Environmental protection set up at East End cop shop

| 13/10/2015 | 33 Comments

(CNS): Environmental enforcement officers now have a permanent operational base in East End as a result of a partnership with the police. The RCIPS have joined forces with the Department of Environment and have given office space to the DoE for operational purposes at the East End Police Station. Deploying from there, enforcement officers will be able to improve overall response times to incidents and increase their visibility with an enforcement vessel.

“Although talks of this amalgamation and sharing of the EEPS with DoE has been discussed for some time, both agencies have now made this happen,” said the Eastern Districts Area Commander, Chief Inspector Brad Ebanks.

“It is common knowledge that areas inside the reefs of East End, North Sound and Sound are critical in sustaining marine life for the future, therefore conservation, enforcement and education is necessary in preserving our marine life. Future partnerships are planned to improve operational response times to marine incidents, in addition to seeking approval for the construction of a dock at the rear of the police station.”

Deputy Area Commander, Inspector Dwayne Jones explained that the agreement fulfils a community expectation that the police and environment enforcement officers should be working together and supporting each other.

“The marine life certainly needs protection,” he added.

Chief conservation enforcement officer, Mark Orr, and his deputy, Ronnie Dougal, said they were pleased with the partnership and the DoE enforcement officers were looking forward to working more closely with the police and the public.

“We are not only here to enforce the law, but to educate the community assist in emergency rescue calls and gain the public’s trust,” Orr added.

East End MLA Arden McLean and North Side MLA Ezzard Miller took the opportunity at the launch of the partnership, which they are backing, to present the RCIPS with a new personal watercraft (PWC) donated by a private company. CI Ebanks said the PWC will be clearly marked with ‘police’ decals and put into service.

Anyone who wishes to report marine infractions can call the environmental officers on the following telephone numbers:

Ronnie Dougal – 916-5849

Carl Edwards – 916-0432

Mark Orr – 916-4271

Cayman News Service

DoE and RCIPS in East End: Back (L-R) Dep.Ch. Coms. Off. Ronnie Dougal, DoE Director Operations Scott Slaybaugh, Conservation Officers Chad Bush, Leonard Hydes, Sean Ladley, Carl Edwards; Police Insp. Dwayne Jones and Ch. Insp. Brad Ebanks. Front: Cons. Officer Magggie Baldino and Ch. Cons. Officer mark Orr

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else find it ironic that while DOE,RICPS with EEPS are working to “preserve our marine life” while our ‘stubborn’ lawmakers are hell bent on destroying a huge section of marine habitat? Amazing….and leaves our locals to pay the price, in so many ways!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What the public needs to see is evidence that the confiscated sea life that could not be returned to the ocean has been properly donated to the Pines (for example) as it once used to be. Otherwise some may wonder whether the confiscated matter doesn’t end up in someone’s fridge!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Why do you need another dock when a public dock is just up the way past Vivene’s – very close.

    • Rhett says:

      For their own watercraft to be easily accessed? Perhaps to dock a Cuban Refugee boat versus at Colliers Public Beach?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good Going DOE & RCIPS! Now get out there and nail those poachers!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Oh wake up, silly people. This has come from the United Nations and the CIG is fully on board. It is called Agenda 21. It lays out the guidelines for the treatment of the planet.
    Please stop thinking that the government is smart enough to think this up for themselves. The same crap happened when Barbara Carby came over and crafted the Hazard Management Laws. No one remembers, no one cares and why should they? But I can guarantee you that when police start kicking doors in without a warrant, you’ll be all confused. The law is already in place.

    Well cheer up, while our government is dropping depleted uranium shells all over Iraq and Syria, you can take comfort in the fact that you have a funny light bulb and a shopping bag for life.

    Go back to sleep Cayman. Nothing to see here. Dominoes is on at Sunset this weekend together with the Rugby and the Footy.
    To those of you who like a damned good fight, I suggest you tune in Saturday night for the Golovkin-Lemieux slugfest. I digress, Haha.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yet another numpty spouting off rumour and left wing political nonsense.

      Exactly who are you referring to when you say, ‘our government is dropping uranium shells all over Iraq and Syria’?
      If you mean the British government, then you are absolutely spouting pure garbage as the UK has only used DU, (depleted uranium) in the CHARM anti tank round and in the Phalanx anti missile system on board Royal Navy warships. The Phalanx no longer uses this round, therefore the only use of a DU round in the British arsenal is the CHARM.
      And believe me, the last thing you will be worried about if one of those is incoming is a dose of poison.
      And just for the record, the U.K. isnt conducting bombing raids over Syria. A few UK pilots are imbedded with US forces and the U.K military has made a preemptive drone strike against scumbags operating with IS. And good riddance to all of them, they weren’t UK citizens, they gave up that right when they went to war against the west.

      In fact, there is no conclusive evidence from any source that DU rounds have had any form of environmental impact outside of the immediate perimeter of the target vehicle. Only those who have come into direct contact with fragments of DU are at a small risk of health concern, but this is extremely rare as they are more likely to be killed by the blast or enemy action. As Uranium potentially affects the kidney and liver, it would be widely accepted that this presented a current problem, but no patient with such a penetrating wound has shown any form of ailment from their contact with DU and most theories just don’t stack up in reality.

      As for the environment, well both the UN in Bosnia and the International Atomic monitoring authorities in Kuwait haven’t reported any significant environmental impact apart from that mentioned above.

      Simply put, DU is used to protect our service personnel against modern armoured vehicles that pose an immediate threat. It is absolutely right that they should have the right weapon for this purpose. But the truth is it isn’t used as a general munition and its use on the battlefield is tightly regulated by the MOD.
      The trouble with loud hailing wally’s like you is that you read your own misinformed and politically biased propaganda, instead of finding out the facts from your comfortable armchair. Hiding in the shadows or behind those who put their lives on the line to safeguard yours whilst you want to deny them the capability to defend themselves is disgusting but typical of the ranting, professional offence takers amongst us.

      You talk about fighting, you wouldnt know a fight or how to win it, you just want others to do it on your behalf and then pretend to have a clear conscience. That used to be known as cowardice, now it’s known as ‘progressive’ politics.

      As for the main topic. It doesn’t matter whose idea it is to conserve our planet and its creatures, let’s just get it done, period.

      • Anonymous says:

        No such thing as “imbedded”, smarty-pants, but nevertheless your diatribe is spoken like a true globalist nut-case.
        “Wally’s” What the hell is that? Were you referring to the plural of “wally”?
        What would you say, wallys or wallies? Knock yourself out, bro’.
        You are way too intelligent for this board as your lengthy post proves.
        Did you read the last bit about the footy? Well, that will probably apply to you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Really, is that the best you can do ‘bro’, highlight a couple of simple typos and think that destroys the argument, what kind of numpty are you?
          I think we can all see that you are a patronising p###k at best and a dysfunctional narcissist at worst. But more worryingly, you’re amongst us.

          But I digress.

          Okay, you’ve confirmed it, you’re a wally, singular, satisfied now?

          Try focusing on the argument and then really try hard to give a competent counter proposal instead of the juvenile repost that has clearly amused your fragile mind.

          I’m not a ‘globalist nut-case’, in fact I would encourage any investigation into the Bush/Blair love-in that deceived the world into going to war against Iraq. Good men and women died or were horribly injured because of their pseudo imperialist aspirations.
          I’m no ‘smarty pants’ either, but as someone who has actually served his country and his countrymen I suppose I am more qualified to comment than a bitter, biased, naïve and child like casual observer like yourself.
          It’s always advisable to know your subject before making spurious claims, especially when there are plenty of witnesses, UN, IAEA and factual science reports to counter your ridiculous claims.
          When you come out from behind your protective shield of indignation, (or your mothers petticoat tails) you may actually learn something apart from how to rely on others for the freedoms you enjoy.

          Please feel free to come back with another retarded repost, or perhaps grow up, grow a pair and stop embarrassing yourself.

          And obviously ‘footie’ is of no interest to me, I’ll leave that to those who can’t play or understand a real mans game, rugby.
          But I suspect you are just a watcher anyway, most ‘wallies’ are.

        • Anonymous says:

          Is that your considered response, two spelling errors?
          Wow, you really are a wally.

      • Anonymous says:

        You have also quaffed kool-aid liberally from the sacred DU chalice then?

      • Anonymous says:

        It seems like both anonymous posters involved in the argument are the same person. I am also posting anonymously but I can’t help but think that someone is having fun. Lol. Quite interesting if that is the case.

  6. Suckfish Hole says:

    Why is it we always find time to parade those who themselves and family members are some of worst violators of the marine conservation law on this little island, as those who are now protecting us from poachers. I guess it is for the benefit of those who have just arrived here on these shores or those who simply don’t know any better. Congratulations to DOE for establishing a presence in the Eastern districts as it was badly needed.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wth! So much negativity, bashing the initiative before it gets going. Come on man. They can’t be everywhere and do everything. Public input is needed to stop what’s happening in our island and that doesn’t only mean to post negative comments. SMH!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Seven DoE Enforcement Officers for the entire island, and two of those are mainly office bound managers!
    What a disgrace, and what a shame for those guys who try so hard to guard our natural reserves, but just end up chasing their own tails.

    Two in WB, two in EE, two on NS and two on SS should be the absolute minimum daily manning level to ensure adequate coverage of our marine environment. And that doesn’t take into account sickness, days off, annual leave, court appearances or any other factor that reduces minimum manpower.
    Take into account water based patrolling, (when boats actually work) and there is a significant shortfall of officers to respond to urgent incidents. I have spoken to officers in the recent past who have claimed that their are only two of them covering the whole island on occasions.
    Now some may argue that the idea of police support is the solution, but the RCIPS cannot and should not be the default go-to because of a shortage of quality DoE staff. And in any case, try explaining to a cop that the taking of marine life is a serious matter of law and order, most can’t even recall the marine laws or see their part in enforcement.

    Whilst having a remote base at EE is welcomed, there should be one at every district police office. But until CIG commit more funding to the DoE enforcement departments, all of this is just window dressing and PR. We need more competent Conservation Officers on the ground, not in offices, and we need them to be properly equipped with the tools to do their jobs effectively. That includes more staff, new water craft and a budget that is fit for purpose, and the new marine laws, (which are still not fully implemented) immediately put in place and enforced.

    I’m just your average citizen and if can see the shortfall, then the poachers and thieves that strip our marine parks must be laughing all the way to their drug dealing overlords.

    This is a most welcome start, but it definitely needs more progress if enforcement is to be effective.

    As for Ezzard and Alden, well less said the better really. Instead of turning up for PR exercises, why don’t they support DoE officers and the new marine laws in the LA with more conviction, why don’t they push for more funding and realistic budgets?

    Could it be that their own interests and votes come first? Surely not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry Alden, should read Arden. Predictive text, oops!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, I take that apology back. It should read Ezzard, Arden and Alden considering Aldens intent to destroy the GT reef for a stupid cruise dock.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent comment. CIG, please give DOE more money for enforcement!

  9. Krusty's Krab Shack says:

    A better location would have been the Port, wait until you see all the laws the Government is about to break there.

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Really. Well even East End fry fish will be a ting of the past when the new laws go through. Not even fishing to the reef can be done except is one bad spot. Poor man soon give up trying to do right

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor man needs to get educated and employed instead of fishing and drinking all day.
      That’s called the right ting, try it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Buy a man a fish he has a meal. Teach a man to fish he has a hobby.

      • Anonymous says:

        Touche ( but a Cheap, bigoted shot regardless). I see you assume that a single typo in this thread equates to one being an uneducated and unemployed native.
        Far from the truth ole chap.
        FYI– Your bland stereotypes are coming across as quite droll these days. Before you look down your freckled nose at me, enlighten us if you were born in the elegant Downtown Eastside slums of Canada. Or even Jolly Old England. Perhaps you’d prefer I converse in your cockney rhyming slang. Quite becoming. Perchance do you hail from our Mother Country, where the homes of so many are called “Sheds with Beds”. Or perhaps you hail from the upper class slums of the Rookery. Fancy that!
        Of course you cound never be from America, Jamaica or Honduras.
        No slums or unemployment there.
        Otherwise, why would you have ventured to a place with such uncouth uncultured natives who do not posess a proper Webster’s.
        There there now.
        If you’d like to drop by to chat about it, I have a delicious fresh baracuda you’re invited to sample.
        If you can handle thosy pesky bones, that is.
        Ta ta now….

        • Anonymous says:

          Who mentioned spelling mistakes? Me thinks you a little paranoid and probably impotent my ciguatera friend. Too much barra and not enough time between the sheets is it?
          Anyway, to the point. I was actually born here, surprise! I need no lessons on the minority uneducated or unemployable natives thank you very much.
          But unlike you I decided that there is more to life than sitting under a beach cabana dreaming of my next meal, I actually did something with my life and now travel around the world experiencing the many countries you disrespect in your twisted narrative.
          You are the reason I left my home, no longer did I want to be associated with such small minded rock hoppers whose only aim in life is to wallow in their own misery and attempt to take everyone else with them.
          Thanks for the offer old chap, but I’ve eaten at your table and it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

  12. Busted says:

    It’s not like the police were actually using it for more than a couple hours a day.

    If only as much effort was put into policing as press releases.

    Perhaps they can all work together on removing the adjacent derelict building in front of the park. It’s been there forever but I guess they haven’t noticed.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Police can find time to make protect marine life, they can find time to have the Police Station guarded but still broken into by guard’s provide by the Security Centre but cannot find time to make more then a couple of DUI arrests a week, in a place that has a severe alcohol problem, and cannot control crime in general. These are pictures of how dark our future is with our present policing system

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