Over 50 kilos of drugs stolen in cop-locker burglary

| 16/10/2015 | 102 Comments
Cayman News Service

George Town Police Station evidence lock-up

(CNS): The deputy governor has revealed that a whopping 24 kilos of cocaine and 33 kilos of ganja were stolen during a break-in at the George Town Police Station earlier this year. Having already caused public controversy as the RCIPS initially denied that the thieves had managed to get into the container located in the station yard, management finally admitted just a few weeks ago that it was not an attempted break-in but an actual burglary.

The quantity of drugs stolen was revealed after a parliamentary question asked by Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush in the LA Thursday morning. Deputy Governor Franz Manderson admitted that 57 kilos of drugs had been taken but no other items were missing as a result of the break-in.

Bush said he was concerned that the RCIPS had taken the burglary “rather lightly” when it had been denied in the first instance but later exposed in the media.

Police admit evidence taken in lock-up break-in

“All that hiding has come to the fore and acceptance that this quantity of drugs was stolen … this is a tremendous amount of drugs that are consumed in our country,” he said. “What has been done about this has anyone been reprimanded?”

Bush noted that two local officers from the prison were sacked several years ago when drugs had been stolen there but it seems no one has been held to account over this incident.

The deputy governor maintained, however, that the matter was being taken seriously and a full investigation was underway. He said warrants had been issued, arrests made and exhibits have been seized. Not wanting to go into detail, he said the investigation was ongoing.

“But I have been assured by the top command, in particular the commissioner … this matter has been given a top priority,” he added.

But Bush pressed on, asking how it could happen, given that the container was in a secure area of the police compound, as he pressed the DG to explain what he knew.

“A lot of the safeguards put in place to prevent this from happening didn’t work,” Manderson said, pointing to a failure to destroy the drugs immediately after seizure, as well as alarm systems not working, which is being looked at.

“It’s a very serious incident. It’s an attack on the police and our security services,” he said.

The deputy governor said he did not know who installed security system but said the drugs there had washed up on shore and were not linked to a court case. They were supposed to be destroyed but he did not know how long they had been there, he told the LA.

West Bay MLA Bernie Bush asked when something was going to happen about the catalogue of errors and mistakes that the commissioner of police has presided over, especially as in this case when he lied to the public about the missing drugs.

“The governor claims he is doing a good job. Is this a part of doing a good job?” he asked.

“The case is not finished and we need the facts to come out to find out where the blame lies before anyone can take action,” Manderson responded. “I think it is unfair to say the commissioner lied about the drugs not being stolen; that’s an operational decision when he gives out operational information.”

He added, “Sometimes you can’t tell the public everything they want to know.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Simple solution: WHO was in charge or who was working in the police estation that night or came into the compound?
    If THEY cant solve it then they MUST ALL be held accountable.
    Someone knows something

  2. Caymanian donkey says:

    Smells like an inside job to me.

    I hope the investigating officers are looking at who was working that night. There is no way someone just decided to jump the fence and break in to this container, in my humble opinion was well planned out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I work at a bank and I can tell you if something of such importance and of that much of a value would have gone missing, someone would have lost their job by now!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bloody disgusting! Now all of that crap is on our streets.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I know there are those out there that would like these headlines to disappear, but keep up the GOOD WORK CNS, Top Page News until something extremely better takes its place…can’t be much better then this though ??? LOL…..look at the timing of the buying of the drones, the timing of the actual robbery, after the drone deal was signed…..now its being released…..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Come on Babe, it’s time to grow a pair and say in the immortal words of Donald Trump, ‘You’re Fired’!!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Regardless of warrants issued, arrests etc according to Franz, six months give or take has passed. If the drugs have been recovered, along with the alledged people that committed the crime, formal charges more then likely would have been layed. The RCIP could have had the initial embarrasement of this event turn into a victory if it had been solved to prove that there are honest policemen and there is still a properly functioning Judicial system. But instead there is silence, no apparent charges, and a shadow cast over the Security Centre as they are involved in this on multiple levels in terms of providing Security. On its face it appears that the RCIP contracted and deligated the responsibility of Security to the Security Centre of this evidence container. This was a failure. If it had been a success, then this would have never happened. Why is it that this incident has been kept quiet, and after it, the Government contracts further services at the Prison, Drones, the CoP wants the private property to invest in further CCTV and alluded that they, the Police, may make use of the Drones. There needs to be an itemized account of what is going on as this appears to be out of order. This appears to be a case of spending good money after bad over and over again

  8. Raffaelle says:

    Dear Big Kenny since you seem to have all the answers could you please tell the people of the Cayman Islands why is it out of all the Overseas Territories Anguilla ,BVI, Montserrat Turks & Caicos the UK has consistently allowed our law enforcement agencies Police & Prison) and government to be inundated and even overrun with foreign nationals to the point of importing them from some of the most corrupt jurisdictions in the region. Has allowed the same foreign nationals to overwhelm the native population almost 3-1 controlling most of the higher paying jobs and our financial industry and government constantly meddling in our domestic and political affairs which you already control when its convenient or there is an ingling of a perceived threat to your interest. The installation and promoting of loyal local incompetent and corrupt political officials and leaders in important or sensitive positions in government and our private sector. The constant use of catch phrases to deceive us such as Transparency, Good governance and accountability that never applies to the UK actions or its officers misconduct over here. When it gets out of control or beyond your remit the Nuclear option of “Corruption”is exercised everytime to restore order only for the natives of course and to put you back in control of the situation with no repercussions or liabilities whatsoever. Please tell us because the men with the tin foil hats would like to know?

    • Anonymous says:

      Raffaelle, could you please tell us out of all the BOT’s including the ones you mention, which island has the most people with the biggest chips on their shoulders, the laziest work ethic, and have their welfare supported by the very people they love to complain about? Which immigration service staffed by their very own and no others decides who gets work permits or residence? Whose civil service is the biggest jobs for no work program on the planet? Whose people form the majority of the inhabitants in Northward? And who are most prone to conspiracy theories and marl road tails? People with too much time on their hands and the paranoid ramblings of ganja abuse!!

      • Sucka Free Cayman says:

        The BOT that allows many of your kind to come here and wear out your welcome and enjoy a life that you could never get back home. The same one that allows unnah to manipulate and deceived the local population into to believing you all are here to help us.The same BOT that allows unnah to come here an assert your rights and privileges over the native population the same one that enact immigration laws that enable you to get and keep certain jobs for your family and friends and high paying salaries and benefits. The same BOT who’s law enforcement & Judicial apparatus is fill up with you all to ensure your rights are never violated thus never or are seldom arrested and charged or sent to prison for any crimes nor the wanton drug & alcohol use and abuse whilst here. Finally the same BOT that allows you to come here an abuse criticize and discriminate against us and our children and when we speak up call us names like bigots criminals conspiracy theorist. What happen to you sounds like you didn’t get through at immigration. It sounds like someone or some board finally got it right certainly about you.
        Thus your little hate rant and the huge cement block you carrying on your little bird chest.

        • Anonymous says:

          All allowed by Caymans only Caymanian staffed immigration department. Go figure. Native population is British by default. Unnah understand you in more trouble than you know.

        • Anonymous says:

          The insight into the true making of Caymnkind shines through at last!

      • Anonymous says:

        Bloody hell. You’re right mate. Those layabouts wouldnt cut it in the UK.
        No drug heads are ere.
        Only tea drinking gods.

    • Anonymous says:

      Feel free to run the finance industry or most of those high paying jobs yourself!
      Just allow me to sell my house first and clear off.

  9. Sharkey says:

    I really think that Mr .Baines need to be forced to produce the footage of the camera that government/taxpayers are paying for and examined by a independent professional investigator , because the police investigating this case , all you are going to hear for many years , the investigation is on going.

  10. M.I.B. says:

    In search of the men with Tin foil Hats we found that Big Kenny big deception is Operation Victory, MI6’s big Fiasco never happened and we are sure glad he acknowledges those golden years that will never return because a few hypocrites from the UK never gave Brian Gibbs secret orders to destabilize this island’s financial industry oh you moles sure know how to warp things eh? No one despises the UK but what we do this despise are those who come here claiming to stop corruption but were nothing but opportunist just like those who ran Operation Tempura which has done nothing but disenfranchise Cayman and its people to the tune of over 20 million dollar of our money. Yes and we can’t even get to see the port never mind the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you were really angry when you found out that the 1 billion and the CIFA money went missing!

  11. Mary says:

    Wow, if you drive fast the police will catch you, and if you somebody stole the drugs the police said Me No Know.

  12. Big Caboose says:

    The place is awashed with Cocaine on the streets the price has dropped I see some idiot is on here suggesting telling the police Well I wont bore you with a little situation in which I did just that and was accosted by a very dangerous & convicted individual at a friends business premises who could give me verbatim my information. I have never been so frighten and angry in my entire life. So anon 2:03pm you obviously are very naive please hush with your very foolish advice. I am not the only one who found themselves in this situation either. How can any one trust the RCIPS or government on a whole under thee circumstances???

    • Anonymous says:

      And so you perpetuate their crimes rather than do the right thing? Let them control your life? Get together with your friends and the good police elements and sort it. Only an idiot would not want control of his own life.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think the person’s point is whats the point in telling the police when it is they perpetuating the crimes in letting this travesty occur

  13. Anonymous says:

    The RCIP are riddled with informants and only a fool wouldn’t know this drug theft was an inside job. Given there are no answers after 6 months there will be no answers.

    This also shows why the public has deep mistrust for the RCIP.

    Cayman remains a major drug trans shipment point to the United States and corruption abounds. The Compass was right and it was honest journalism not treason.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This explains the low cost of a gram of coke in west bay….. Supply and demand…

  15. Anonymous says:

    The RCIP are not only incompetent but also corrupt unfortunatley.

  16. Ghosts of Tempura says:

    The mere fact that this COP still has a job is a testimony to who and what our government really is. They are a propped up ineffective and inept bunch of UK stooges and our governor is their ring master! I am writing this post with a sense of the great sadness at seeing what has happened to our little island and law enforcement in the Cayman Islands. When I learned the names of those who pulled off this ghastly and terribly embarrassing criminal act I had a little chuckle but then the seriousness and sorrow and of what it truly represents to us in terms of damage and threat that this amount of drugs in the hands of this particular group of criminals pose to our island. The fact that this very dangerous little criminal collective had in essence been rendered totally ineffective and was virtually dismantled by Chief Superintendent Derek Haines and the DTF late 90’s. Then to see these UK /FCO interloper arrive here and in order to recolonize the RCIPS to carryout this nasty socio/economic and political agenda. Installed local and overseas incompetent yes men to completely overwhelm law enforcement, who have in turn allowed the virtual revitalization of these criminal groups here and overseas who have now reorganized and strengthened their influence and reasserted control in Cayman. Whilst and in order to continually fleece our economy and gain employment for UK & Jamaicans citizens they continually force the RCIPS to cry wolf about the level of increasing crime in Cayman. With that said we should hold no animosity towards Mr Baines as he is only doing what he has been told to do. He is as much a victim as many of us here suffering this dire crime situation as his reputation has been tarnished by these embarrassing situations on his watch. We need to hold those whom we elected to governor us who say absolutely nothing except when it directly effect them or their political fortunes or ability to enrich themselves at the expense of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      So let’s get this straight Ghosts. You say you know who did this, assume that this is what the police wanted to happen at the highest level, and have not reported your knowledge to Mr Baines or senior officers.? You are part of the problem, not the solution. Until you man up and stand in court against these people, the whole of Cayman loses. Whilst I have to agree this is a farce and circumstances would indicate some element of collusion with certain elements, it is by no means all of the police, and people who claim knowledge as you do, needed to stand up and be counted. Otherwise this never ends.

    • Big Kenny says:

      Strange …. There was corruption back in those “golden days” you are so reminiscent of so let’s not fool anyone here. Around 2004 there were drugs stolen from the police station also in similar circumstances, did the Commissioner get ousted then? So corruption is and always has been, a traditional craft and now you have it shining through almost every area in Cayman. From housing insurance, persons employed with the health authority, theft of IPads, evading duty, etc.
      Get rid of Baines will the corruption stop? No.
      Pushing forward for an all Caymanian Police force will that end corruption? No.
      Getting rid of the U.K. and the associated Police functions that you so despise, will that stop corruption? No.

      So I do not think that your conspiracy theory of “recolonizing” and Secret orders from London being followed is about as likely as the voices disappearing when you take your foil hat off.

  17. Anonymous says:

    While agreed with Manderson you cannot tell the facts all the time of an ongoing investigation, the fact is that with the crime happening on the Police Compound, the Security Centre having a guard present, the CCTV and a burglar alarm, this should not have happened in the first place, and I would say, that commensense begs that until it is concluded, we should not are the Security Centre selling drones and further services, on top of tours of their new office, without determining if the above mentioned services/ products failed to perform as contracted. There is no way that it takes months to look into a Burglar Alarm failure. Did it work or didn’t it? If it is the former, why was it not noticed/reported to anyone and what or lack of action was taken? If it failed, why? Pretty straight forward? There is too much smell on this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Which security company got the contract for CCTV? Which security company got the contract for Electronic tagging of criminals? Which Security company was monitoring the drugs? Not saying anything. Just asking questions.

      • Anonymous says:

        These as reported by various media were awarded to the Security Centre. Drugs missing, Cubans missing, monitored criminals committing crimes, black blobs that are suppose to be people are captured by the CCTV , drugs getting into the prison as the CCTV is non functional there at times, little remote control vehicles are now flying around the prision but nothing of substance has been reported detected, alarms not functioning, guards perhaps blind………this is not a laughing matter but above is just a vague account of the workings of what has been provided to the Country by the Security Centre. Along with some the in to the giant customs xray it is believed. When you look at this the Security Centre is a business that has been tailored around the Government, but there are major controversial issues surrounding these arrangements, one of which is that it appears the products or services fail to perform as needed but they keep acquiring more from them?

  18. Anonymous says:

    If drugs were legalized, taxed, regulated, and educated about moderation of their consumption, then there would be no stash to steal, no boats being stolen to transfer drugs , and no money funding crime or gangs to buy guns.

    The only people content in keeping things as is are those who say they do not take any drugs and nobody is forcing them, and those making money off the illegal black market as is, which includes some very high profile people in our community.

  19. Allar says:

    I can’t believe Franz, for a Caymanian who has got as far as you have you ought to be a shame of yourself. You have omit that it is ok to hide crimes from the public who can ultimately assist with information and it is kool to treat them like mushrooms (feed them bullshit and keep them in the dark). And to continue to say that Baines is doing a good job, are you crazy. Franz you owe the cayman public an apology. FIRE BAINES TODAY!!!

  20. Sharkey says:

    I think that the Governor has the obligation and responsibilities to do the right thing to get to the bottom of this disgraceful act of that amount of drugs stolen from the police security. This really looks like the chief and his crew is not up to protection standards yet . I think that the only way that we get to the bottom of this disgraceful act, is to clean entire house from top to the bottom and start over new with fresh faces . Did anyone see or hear that if a hole was cut in the trailer? Or was the door just opened?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Looks like we will have more persons on required leave soon.

  22. Diogenes says:

    So not only did these guys know where the drugs were, and took nothing else, and the alarm system and cctv were not functioning or switched off, they walked in and took 57 kilos of product out. That’s a lot of weight, and MJ is bulky too. They must have had several holdalls or suitcases to take it all. And no one saw them. Defies belief.

  23. blah blah blah says:

    What’s with all the noise and craziness folks??? You people need to calm down. Can’t get past these irresponsible and ridiculous comments about sacking the Commissioner or holding people responsible. Seriously folks, get real. Deputy Governor Franz stated that aside from the 57 kilos of drugs that disappeared, no other items went missing. I mean, that sounds all good and reassuring, doesn’t it? I mean it’s only 57 kilos, not like 58 or 59… Chill folks. It’s all under control.

  24. Anonymous says:

    While the RCIP runs the show of the Policing action on this Island, pretty much is not answerable to local Officials , only to the Governor,the Commisioner answer to, the constant private entity, the Security Centre, is answerable to the people of this community through the Department heads of who have contracted them, and does not enjoy the same shielding of privacy and authority that the Commissioner does. The questions of why we are not reaping rewards from this multi million dollar CCTV system needs an answer. Why is it that a Guard, along with CCTV supplied by the Security Centre and possibly an alarm system had failed to either prevent, stop, or be used as an evidence gathering tool while millions of dollars in street value of drugs were removed from the Police Station? The products and the services employed do not appear to be giving the promised results!!!. A real accountable answer supported by many instances of fact, not just there has beens, must be relayed to instill public confidence that our money is not being wasted, before Mr. Bostock makes another media headline sporting a snappy suit jacket, standing with the Premier, showing off more products, for the CI Government to purchase. The Island has paid handsomely for services and products, and it appears to be a joke. This is not a case of a window being broken, but poision is now further in our community, our Police have proven incapable of stopping it, as the wolf robbed the hen house. This is terrifying. The RCIP has enlisted the help of a Security Firm, and the criminals are in business full swing! There needs to be an inde independent investigation as to why this is allowed to go on and not a closed doors type of conclusion.

  25. Just Watchin says:

    And Helen touches up her make up from the back seat of the Jaguar XJ that Alden gave her . . . and has nothing to say as usual.

    • Anonymous says:

      Time out Cayman. Take a deep breath. Now have a good look at your government, your police, your governor and your press. Did anyone see the pathetic, political fawning article in the Compass bleating about the march?

      Perhaps these pathetic excuses for journalists are trying to repair fallen bridges? Sir, Money repairs bridges, MONEY!

    • Anonymous says:

      She sits in the front seat ,and the car was provided by the FCO.
      Where were you when the honwobble ex dictator was plundering the nation’s funds for personal gain…?

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is quite a remarkably shocking and disturbing story. 2:53 pm’s observations are excellent. Just recently our Premier was at the opening of a new office building with the Security Centre as the anchor tenant. If the common thread between the Deputy Governor, the Police Commissioner and the parties that should be held accountable for failing miserably to perform the services they have been contracted to provide happens to be that they are members of the same secret funny handshake club what comfort can the public take that anything will be done about this disaster? 24 kilos of powder back on the street leads to trail of broken lives and affected families. This incident should be reported to the FCO.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is not the first time. Remember 2001? (or was it 2002?) A camera was broken and the thieves knew exactly where the blind spot was.

    The illegal drug industry treats bribes as petty cash.

    Do you want to stop a lot of crime and high placed corruption? If so, then legalize, tax, and control drugs.

    Is this a perfect solutions? Nope. But it would be far more effective that the current “war” on drugs that has been losing big time for the last 50 or 60 odd years.

  28. Anonymous says:

    that’s a lotta dope No wonder there are so many punks riding around in rental cars and sporting new bling

  29. Anonymous says:

    Somebody took a bite out of crime lol

  30. Anonymous says:

    In other news, several police officers failed to break out of their offices today, some being injured in the process. Instructions have been emailed on how to turn the door handle, however no-one seems to know how to access their email. Hand signals are now being tried.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well protected and I do not mean the drugs.

  32. McCarron M says:

    Time for Chief of Police to go, it shakes my core knowing this guy hasn’t been relieved of his duties by the Governor. Where is the accountibility?

    • M. McTruckon says:

      Accountability? In Cayman? What’s that???

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only should the CoP but the .governor needs to be relieved of her duties as well. Talk about walking on your head, try it.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is needed but will not solve the issue. There will be another British CoP in his place, with more of the same type of actions. Even with a new CoP, the quality of the staff in the RCIP is in many cases substandard. It will take a massive dismissal campaign and a restructuring program, on top of a recruitment effort to fill posts will quality and qualified personal. This would be to the tune of millions of dollars and a few years to accomplish as you will be arguing unfair dismissal hearings and paying accordingly for it. Instead Mr. Baines will finish his contract, the RCIP will further enter into a non functional state, and further schemes will be employed to help with the escalating crime. Then, another CoP will be brought or appointed in and the cycle will continue. This is terrifying.

      • Anonymous says:

        So a Caymanian a COP would do better? The only way that could work well is with Jonhy Nofriends and Relations. Otherwise interests, favoritism or nepotism will rule. Has it occurred to you that this may well be a set up by certain criminal elements both in and out of RCIPs to get rid of someone who is trying to sort out the issues? I can’t believe Baines is at all happy with this.

  33. CayGuy says:

    Holy cow this is embarrassing. “Pointing to a failure to destroy the drugs immediately after seizure, as well as alarm systems not working” This statement just stinks of a possible inside job.

    This is the force that RCIPS wants law abiding citizens to put their trust in?

  34. Anonymous says:

    If the Commissioner of Police was Caymanian or from the Caribbean, they would be fired forthwith for this slackness of security at Central Police Station.

    They are just starting to say that drugs were stolen, will we hear in the next few months that guns were part of the Theft as well ??

    The RCIPS should be Gazetted and renamed and under Baines leadership as the CIMMPS – Cayman Islands Mickey Mouse Police Service.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like an inside job to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a matter of time. You would think that with so many foiled “attempts” that there would be more stringent protection of this illegal drug holding area to prevent an actual theft from happening. SMH

    • Anonymous says:

      How much more inside can it get. Some one is sleeping at the wheel. Can we get a sound bite frond the MLAs?

  36. Anonymous says:

    It’s all said here! Disgusting!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Some clear facts and a few obvouis conclusions:

    The Security Centre provided a guard to oversee the compound while the burglary allegedly occured as reported by media.

    The Security Centre provides CCTV for the Island, and it would be reasonable to conclude that there are CCTV systems in or and around the Police Headquarters

    The Security Centre is the alarm provider for the said installation? This is not fact but an extreme likely hood.

    The one entity that appears to be involved around this situation other then the RCIP on multiple levels, is the Security Centre. This is not an implication of guilt, but given the amount of services that the Government contracts from said company, the fact that there has been little information released by the Government about this incident, and in many cases the same Officials are involved at some level employing the company, and in other instances such as the Detention Centre when Cubans escaped many times, how is this allowed to go on unchecked when the reasons they were hired are not being fulfilled?

    These are no longer isolated incidents of things just plain not working out, but a strong implication of lack of performance and non performance, however, they are contracted never the less, again and again. With the layers of protection that the RCIP employed to oversee the evidence container, if the protection was marginally functional, then the RCIP should have brought charges against the alleged suspects, and going out on a limb here, most would not have attempted a burglary of this magnitude in the first place.

    It is not enough for Stuart Bostock, the face of the Security Centre, to make nice for pictures and claim that these products and employees are fit for purpose, collect a handsome fee for the services, and then have multiple headlines implying, and in many cases proving failure, and then having Government either defend, pass the buck, or look into it, with no results and then further contracting????? It also begs the question why Mr. Baines would support such an obvious at best failure of preventing crime and supporting his charge ,the RCIP, when clearly there is something wrong. Mr. Baines has either proven he is not aware of what is happening, or is not fit for the task, or something else, as seriously, major criminal activity is flourishing under his watch.

    It would be interesting for CNS to find out how many contracts, services, products etc that the Government has from the Security Centre and where are they used and to what cost? Both by direct contracting, purchasing, and indirect subcontracting? This needs to be investigated, and since there are criminal matters involved surrounding the use of the Security Centre, there needs to be accountability not just justification for employing them. This by no means implies the Security Centre is involved with any kind of criminality, but given that crimes are being commited, asks are the services and products that are used in such abundance by the Government serving the intended purpose and are they purpose suitable. There has been by far too much money spent on schemes that are proving ineffective.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you are in an executive position, directing sales and services to your company/ business, what is that called? You know the answer. It is a blatant act on the part of those responsible for purchasing, who have caused this chaos and waste of taxpayers money on CCTVs. Who is accountable? Answers please.

  38. Riot Squad says:

    How does Baines still have a job!?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Governor? Anything to say? Aren’t you the direct boss of the police commissioner?

  40. Anonymous says:

    yeay for the civil service…more pay increases please……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  41. C'Mon Now! says:

    Given the cover up of this theft Commissioner Baines should either be resigning immediately or fired. The buck has to stop at the top for something like this. I know this won’t happen but we should demand more of our politicians.

  42. Anonymous says:

    The plan by the police to say the drug were not missing was pretty smart! I mean if it were set up by the don and the little guys stole from the don saying they didn’t get anything and someone on the inside was “in on it” heat would be picked up and the trail would lead right back to the culprits. However, perhaps not before some blood was split. Maybe in this case they were “thick as thieves”

    Comment at point above about quality v quantity well taken! It also helps to prevent corruption because I don’t think these police can survive off these security guard salaries. Any good police from this region would much rather go and work in the USA where starting salary can easily top US $70,000 per year with many perks and side jobs. Well anyways, its part of the modus around de place man..put in the field peasants and we jolly old english men will be lords of the manor. If they paid a decent salary you might see some more canadians who are not really represented on this diverse force along with americans The last time I checked Canadian were the 4th most populous set of expats and the americans the 5th..not much representation…..huhhhh? Just a bunch of Jam speckled with some Cayman pepper …we got the pepper jam force…

    • Anonymous says:

      The base salary for a Toronto cop is $88,844 – 96,866 CND. plus benefits, union protection etc. More than 50% of these cops make over $100,000 considering overtime and extra paid duty, and some of them make up to $250,000. That is why there are not CND cops trying to work in Cayman. They do come on holiday, however, and stay in their SMB condos.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please go there and police. You WILL earn your money. Crime and dangers faced in Cayman are petty compared to Toronto and USA. Seriously, perspective please?

        • Anonymous says:

          3.50 I wish they would earn their money here. After this report, it’s pretty clear that at least some are. But not from salary.

        • Anonymous says:

          Er, Toronto has 1.44 homicides/100,000/PA. – less than Cayman.

          • Anonymous says:

            Sorry I was not crunching homicide numbers, I was meaning the type of crimes/criminal actsand the REAL WORK the police have to deal in those places compared to these pathetic kids popping each other over girlfriends/money/drugs/jealousy, even engines I hear.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I think Shakespeare based “A Comedy or Errors” here in Cayman. Except it is no longer funny. If the police are hiding things like this, what else are they hiding? Accountability zero. Independent Police board needed now.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Street value is >$3mln “stolen” from cop lockup. This was a major heist, and the level of inquiry should be on a proportionate scale.

    • Fred the Piemaker says:

      Nearer a million than 3. Still, when the CNB robbery was a huge issue at $500K, walking into the police station yard and helping yourself to a col million with no alarms, guns, or stress – priceless.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Mr. David Baines,

    Do you have control over your charge?
    Based on evidence over the last few years, I would have to say not.
    Will you now be taking your legacy to Bermuda?
    The word on the street is that you will be going there. Poor folk up there. I hope they are wise to your modus operandi.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Drugs not being destroyed, being stored inappropriately, alarm system… deliberately disabled or unarmed perhaps? All very, um, convenient? I am no lawyer but there’s a very fishy smell round here right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Its the sargassum seaweed 1.17!! Nothing else to see here, please move along now ladies and gentlemen!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    Franz, did you just say there are times when crimes are hidden from the public? Tsk… tsk… and you’re Deputy Governor! 🙁

    • Kenny says:

      1:11 what have you been eating??? Franz did not say that. Come on do we really believe that any security service can report a crime immediately and still catch criminals. Please get some help and remember if you don’t have anything stupid to say don’t say it.

    • Anonymous says:

      1:11 poor thing wouldn’t recognize that there is something wrong.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Clearly someone within the RCIPS circle notified connected bad guys of the existence and precise whereabouts of the contraband. What arrests where made in regards to that? What procedural changes since? The Scooby Doo gang has more crime fighting wherewithal than our trained professionals. Every day it’s something else added to the warehouse of cold cases, unsolved mysteries, and annals of blinding stupidity.

  49. Diversity Game says:

    RCIPS is Hemorrhaging badly under its current leadership, the very unwise decision to change the demographics in the police service by the UK to “reflect the diversity of the community” has been wrought with serious problems and hidden dangers. The departure of skilled and experienced officers who been replaced by unknowns who clearly lack experience and have little or no skills but seem to have their very own agenda’s once they get their post and uniform. This is certainly evident from their lack of ability when dealing with the public and performance of their duties. The Wetton criminal justice report clearly highlights this fact. Quality not Quantity!

  50. 345 says:

    Rather than focusing on who stole these drugs, the RCIPS should look into who gave them the insider information in order to pull this off.

    • Anonymous says:

      And they wonder why we do not trust them with confidential information!

      • BK says:

        Totally agreed! SHAMEFUL MY GOD…AREN’T THEY EMBARRASSED FOR THIS INFO TO BE ON THE NEWS??!! Oh! Let me guess the one’s in power don’t really care cause nothing gets done anyway and then they expect people to have CONFIDENCE AND TRUST IN DEM !! HA YEH RIGHT…NOT I BOBO!

      • Anonymous says:

        And now we have drones added to this so called usless company’s pockets

        • Anonymous says:

          What really needs to be done, is to peserve the evidence and then,use the testing kits get the right percentage. Once the right percentage has been confirmed as the same as when seized have it incinered in frount of at least five JP’s and the Governer.

        • Anonymous says:

          Which raises some serious privacy issues…

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