US & Swiss agencies set to reveal more on FIFA probes

| 01/09/2015 | 15 Comments
Cayman News Service

US Attorney General Loretta Lynch

(CNS): The Swiss authorities have confirmed that they will be holding a joint press conference in Zürich later this month with the US Department of Justice to speak about their respective investigations into the FIFA corruption scandal. US Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her Swiss counterpart, Michael Lauber, will talk to the press on 14 September about the both the criminal football probes.

The Swiss AG’s office said Tuesday that Lynch would be in Zürich for the prosecutor’s conference, presenting a chance for the law enforcement bosses to update the public on the enquiries which have rocked the football world. During the news conference, federal prosecutors will discuss “the status of the two criminal proceedings”, Swiss officials said in a statement reported on SwissInfo.

While FIFA has long faced allegations of widespread corruption, it was not until May of this year that the potential scale of bribery within the world’s largest NGO was revealed when fourteen FIFA officials and sports marketing executives were indicted in the US on racketeering charges involving more than $150 million.

One of the FIFA officials was Cayman’s own Jeffrey Webb, who has been accused of taking millions of dollars in kickbacks in his role as the CONCACAF president in relation to regional tournament broadcasting and marketing rights.

He is currently under house arrest in New York and is next expected in court in October.

Six of his former colleagues are still on remand in Switzerland fighting extradition to the US. Meanwhile, the Swiss investigation is focusing on the controversial last two World Cup awards, to Russia for the 2018 tournament and Qatar for 2022.

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  1. The Honest, Uncorrupt, USA?? says:

    Are we talking about the U.S. , whose ex-Vice President, having declared war on Iraq, formed or used his own Company to be the largest supplier to the U.S. Army. That honest US? That same Country?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, I certainly can’t think of a better reason for corrupt FIFA officials to steal money that should have gone into developing football, can anyone else reading this think of one? And if I am not mistaken, at least one former US president also owned slaves!

    • Anonymous says:

      Jeez, that’s just smart business practice…wish I’d a thought a that.

    • Fred says:

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve read all year. Fortunately it’s also a complete lie. Cheney did not form Halliburton, he worked for them and it was years before the Iraq war. And they were never “the bigge d the supplier to the US Army”, they provided meal services before,during and after Iraq. Which altogether cost less than one warship or airplane. Your facts are a hallucination, even if they weren’t completely irrelevant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile CIFA has ordered a new shredder and all new computers after all the old hard drives went missing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Got to get me a seat at that show!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to get a life. ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on Bruce……it’s just a joke. LOL

      • Anonymous says:

        Aha 9.19…don’t want to watch as Caymans finest (amongst others) falls into the cesspit of despair? In denial that it could happen here? Personally I think this very public humiliation is a good thing. People might start to realize that eventually this “naughtiness” always comes out and Uncle Sam will always be relied on to ensure it does. And perhaps, just perhaps, they might start thinking its time to stop the games. Acknowledging that there is a problem is the first step to solving it.

        • Cass says:

          Well said @ 10:10. There is much more to be revealed!

          Let if rip Loretta!

        • H. I. Ppocrites says:

          Ah the good old USA. Where only 12 sitting senators have ever been indicted for crimes in the entire 240 plus years of the union.

          Wow that must be the most honest bunch of politicians in the history of the world……..

          • Anonymous says:

            You know, few being indicted and even fewer being convicted(several of those 12 were acquitted by the courts) doesn’t actually present any evidence for your implication that crimes have been committed and ignored.

          • Anonymous says:

            Unlike here where practically all should be indicted…and even those that are use “technicalities” and possibly other means to get off inexcusably immoral behaviour

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