Prison investigates jailhouse assault on guard

| 09/10/2015 | 2 Comments
Cayman News Service

HMP Northward, Grand Cayman

(CNS): The prison director has confirmed that another of his officers has been injured during an incident with an inmate in a wing of HMP Northward. The reported assault is under investigation, Neil Lavis stated, but he told CNS that he was unable to make any further comment as the jailhouse assault is currently being investigated. It is understood that the prison guard is currently on sick leave recovering from his injuries.

Although violence in HMP Northward between officers and inmates is relatively uncommon the prison is battling with a number of issues, not least as a legacy of under-funding.

It is also still pursuing internal investigations among some of its managers. Various allegations have been made among the management team, which led to secret recording by one senior officer to monitor closed-door meetings with inmates by another member of the management team. The allegations were exposed in April and at least three members of the prison team are on suspension in connection with the issue.

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  1. Gray Matter says:

    Put me as prison warden; those who are now in charge isn’t worth the salt in their food. always under investigation. CCTV Camera’s still not working, what about this drone. Caught nothing on Arial surveillance . This Country is a joke.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Really, uncommon, it would be interesting to hear the number of incidents and assaults that place. The marl road is saying something different.

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