Police talk to Scranton community in face of concerns

| 01/10/2015 | 22 Comments
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Chief Inspector Claudia Brady and Superintendent Angelique Howell in Scranton

(CNS): Senior police officers from George Town Police Station were out and about in Scranton, George Town, on Wednesday evening visiting residents in response to concerns about increased crime and antisocial behaviour. With a number of serious crimes taking place near to the Globe Bar, the area which is a stone’s throw from the central police station, it has become a hotspot for the capital’s police.

Superintendent Angelique Howell said that people in the community were concerned not just about the serious violent crime in the area this year but the increasing number of problems outside the bar area on Martin’s Drive, where local gang members are congregating.

As the officers moved through the community they were greeted warmly  by residents, who expressed their concerns over crime as well as the lack of work and support from the authorities, cited by some as a major issue.

Police and community leaders have been talking about how they can work together and have been discussing possible strategies to tackle the crime problem. An RCIPS spokesperson said that police want to engage more directly with residents and to see if the police can be involved in positive programmes in the community that may help bring about positive change.

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  1. Knot S Smart says:

    Like other commentators I notice these are two unarmed Police Women – which is ok…
    But why not some of those British Police men?
    The people from the Scranton area are some of the nicest older people in Cayman – just a few bad apples in the younger ones, and those that frequent the area from other districts…
    Although we dont want Mr Baines going because if anyone makes a strange move he might run over them in his car…

  2. Anonymous says:

    West Bay/Bayers is hardly outlawed. Go to some of the real ghettos (inner cities) and you will see the difference.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Strange how there are so few comments and even less votes for this article than there are for the dock comments. Seems like Caymanians ane not interested in this!

    • Anonymous says:

      People become numb to crime because it occurs so frequently. So they just tune it out. See President Obama’s speech today lamenting the continued gun homicides and mass shootings in the US.

      Also, the cruise stories are skewed by a lot of trolling on behalf of the vested interests.

  4. UK Driftwood says:

    Just hope the pair of them didn’t come across a crime, looks like no radio, handcuffs asp or pepper spray

  5. Anonymous says:

    that whole area is perfect keep it contained right where it is don’t cause any trouble or the players will spread out and then what

  6. Wb says:

    Dart should buy there and make it an amusement park

  7. JJ-Redic says:

    Does it really matter if it’s in George Town or West Bay, Bodden Town or East End? It’s still in Cayman. What happens in any district affects our entire community. Stop segregating ourselves from the big picture as we are one. What you should have done is, applaud the Scranton community for stepping out and want to fight against crime. The problem is not only in Scranton. The plague is everywhere. Deal with it!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Here is an image. Two Police Officers, high ranking no less, women, walking around talking to the public. How about having some Police Officers on a best actually doing Police Work instead of more lip service. One would only have to be handicapped mentally to not understand what the problems are in this habitat. There is way too much lip service and profiteeering with poor quality Cctv by the Police and for that matter the Security Centre. It is time for real police work, real leadership, quality Officers becoming the norm and not the exception, and a halt to awarding contracts to private security companies, especially for Services that are either not being fullfilled or the Police should handle in house. Problems, some of the prior serving and possibly current members of the RCIP have commited crimes worse then the people in this area.

  9. Vote Kirky 2017! says:

    Can’t wait for the Ellio, “Dr”. Frank, Matthew, Lucille, OC and George fight for this critical seat come 2017!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lucille always used to go on about Scranton like it was the centre of the universe instead of a deadbeat drug and crime addled place. Them kind of politicians like to pretend that these places are the “real soul’ of a country when in fact if that was ever true it was only true 60 years ago when hardly anyone lived in Cayman and the poor people there were no worse off than people elsewhere on the island. No Yacht Club, Grand Harbour, Vista del Mar, Webster’s Estate, Patrick’s Island etc etc.

  10. US Hunter Tourist Assoc says:

    Once the magic cruise dock is built we can do safari tours of this wildlife refuge………

  11. Anonymous says:

    If this was in West Bay, your headline would have been,” Police talk to West Bay……..” Why isn’t ‘George Town’ in your headline?

    • Rollin60s- says:

      True….but west bayers are too far outlawed now. Fear is what they instill – buts its fear alone that make them move. West bay, GT, BT, NS or even EE….we should come together and target these people whom are making it a living hell in each and every one of our districts because we are small enough to be one community. Especially if ‘they’ think we are small enough to be one world 😉

    • Annamouse says:

      Actually they are going to let Mr. Dart put a canal through between SMB and the Yacht Club so we can have a drawbridge to keep the Republic separate. Then we can build a Donald Trump style wall around the nastier GT areas.

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