Flash drive evidence stalls corruption trial

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Cayman News Service

Canover Watson and his lawyer, Ben Tonner

(CNS): After just one day of evidence following the Christmas break, the trial of Canover Watson, the former chair of the Health Services Authority Board, and his PA, Miriam Rodrigues, was adjourned again Tuesday morning as a result of the emergence of what could be new evidence. With several crown witnesses still to be heard before the prosecution completes its case in the CarePay corruption trial, evidence believed to be missing may have turned up.

During Monday’s proceedings it emerged that the information contained on seven memory sticks, or flash drives, that were found by police in Watson’s office at Admiral, the financial services firm where he worked at the time, may have turned up after being missing for several months. Witnesses from the police and Admiral told the court yesterday that they did not know what had happened to the drives. The IT manager from Admiral believed they had been returned to Watson but his attorney told jurors that his client had not received them.

However, Justice Michael Mettyear, who is presiding over the trial, told jurors that they may have turned up and as a result the trial was delayed for a day and possible longer. This, he explained, was to allow lawyers to examine what information is on the memory sticks and whether there is further evidence that could assist in the case for the crown or in Watson’s defence.

The case is scheduled to resume Wednesday morning.

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