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| 23/11/2015 | 11 Comments
Cayman News Service

HMP Northward

(CNS): The deputy governor said that there was nothing of a “suspicious nature” on the video footage covertly recorded in a prison employee’s office. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson confirmed Friday that two members of staff remain on suspension, one of whom was the person who was recorded, but that in the next few weeks the entire probe into what happened would be concluded. He also revealed that the deputy director at the prison, who was fired as she was believed to have set up the covert camera, has appealed her dismissal.

Answering questions initiated by Ezzard Miller in the Legislative Assembly, the deputy governor was unable to explain why the investigation at the prison into what happened had been conducted by the home affairs ministry and not the prison director, as required by law, when asked by Arden McLean.

Manderson insisted that the enquiry had followed the process and had been conducted in accordance with the law but said he did not know who had initiated or directed the enquiry to be conducted by the ministry.

As the opposition leader joined in the questions regarding the issue, the deputy governor continued to try and keep a lid on the issues surrounding the suspensions, the video and the process, saying that it was not proper for the parliament to try a disciplinary matter.

The ministry recently confirmed that the deputy director, Aduke Natalie Joseph-Caesar, had been fired and she was the one suspected of installing the hidden recording equipment. Officials have, however, been reluctant to discuss why she had taken that action.

Other sources have revealed that another member of the prison management team was suspected of inappropriate behaviour with inmates, which had been reported but ignored. As a result, a secret camera had been installed on the direction of the deputy director by a prison officer, who is also understood to have been suspended.

Senior manager fired from prison in video probe

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  1. Re says:

    Hi CNS – can you look into this please please. I keep checking your website but no updates and I have kids overseas

    US issues rare global travel alert over terror threats

  2. Brain Wave says:

    I dont understand the issue here. the civil service fired someone after an investigation. the person can now appeal that decision. Instead of thanking the civil service for promoting accountability- we complain again. thank you deputy governor and Mr Bush.

    I for one have been pushing for more accountability in the civil service and this is refreshing news.

    I do not have the powers of Knot S Smart who can some how know more about whats on video than those that actually seen it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares if there was anything suspicious on the recording, we want to know if there was anything salacious!

  4. Knot S Smart says:

    I heard there was heavy breathing and a lot of OOOHS and AAAHHHS and OIIYS…
    And repeated thumping noises…

  5. Belmarsh Prisoner K1345 says:

    Somebody in GOAB or the Ministry of Home Affairs or HMPS Northward is telling porky pies.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder where Ms Caesar got the idea of using a hidden camera like this from?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fairness and equity no longer exists with the cloak and dagger approach that is now permeating the Civil Service.

    Instead of facing a person head on, presenting them with whatever evidence or allegations have been gathered or made against them, the modus operandi is to drag things out for months or years, while unseen characters poke from behind the curtain and pull the strings. this behavior ensures plausible deniability when faced with tough questions in forums like the legislative assembly.

    Unfortunately, we the tax payers and sometimes innocent employees, are the ones who suffer due to a lack of management skills and courage by those who have been appointed to high office.

    The more I read about these things (and trust me there are many more cases that will never see the light of day), the more I become discouraged about the future of our Civil Service under its current leadership.

    I guess we’ll just consider to add more people to the gardening leave program while we continue to bear the high cost of living to pay for “management” ineptitude.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Old pals act? Lodge interference…something must have happened…no smoke without fire…

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