..the rest is history.

    Read more at:…3278.31676.0.33755.….0…1c.1.64.hp..11.5.775.0.vgCT9oE4OYQ

  2. Sandra Dailey says:

    I am just so relieved to read that the boat of Cuban refugees that I witnessed go up on the reef in front of The Reef Resort yesterday has not, to our knowledge, capsized or sunk and that the four Cubans “on the run” in Cayman are the only survivors of the fourteen people I counted on board. I am hoping that the boat referred to above as “moored off East End” is the boat I saw towed in to the Reef Resort and to which numerous people gave food and water, and other helpful items. My heart went out to these people and when they do continue their journey to Central America, I hope they are safe and meet with kindness at their destination.

  3. Conscience says:

    To those who decry the Cuban refugees and their desire for freedom, ask yourselves the question, what would you like to happen to you if you were in a situation like the Cubans arriving on our shires are. Think about all the circumstances they endure rations, restricted movement, low wages erc. Now answer honestly not facetiously. Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      There, but for the grace of God, goes any of us. Even if a person is so hard-hearted as to not want to help the Cubans, consider this: It costs about $10,000 per person to repatriate them. Why not give them basic human supplies — food, fuel and water. It’s what you would want for yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you willing to compromise the safety and well being of your family for refugees you have no knowledge of? There are millions of Cubans and hundreds flee every year. How do we go about selecting the “right” ones to let in? Ever watched scar face?

  4. Sharkey says:

    What I don’t understand is the negligence in Government today , to not know that these people could be more than Cubans looking a better life , and be more protective of our borders , and play a role in the fight against terrorism .
    I am not saying that Cayman should not be humanely to the Cubans , but needs to be able to effectively investigate who they are , and not have them put here an there before knowing who they are .

  5. Anonymous says:

    What support is given to allow these people to claim asylum in Cayman? Are they able to have the benefit of legal aid to obtain. Fair advice as to their rights?

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymunkind thumbs down to the very idea of giving people a chance to assert their rights or take advice. Keep it classy Caymun.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems that a few Caymanians with authority believe that these people should be treated like criminals. I deplore that idea. Jesus himself said that we should do unto other people as we would have them do unto us. There was a time when Caymanians had to go to Cuba to earn wages to feed their families. Don’t think that it can’t happen again ! Regardless of who thinks otherwise, I believe that God will bless our country for applying the golden rule but will cause our country to suffer if we treat these poor unfortunate people like criminals. To send them back forcibly for entering our waters to dodge bad weather is totally un-Caymanian and in my opinion is a disgrace equal to a criminal act and is likely to invoke God’s wrath.

    • Anonymous says:

      But this is non-Christian behaviour then? We are always beaten with the cry that Cayman is a nation founded on Christianity & God’s people will help Gods people , stop hurricane Ivan & all other manner of disasters on these shores.

  7. Bonnie Anglin says:

    I sincerely hope that as God Fearing, kind and decent Caymanians (whose Fathers and Grand Fathers once had to leave home to seek work in other Countries) that we will start treating the Cuban people like human beings. They are doing nothing more than what is happening in Europe right now nor nothing different than what some of our own people had to do to survive years ago – leave home in search of a better life. And for those who do not know, many stayed of our men remained in the US illegally and many other Caymanians migrated to the US illegally. We cannot continue to treat God’s people the way we do and ask for blessings on Sunday.

    • Anonymous says:

      10:10 pm. While agree with your comments, I have to ask, how can the government/taxpayers take on this forever burden, when the assistance that’s give pn to those refugees is needed for our very own. Not suggesting that we shouldn’t help them, but charity begins at home.
      They are leaving Cuba, when life is not as bad as they protray. Hope the authorities will find the escapees ASAP.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do know there are riots breaking out in the streets of Paris by the very same refugees Europe let in their country. How we treat God, Muhammad or Yahweh’s children shouldn’t fall on us but the creator they worship. Blame him for their unfortunate place in the world. What are we suppose to do if not send them back? Cayman is overpopulated as it is and with enough crime.

      • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        I think history will inform you that Muhammad did not create anything. Quite the opposite, but I guess it is politically incorrect to tell the truth these days .

      • Anonymous says:

        RE was not your strong point was it.
        Muslim god is the same god as the Christian god which is the same as yahweh
        Muhammad was just a prophet the same as the do-gooder jesus was.
        Moslems even believe in jesus.

        Hence the direct translations
        “That piece of halibut was so good it was fit for Jehovah”
        “That piece of halibut was so good it was fit for Yahweh”
        “That piece of halibut was so good it was fit for Allah”

        They are all identical

    • Somewhere over the rainbow says:

      I agree! Many of our grandparents and great parents were born in Cuba. This makes me so sad and angry. It is despicable that we willingly refuse to help other islanders. If there was a secret location to drop off food, money, water and other essential items that I knew for certain the Cubans would get, be certain that my family and I would be there to drop off such items (bibles included).

  8. Anonymous says:

    What is the cost for all involved? Including overtime, security, food etc?

  9. Anonymous says:

    They will be disappointed very quick. Lock your boats.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Miami, Miami Miami …………… It’s like “going to heaven” to those poor Cuban refugees.

  11. Anonymous says:


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