New gas station faces road hurdle

| 24/11/2015 | 30 Comments
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Rubis, Cayman Islands

(CNS): Gasoline retailer, Rubis, should know by the end of this month if its proposal to build a gas station in front of a residential area will be approved. The company is seeking Central Planning Authority (CPA) approval to construct the station on Canal Point Road, across the street from Foster’s Food Fair at the Strand. The proposal includes removing a section of the concrete divider along the Esterley Tibbetts bypass to create a third lane for southbound right-hand turns onto Canal Point Road, which has raised significant concerns.

Plans that require changes to the islands’ public roads are usually submitted to the National Roads Authority (NRA) for their expert advice and the CPA takes into consideration NRA’s comments in determining whether to grant approval for this type of construction. However, NRA sources have conceded that the proposed construction, in its current state, may not receive its endorsement. The authority also revealed that there have been other proposals along the same bypass for the new Rubis station but those have all failed to receive the green light.

NRA Assistant Director Dennis Thibeault said the authority does not dictate the decision for the CPA.

“We do not determine who from the private sector gets planning approval; we only comment on the plan,” he said. ”The decision to approve or not to approve lies with the CPA. They gather comments and observations from us and that determines the outcome. As part of our remit, we deal with the construction of roads and provide comment on their impact.”

The impact of the proposed road changes and the location earmarked for the gas station is not only being weighed by the authorities. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a Canal Point resident said she opposed the idea for the gas station, and quipped that the plan might not be well received by other residents.

“There is no doubt that the construction of a gas station there will impact our community in some way, and it could definitely create some kind of conflict in the determination of property value,” she said.

Members of the CPA are due to meet again on Thursday 26 November, when it is expected that a decision will be made regarding the proposed gas station.

Proposed Canal Point gas station and road layout

Proposed Canal Point gas station and road layout

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We do not need any more gas stations, bars, liquor stores or churches in Cayman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would be a disaster to allow right turning from the southbound lane to get to the proposed station as it would only be a matter of time before someone were liked in a wreck crossing the northbound traffic. It’s a terrible location for a service station and the road should not be changed to try and make it become a better location. If it is allowed, then the new ESSO currently under construction near the Chrissie Tomlinson roundabout would also want turning privileges. I’m not against new stations, as more station mean increased convenience for the driving public. Do the nay-sayers also want less apartments, less stores and less people? I hope that the CPA does not approve this station.

  3. No to the hell NO!…we need LESS gas stations not more. Our current ratio of gas stations to population is about 1,500 WHILE the normal ratio is around 1 per 4,500 persons at minimum.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The idea of allowing right hand turns onto Canal Point rd from Esterly Tibbetts is really terrible.

  5. Anonymous says:

    CPA (/NRA) – Please, no ‘turning lane’ on the ‘highway’. (I don’t care about the gas station in what is not really a residential area any longer. The extra care they’ll need to take building in a ‘flood plain’ is their problem and a reason for ‘regulation’ but not ‘denial’. However making the road worse should be a non-starter.)

    • Anonymous says:

      Turning right from the highway would be OK. Turning right from Canal Point Road back south would be a disaster.

  6. Anonymous says:

    More competition between suppliers is needed not more of the same. The owners have a horrible little oligopoly going at the moment.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Maybe these NRA “experts” could fix the obvious evil kneival features of ETH, including the hump at canal point and flooded ditches from Snug Harbour to Ritz. A critical review of this section might keep more vehicles on the ground, in their lanes, and out of the guard rails and surrounding forests. It should definitely feel safer than it does currently.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can a gas station be put in a low-laying, flood-proned, reclaimed swamp already zoned as residential? Is that a good idea?

  9. Anonymous says:

    No permissions until price fixing resolved. And then they can wait some.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Stop the oil companies selling patties? The LCCL to sell oil does not cover this. Many gas stations are owned by the oil companies.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Why is gas on Cayman Brac still $5.00 a gallon?

  12. I. Wonder says:

    Three questions:

    1. I wonder how many current MLA’s own or have interests in gas stations?

    2. I wonder if those MLA’s contributed to the policy decision to restrict more stations on island in order to protect their own interests?

    3. I wonder does this government understand the principle of conflicts of interests and perceived conflicts?

  13. Anonymous says:

    How many more gas stations do we really need. Seriously?

    • Rhett says:

      Would it ease traffic flow? Had to say it…..

    • Anonymous says:

      These two oil companies are capitalising not only on the fuel but gaining financially from the C storesc. They were never given a retail license to sell sodas and coffee, I wonder which prick gave them the licences to compete in that market.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Dept of Commerce and Investment needs to step up to the plate!

      • Anonymous says:

        all the stores are franchised though… Rubis doesn’t run any of them.

        • Anonymous says:

          The devil is in the detail. Does the franchise arrangement require that the oil company be paid a percentage of the receipts of the sale of soda and coffee? If so, they are doing business in the Cayman Islands. Otherwise it will simply be a fronting arrangement

    • LK says:

      Evidently this is where the money is at…hence the reason for all the secrecy surrounding profit margins. What a mess! All the $ people keeping all the money in their wealthy circle and wonder why the average Caymanian is struggling today employed or otherwise. Like they say “those who stand for nothing fall for anything”. Wake up people it’s every man for his self get out there and demand what’s your right to know – you are the consumer, your families are struggling , your kids going to bed without you around, you spend no time with them as a result of working to make ends meet. Can’t even take a vacation once a year as a result of bills really???Disgusting glad I moved but very sad for my island and its people . Tried before I left to help young people get a job what a tough task 50 Cv’s and 1 response, encourage them all to keep trying but was no life for me and most of all my kids. Praying for my people ?

    • Anonymous says:

      More competition between suppliers is needed not more of the same. The owners have a horrible little oligopoly going at the moment.

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