GT man accused of list of crimes while tagged

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(CNS): A George Town man who was already facing a number of serious offences has added extensively to his list of extensive crimes while on bail with an electronic tag. Mark Llewellyn (35) was due in Summary Court Wednesday morning (16 September) charged with numerous counts, ranging from burglary to threats to kill. He is accused of at least one burglary and attempted burglary in connection with break-ins at tourist resorts around the capital, as well as careless driving and leaving the scene of an accident in connection with an incident which occurred last month, police said.

Llewellyn also faces several counts of threats to kill and threats to cause serious harm plus common assault and failures to comply with bail conditions in connection with threats made to police and the electronic monitoring officer and a breach of his tagging conditions.

Despite efforts by law enforcement agencies to reduce the numbers of people awaiting trial being remanded to HMP Northward, which is overcrowded, the electronic monitoring system is not foolproof and breaches of bail conditions and criminal behaviour by offenders on tags are not uncommon.

Last week the courts handed down a ten year jail term to one repeat offender who robbed a couple at knifepoint while wearing a tag that he had wrapped in foil to trick the system.

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