Police want to question missing woman

| 30/10/2015 | 36 Comments
Jaesha Hendrix

Jaesha Hendrix

(CNS) UPDATED: Police say they remain concerned about a 21-year-old woman who has been missing for more than one week even though her mother has reported receiving a text message from her daughter. The RCIPS also revealed that officers would like to talk to Jaesha Hendrix regarding a non-specified police matter.

“Over the weekend a person purporting to be Jaesha Hendrix sent a message to her mother, stating that she is in good health,” an RCIPS spokesperson said. “We cannot confirm the authenticity of this message until contact with Ms Hendrix is made, and we are continuing to search for her and continue our appeal to the public for assistance. Ms Hendrix is wanted for questioning in relation to a police matter, but her wellbeing is our first concern and we urge her or those who have knowledge of her whereabouts to come forward.”

Hendrix, who is also known as Jaesha Solomon but who goes by the name ‘Maliya’, was last seen on the morning of 23 October at the Lakeside Apartments off the Esterly Tibbetts Highway. Her mother, who is a US resident, flew into Grand Cayman from Florida last Friday to help locate her missing daughter.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is urged to contact George Town Police Station CID at 949-4222.

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  1. Edith Mae Scott says:

    12th of December 2015, 12:30am the mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix Solomon ask if she is alive, the please place a letter in the mail to the home address in the United States.

  2. Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

    Thanks for everyones replies, but the goal here is to report sightings of her. Find her. Turn her in. What actions are taking find her or even getting a lead?

    • Angelica says:

      Hi Edith I hope that you find your daughter as I did meet her once when I went to visit my sister in Florida my sister used to live with you and your daughter and when I met her I can honestly tell you the she is a very kind person you will be in my prayers and I pray that you find her safe and sound may God bless you through this difficult time in your life and may God bless you and jaesha

  3. Anonymous says:

    “Over the weekend a person purporting to be Jaesha Hendrix sent a message to her mother, stating that she is in good health,” an RCIPS spokesperson said.

    They don’t trace phones anymore awa?? :/

  4. Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

    Al-Falaq or of the dawn. In the name of the God most gracious most merciful say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn from the mischief of the created things ; from the mischief of darkness as it over spreads; from the mischief of who blows on knots; and from the mischief of the envious as he practices envy. My child come fourth knowing God has placed this trail before you and He, along with your angels are with you. Come to Geoge Town Police Station*i will be there. Your mother, Edith Scott

  5. Bruce says:

    I have let you know all I know and the police are aware of what I know. I wish you luck in finding her.

    • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

      Bruce, May you be rewarded many times over. From the mother Edith

  6. Bruce says:

    She also looks nothing like the picture. Her head is currently half shaved. XXXX she could have gone to jamaica via boat as Alex had those connections.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Bruce’s comment is worth looking into!!!! Has anyone questioned ALEX in this situation?

    Many people come here and think that because you know a few details of a situation that you know all of it, but to state the obvious, Cayman is a small place, so please don’t attack him for what he knows.

    To the police and Ms. Scott, please provide us with a RECENT picture. I know Maliya, and this picture seems to be at least 5 years old.

  8. Anonymous says:

    No, it is not against the law, but she should get word to her mom (and the CID along with the community) who is extremely worried about her that she is safe, if that is in fact, the case.

  9. Anonymous says:

    She’s an adult and I understand doesn’t want to be found. Is that against the law?

    • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

      From the mother, so you know such to be a fact. Very interesting that her age allows her not to be found, but how do you justify withholding information from CID that you personally seen and spoke to her along with conveying her desires? Please bring her power of attorney giving you the legal right to speaknon her behalf. CID and myself welcome you to the station to speak on her behalf.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So was she there when the arrest took place on evening of October 22nd? Police should at least be able to give that info to mother.
    Why did it take a week to get it to the media about her being missing?

    • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

      From the mother, the questions you are putting fouth are ones of compassion, can you please meet with CID and myself? This is the community involvement , for us to ask and seek the truth. However, community, mother and CID must unify for the goal of locating Jaesha Maliya Hendrix. Please make that call

  11. Anonymous says:

    Another attractive woman making a terrible choice. It could almost replace “He hath founded it on the Seas” as it is so common.

  12. Anonymous says:

    And it took a week to report her disappearance

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hope she’s not another mystery. Pray she’s ok

  14. Bruce says:

    To all that don’t know this girl is Alexander Ebanks girlfriend . The suspected cocaine dealer arrested in lake side the same day of her disappearance. She lived with him . Why is none of this mentioned.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the police are empowering these thugs with their “apparent” incompetence. Sorry, but you’ll have to go a little higher up the food chain to see who is behind this. The answer will amaze you. A respected member of society involved in such wicked stuff? Say it ain’t so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry, if you have any actual knowledge of the situation, you will have to be a little more specific, even if you only use hints or initials. As it stands, your tease could refer anyone from the Queen down, including the Governor, the AG, the Premier, a Church leader, Whodatis, Big Mac, (oh, wait, cancel the last two!)….. hopefully you get the point.

        • Anonymous says:

          I apologize for construing false hope, I have no specific details of this disappearance. I have nothing that can stand up in a court of law, but I know that as far as the drug/violence/theft trade in Cayman is concerned, it appears that crime pays. People commit crimes and the next day, they walk free from the courts. Lack of evidence, CORRUPT LAWYERS, afraid witnesses, technicalities, police incompetence, DPP incompetence, theft of evidence from police security, tainted evidence, court delays, lack of funding, blah, blah, blah etc, etc, etc.

          Unless Cayman rids itself of the Lodge, we will continue to see wickedness proliferate in our beloved country.

          Lodge operates at the highest level in this country (yes, the highest levels) and the Caymanian people are too afraid or too entrenched to deal with it.

          Ask yourselves, is it worth a refrigerator or a handful of bills when all you get is hell?

        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Insensitive Poster,

          Clearly my recent and well-received post(s) struck a nerve in you and you’re now at a loss for a meaningful comeback, but do try to uphold some level of personal dignity.

          This is not the time or place for stone-grinding.

          I hope you find your daughter safe and sound Ms. Edith Mae Scott.

          – Whodatis

      • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

        Anonymous, are you giving me a riddle of where to locate my missing daughter? Is this member of Society you speak of blind siding the police and has myvdaughter? Please call CID or the tip line, even leave a letter for CID telling what you know. You see the information has to be begiven

    • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

      The article is about my daughter. I sit in the lobby every day at George Town Police since my arrival on Thursday. I am waiting for her to walk in, be brought in alive or called to George Town Hospital to claim her body. Any information you have then call CiD, or come physically to George Town Police station. I am the mother Edith Mae Scott, the woman wearing a scarf and reading the Holly Book supplicating to God. Bruce if you know her disappearance involves foul play XXXXXXX or can offer any information please come to the lobby of George Town Police station. I the mother, along with CID welcome you and everyone to assist in her safe return.

    • Mother of Jaesha Maliya Hendrix, Edith Mae Scott says:

      Bruce in the Quran is says a prrson will say, ‘who me? Cause mischief when I am a peace maker. It appears that you partner with the miischief makers. You have yet to give peace about my missing daughter. Just implications and alluding.

      • Anonymous says:

        No disrespect intended Ms. Edith Mae Scott, but many of us are not interested in the teachings of the Quaran. It’s extremely distracting to say the least. We are simply interested in the whereabouts of your daughter. If you could put the religion aside and speak to us in plain English that would be extremely helpful.

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