Suspect cocaine dealer charged

| 26/10/2015 | 3 Comments

Cayman news Service

(CNS): A 24-year-old resident in Lakeside Apartments in George Town has been charged with a list of drug offences following a police drug bust. The raid took place at the apartments opposite the dump on Thursday 22 October, when detectives executed a search warrant and arrested one man. He was then charged Sunday with possession of cocaine with intent to supply, possession of cocaine, possession of ganja, being concerned in the possession of ganja with intent to supply, possession of a utensil used in the possession or consumption of a controlled drug and destruction of evidence under the penal code.

The man was scheduled to appear in court Monday.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder why they shut down the operation at lakeside as opposed to the operation on seymore drive is it because the cops and immigration all live in that building
    I wonder also if it was the cocaine from behind the police station

  2. GG says:

    Well done RCIPS! We certainly need to hear of more of these raids and rid our streets/schools/community of drugs….not to mention the illegal firearms!

    Like other countries, our Government and business community should increase the awareness of the negative consequences of substance abuse on the Cayman economy and our workforce (unemployed persons included). Abuse of drugs and alcohol is costly for our society and, left untreated, places a burden on our workplace, our healthcare system, and our communities.

    It is putting a strain on our local resources;
    • in lost productivity, mainly due to labor participation costs, participation in drugabuse treatment, incarceration, and premature death;
    • in healthcare costs – for drug treatment and drug‐related medical consequences; and
    • in criminal justice costs, primarily due to criminal investigation, prosecution and incarceration, and victim costs.

    Most importantly, it is affecting our youth and some, their school performance (yes, there are students who use drugs);
    • Students who are not current marijuana users are more than twice as likely to report an average grade of “A” than those who are current users of marijuana (30.5% vs. 12.5%).
    • College students who use prescription stimulant medications for non‐medical purposes typically have lower grade point averages and are more likely to be heavy drinkers and users of other illicit drugs. They also are more likely to meet diagnostic criteria for dependence on alcohol and marijuana, skip class more frequently, and spend less time studying.

    Suffice it to say that the blame and responsibility should not be placed our our Government. The foundation of morals, principles and values begins at HOME. It is us, PARENTS that need to ensure we provide our children with LOVE, COMPASSION and RESPECT, along with the adequate tools to equip them with the ‘know how’ to deal with the obstacles they will face in school and throughout life. It’s time for us to STOP playing the blame game, pointing our finger at the Government, Teachers, Elders, and others that try to help guide our youth positively (persons who we so readily tear down and disrespect; how can we expect them to respect authority when we don’t?).

    Let us lead by GOOD expample and “Be the change that we want to see in the world”.

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