Cops round up alleged offenders

| 02/11/2015 | 5 Comments
Cayman News Service

George Town Police Station

(CNS): Police arrested people for a wide range of offences this weekend when they rounded up 21 suspects on Friday and Saturday. On the road, officers made arrests for driving while disqualified or not being qualified, driving without Insurance and DUI, while on the streets and outside bars, the police netted people for disorderly conduct, assault, ABH, as well as assault on a police officer, damage to property, drug possession and for being idle. They also arrested individuals for theft and burglary.

Three of the people arrested included the suspected drug smugglers who landed illegally in Cayman on Sunday 25 October and who have since been charged.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, good news, now continue to tighten the hatch. Also check on those cyclist who ride on the wrong side of the road, wrong way up the 1 way streets, no reflectors, no brakes

    • Anonymous says:

      Laws governing cyclists were abolished some years ago..why.. makes no sense.
      If the “small” laws are broken, society starts to crumble.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whats ABH? And what the hell being idle is illegal??? Look at that wasting another jail cell for simple possession if someone is doing drugs the need medical help not to thrown in time out with a bunch of criminals

  3. Anonymous says:

    I even saw a policeman on the ETH on Saturday behind Fosters stopping two vehicles. I was so surprised. I am hoping this is the beginning? And we all need to watch our behavior a little more now…self policing because you know that your risk being caught is reasonably high is the best form of policing.

  4. Creaking Bad says:

    What happened with clearing up the 700 outstanding warrants?

    This most recent haul, just put ’em on the tab!

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