Stolen boat set ablaze at sea

| 15/10/2015 | 63 Comments
Cayman News Service

Stolen boat ablaze at sea, 15 October 2015

(CNS): A blazing boat that triggered a search and rescue operation Thursday morning fits the description of a boat reported stolen from West Bay. A sea search was conducted near the burning vessel off the coast of North Side today but no one was recovered from the water or the vessel. Police have now launched an official investigation into what happened to the white Boston Whaler, which was powered by two Mercury outboard engines and appeared to be around 27 feet long before it was burned up by fire.

Police said that the boat was reported stolen earlier on Thursday but no distress calls were received from the vessel by either the emergency services or the Port Authority. The report of the fire was called in by the public at around 6:30am, when the police and fire service responded.

Cayman News Service

Boat that was ablaze at sea earlier today

As fire fighters extinguished the blaze, there was an extensive search by sea and air of the area where the boat was discovered for anyone who may have been aboard but police said they did not find anyone.

Police are again warning boat owners to take extra precautions in securing their vessels and reminded residents that a 25-foot Cobia was also reported stolen from the Governor’s Harbour area at the end of last month, which turned up in Jamaica a few days later.

Anyone with any information in relation to this incident is asked to contact the West Bay CID at 949-3990/649-3990 or Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    No worries mates, religious good Jamaicaymans on visas will solve all our problems of the bad Jamaicans causing or being indifferent to all the crime. Soon come Jamaicaymans will make all you their bit%@!es, sending all the money made here back to Jamaica and draining Cayman of its wealth, identity, security, innovation, intelligence, and soon soon soon come its international reputation.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too late, you did that all by yourselves.
      What international reputation and wealth do your refer to? Do you mean the one that involves tax evasion, money laundering, endemic and systemic corruption. And the proceeds of such boosting the national and personal coffers of Cayman at the expense of others nations?
      Innovation? Do you mean Cayman Pepper Jelly or rum cake?
      Security? Do you mean the wannabe local gangsters in WB shooting each other or the local thieves stealing marine life or robbing the homes of absent expat owners?
      Identity? Do you mean the Americanisation of almost everything?
      Intelligence? Do you mean that beacon of international education, the CI school system?
      No my friend, it’s far, far too late to blame Jamaicans for your own path to ruin, it’s all your own.

    • Cayman hombre says:

      Isn’t that what all of you parasites have been doing here all along. What happen you did get Mate!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Someone told me that it was the new security system that they have on the market. As soon as the boat travels 3 miles if stolen it sends you a text and then explodes. Does anyone know where I can get one.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Boat was stolen from Vista Del Mar area and not inside the Cayman Islands Yacht Club marina.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The 25′ Cobia stolen from Drake Quay a couple of weeks ago and recovered in Black River- Jamaica; already had it’s twin 150 Yamaha outboard engines and electronics stolen from the vessel. It is understood that the vessel was covered with bullet holes from an AK 47 to possibly try and sink it.

    As it turns out, the boat owner was not so lucky as earlier thought.

  4. Unison says:

    Could it be this boat was stolen to be used for a serious commission of an offence? Then the criminals in hopes to hide evidence, deliberately lit the boat on fire. It looks like to me.

  5. Bart M says:

    The guys running around here scoping out these boats aren’t Caymanians out of the 18 vessels that have been taken in the past 10 years most have end up in Jamaica at least 4 in Honduras 2 Mexico 1 Guyana so please spare us the rhetoric. 2 have been recovered or brought back from Honduras absolutely none from Jamaica have returned! Speaks volumes?

    • Anonymous says:

      Haiti is another destination. There was an article in the compass the other day about the ganja for guns trade between Jamaica and Isle a Vache. Some of our boats end up there and it is just to dangerous to try and get these boats back.

  6. Dwayne Carmichael says:

    Maybe the marine unit needs more officers to operate efficiently. Have any of you thought about that.

    • Anonymous says:

      They have the boats or have been given them, the fact that they cannot drive and damage them beyond repair is why there are now so few. You only need to go to GT Yacht Club to see their fleet sitting there collecting dust till the next hurricane takes them away.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you are going to own a boat here you have 3 basic options:

    Get insurance,,,,which will make your eyes water when you see the annual premiums.
    Then kit out your boat with a few grand’s worth of anti-theft devices, which insurance companies would want to see installed….keep in mind that you will still have to fight tooth and nail for a market related payout, in the event of an actual theft.

    Or, buy an old, smaller boat (t@rd box style) with an old 2 stroke motor. It seems that these thieves are going for the newer 4 stroke engines, on boats that are +25 feet in length. Hopefully when they scan the waters for a potential theft they will bypass this kind of vessel.

    The last option is to become friends with someone else who has a boat.

    It’s a shame that things have come to this, but I am sure there is a whole organised network behind these thefts. It is surely not just purely random.

  8. Stanislaw bowrider says:

    Anon 11:44pm I see are you up late though trolling again? our feral kids, scum, and finally Northwood its Northward by the way, try and get our places names right at least whilst you are here. Bigoted racist it would appear It takes one who is one to recognize himself? Leave us soon ya hear as we have way too many just like you now living here in Cayman. Some unfortunately who think just like you are now employed in law enforcement too

  9. Anonymous says:

    If one boat turn up in Jamaica. It appears this boat also left Cayman and was able to return undetected. RCIP you need to be more vigilant. I would assume you would ASSUME that none of the boats that are stolen are still here. Use your helicopter to do continuous monitoring of the shores of Cayman Islands and at nights as well and stop sending out all your resources to ticket people on the road to appear in court.

    • Anonymous says:

      Open your eyes and read the CNS article. It was reported stolen Thursday morning AND torched Thursday morning…the same day.

    • Anonymous says:

      You assume that they care.

    • Anon says:

      Quite right, the last boat (Cobia) was reported as having being located in Jamaica. However, it wasn’t a good outcome in the end. It has been completely stripped – only the damaged hull remains…….

  10. Anonymous says:

    Boston Whaler – The unsinkable legend!

  11. Anonymous says:

    So sad we need get more water patrols back out on the water…Get rid of all them broke down boats or fix them all put them back in service…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Piracy! lol, love it. Ironic since we boast and brag about our pirates week activities. Guess they forgot the horrors that came with it. Can’t make this stuff up.

  13. Ex-Patriot says:

    Think on these things:
    Why are all these “foreigners” doing so much evil to these beloved islands?
    Will the day ever come when “non-foreigners” steal boats to get away to greener pastures?
    I wonder how much one would sell a 27ft boat for in this bad economic climate and who would buy it.
    The RCIPS will get to the crooks of the matter.

  14. Jah seh we come says:

    Such images do not bode well for Cayman but neither is the level of vigilance of our Police service JMU. who appear useless to stop it this!

  15. Anonymous says:

    How many Foreigners make up the rcips hierarchy? The man on the street is but a meer puppet to the higher-ups.

  16. Knot S Smart says:

    Poor boat-owner. First they stole his boat and then they burned it…
    I wonder if it was insured…

    • Anonymous says:

      Or maybe you shouldn’t judge everybody by your own standards? Perhaps someone worked hard, made sacrifices to pay for that boat and was devastated when it was stolen and destroyed.

  17. Condor 1 base Station says:

    This blatant and criminal act of piracy in waters off the Northside of our island is a clear demonstrating of the sickening impunity in which these foreign drug traffickers are operating in our waters. Too many foreign nationals in control of our law enforcement resources who are just here to collect money and to enable their own kind to fleece this place. How else could this happen with all the resources they have at their finger tips. What a disgrace!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Racist pig!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why is it that people are called racist because they speak the truth?

        • Anonymous says:

          Because the truth can be subjective, meaning that just because you think it’s true, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is factually true.

          • Anonymous says:

            True: “In accordance with fact or reality.” “Accurate or exact.” -Oxford Dictionary

            Truth isn’t subjective. Just because someone believes the sky is green, doesn’t make it true. What you hold to be true may be the opposite of what someone else holds as true, but you cant both be right. Thats contradictory of the definition of “true”.

            • Anonymous says:

              Oh dear 3:09pm, apart from destroying your own argument in your first line of repost, I think you’ll find the following to be true.
              Subjective: ” Taking place within the mind and modified by individual bias.”

              Therefore, truth can also be subjective if the believer modifies their believed version of the truth to suit their own bias. In other words, if they believe the sky to be green, then to them it is, albeit blue to others.
              It is the personal belief of truth that counts, not the actual fact.
              A perfect example is religion, some people believe, some people don’t, but as neither side can actually prove the other wrong, religion, though true to believers is actually subjective, as is being a non believer.

              Here in Cayman some believe Jamaicans are responsible for the complete breakdown of societal cohesion and the rule of law. That clearly isn’t true and is based on a bias formed in the mind, the bias being that all Jamaicans are lazy thieves who cannot be trusted. That is a sweeping bias that reinforces a racial prejudice against an entire national identity, it is therefore a racial bias formed in the mind of those who believe it to be true. But the rest of us know it not to be true, therefore these racists are being subjective with the truth as they believe it.
              Does that help?

        • Anonymous says:

          Regrettably the “resources” are Caymanian.You are welcome to call me racist.

        • Anonymous says:

          Because the truth hurts and they don’t want it to stop being the way it it. How many police you see driving around in expensive cars in Cayman?! Think they could get that chance back home in an equivalent salary of US$1300.00 per month? I bet not. Only here for the money.

          Said it a million times and will again. British territories should have cops from The UK or or the people of that territory.

          • Anonymous says:

            Stealing is in these guys DNA, most of their own Jamaican don’t want them here, they came to get rid of the bad side of Jamaica, burglar bars barb wire and zinc fences criminals and thieves. Some Jamaica can’t handle the truth, and some not dare open their mouth, they will be threatened.
            Cayman has never seen this level of stealing,disrespect for road traffic, killing and burning body, working for wage below the poverty line, infiltrating Caymanian businesses, selling PR and statuses, selling and buying immigration time to be able to work illegally in Cayman, drug running…until the Jamaican population got out of hand.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps if the local population had the motivation, intelligence and integrity to become police officers, then you wouldn’t need so many ‘foreign’ officers. But considering the appalling lack of suitable local candidates applying for law enforcement careers on this island, it looks like you are stuck with them.
      After all, Northwood is full of your own scum, perhaps if you get your own feral kids and their dysfunctional families into line, you wouldn’t need so many in the first place.
      Basically, you are a bunch of bigoted racists who just want to blame someone else for your own problems, but are too cowardly to do anything about it yourselves.

      In more civilised countries you would be breaking the law by making openly racist remarks like yours, they are called hate crimes for a reason. Why don’t you report yourself for your own ‘blatant and criminal act’?

      • Anonymous says:

        How is commenting of foreigners racist and where such illegal in other countries? WTF are you talking about? The fact of the matter is that one of the stolen boats wounded up in JAMAICA. Are you suggesting that it’s impossible or somehow bigoted that a Jamaican was likely involved? There are boat engines being stolen left and right all over the island but none of them seem to stay on the island. Are you suggesting that its IMPOSSIBLE that foreigners could be involved?? I suspect its very likely that Caymanians are also involved, but to call someone a *racist* because they claim foreigners are participating in these crimes is just typical PC bullshit which can put that’ along with your “more civilized countries” where the sun don’t shine.

        • Anonymous says:

          I rest my case. How can there be any hope for narrow minded BS like that.
          And exactly where is the evidence that the boat found in Jamaica has anything to do with a Jamaican? Could a Caymanian on yet another drug run have taken it or yet another Caymanian felon on the run have used it to escape justice?
          You used the words yourself, ‘likely’ not ‘definately’, so take a breath and try to think about your warped messages before embarrassing yourself further.
          True, foreigners, (any foreigner) could be involved, but stirring up hate against a specific and entire section, (Jamaicans) of your community is racist and a hate crime, and that makes you a potential criminal.

          • Anonymous says:

            What about the construction tools and equipment stolen from cayman by Jamaicans? From their own bosses that gave them a job,apparently these thieves can’t help themselves, its in their DNA to steal. Your defence of these thieves is exactly why we have so many here in cayman …you condone and protect them. Cayman never had these many thieves in the 70 80 an 90, your population has grown to 28,000, now you figure that out.

        • Anonymous says:

          8:24 am. You have issues man, get some help.
          Whilst you’re there look up the meaning of a hate crime in the UK or US. I think you’ll find that if you isolate a particular race or nationality for ridicule and incite others to do so, if you cause deep offence to those people by making an untrue or generalised statement about them, then that is racist.
          In other words, until you have absolute proof that a Jamaican or any other foreigner is involved in any kind of criminal activity that they are solely responsible for, then making a sweeping statement like yours is racist. Because clearly, all Jamaicans aren’t thieves, corrupt police officers or any other demonisation you can think up.
          Being convinced of your own prejudices doesn’t make such bile the truth.
          Is that clear enough for your pea sized intellect?

      • Smiley says:

        11:44……….. Are you unhappy about something?

        • Anonymous says:

          Caymanians don’t mean to be racist it’s just that they have no idea what racism is.

          • Anonymous says:

            I wonder what expats’ excuses are then? Because we can’t say we don’t know, yet all over Cayman and CNS I come across disgusting and disrespectful behaviour towards Caymanians quite often. Such arrogance. Makes me ashamed for them. I am not saying it doesn’t cut both ways but like I say, what’s our excuse?

            • Anonymous says:

              Respect is earned, it is not an entitlement. If Caymanians can disrespect an entire racial community, why can’t they be held accountable for their actions by the court of public opinion?
              No my expat friend, Caymanians have no more right to malign our Jamaican brothers than anyone else. It is they who should show some restraint and stop indulging in prejudicial back stabbing, demonstrate some moral leadership in this so called God fearing community.
              Anything less is barefaced hypocracy.

      • Anonymous says:

        We had all the motivation,intelligence and integrity before you all came and indroduced slave labour. If you all had stayed in your own country and contribute to the same same accolades we wouldn’t have this problem today. You all invaded us that you out numbered our Caymanian population.
        We had no problem with the Europeans Canadians and Americans they were used to good life and money. Now we are down graded and can’t make a good living.

  18. Joshua Massoula says:

    This place continues to slip and is being now stripped of its dignity, sense of security and serenity whilst or so called well paid foreign Guardians willfully turn a blind eye to the dire criminal situation we have found ourselves in.

  19. Anonymous says:

    They should have a special punishment for stealing a boat.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Jack sparrow maybe?

  21. Grand Poobah says:

    If you’re a Boston Whaler owner it’s reassuring to see they remain unsinkable even after being set on fire. Some good detective might even be able to find some evidence of who did it, evidence that would have disappeared over the drop-off with most other boats.

  22. Stingray intercept says:

    Let me repeat this again for the benefit of this island. if we do not get rid of this very large contingent of foreign nationals in the RCIPS this is going to continue to happen they are simply not going to arrest their own countrymen who are clearly behind these boat thefts. There is now a direct link between those here and those a Yard. Another serious side affect of Baines’s little diversity joke!!

    • Anonymous says:

      In the 20+ years that I have visited and resided on these islands, one thing always struck me, and that was how shallow, two faced, hypocritical, bigoted and openly racist many Caymanians truly are.
      That is not a statement I make with any kind of relish, but it is a statement born from bitter experience having witnessed first hand the mindset of those whose only motivation is to remain in the 19th century, yet grab the trappings of the 21st.
      The headlong rush that some have embarked upon for easy money has led to a society that takes much more than it gives, turning a simple people into cash grabbing fools that sell out their heritage and culture for the almighty dollar. Then, unashamedly they attempt to blame others for their own lack of integrity.
      As for the question of law and order, well you made your own bed, you’ve now got to lay in it. Because of your blind chase for the Yankee dollar you have lost sight of your own responsibility to your country and your society. Ignoring the benefits of a solid childhood education and the reward of stable family relationships, following a path of self entitlement, hypocrisy and eventual societal breakdown.
      Caymanians make up the vast majority of those incarcerated at Northward and are involved in the majority of reported crimes, especially those relating to gang and drug violence. They are your kids shooting and maiming each other.
      Sadly, you have also lost sight of where many of your families originated from. Just because you have a British sounding name, doesn’t mean your heritage is the same. Almost all Caymanians are of mixed race, whether that be European, Afro-Caribbean, Latino or Asian.
      You ARE those foreigners that you hate so much, you are the immigrants that came to these islands for a better life or to find work, you are from the same blood as those you readily blame for your own misdeeds.

      And that gets to the centre of the argument, basically you hate yourselves and act out against those demons you see in your own reflection. Yes, you can’t come to terms with the fact that you are to blame, so you use fake nationalism, bigotry and racism to cover your own fragility.

      • Anonymous says:

        Truth hurts it seems 😉

      • anonymous says:

        Best post on CNS to date.

      • Rhett says:

        Despise the island and the people? Leave! Due to foreigners taking over, jobs are scare for Caymanians. It is their country! Respect or move on…CIG is who needs to respect its people and stop allowing foreigners to make up their own rules.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you, ‘Rhett’ have completely missed the point. Read the final two paragraphs, there are no ‘foreigners’, you are all of immigrant stock, you just can’t come to terms with it. It must be horrible to hate your own blood the way you do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Everyone in the world is of immigrant stock if we go by your terminology. Just because Cayman’s history is just a few hundred years old instead of one thousand doesn’t make the first generations less Caymanian. The people coming now isn’t integrating anymore like it used to be. We relied on each other when we first came here now we have a divided country because we are seeing that we are being overrun by other cultures. We can’t speak out or we are called racist or bigots or some other phobia. Caymanians are an endangered species and yes my family was one of the first families that came here and no we didn’t have slaves to cut down the bush or do anything else for us. We worked hard for what little we have.

            • Anonymous says:

              Caymanian is a word to describe a person from the Cayman Islands. It is not a racial identity or nationality as you are all British citizens.
              Therefore your paranoid rant of endangerment is absolute nonsense. Your true culture originates in Great Britain and Jamaica, with additions from Latin America and other Caribbean territories as the islands became more populated, certainly since the 1960’s. Remember, this was a dependent territory of Jamaica’s until 1963, so technically anyone born before that date or to parents who were born before that date, are either Jamaican immigrants or the descendants of Jamaican immigrants. Oh dear, now it gets complicated.

              Speaking out against immigration policy is one thing and has plenty of merit, but educated people should have no need to isolate one particular race, culture, religion or nationality for specific abuse.
              That is why you are called racists and bigots, because yes, many countries have been founded on immigrant stock and this territory is no exception.
              From someone who has spent many years on these islands, the problem seems to originate from those Caymanians who will not do the work that Jamaicans are prepared to do for the money they are paid by Caymanians. So if more Caymanians became skilled construction workers, garbage men, mechanics, cleaners, cooks and a hundred other positions of employment, Cayman wouldnt need so many work permit employees, Caymanians would have employment and Caymanian employers would have to pay a living wage to all.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is a good assessment yankee. But, I would remind you too pull the plank first out your own. Not too long ago I was visiting the great state of North Carolina and the top conversations topic with those “locals” happened to surround the fact of my interracial relationship although they didn’t quite know what to class me as because I am a mix 75% european and 25% afro caribbean who knows what. So it was like “two mixed people found each other” that weird ain’t it Bill.

        Seems to push it back to the 18th century right “dare” as I would see.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Does the fire service have any fire boats? Just to be on the safe side, never know what can happen.

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