CoP attends military workshop in Bavaria

| 21/09/2015 | 32 Comments
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Police Commissioner David Baines at the Marshall Centre for Security Studies

(CNS): Cayman Islands Commissioner of Police David Baines was rubbing shoulders with high-ranking military types last week when he attended a workshop in Europe dealing with international security issues and the links between terrorism, drugs and illicit trafficking. Baines, who is under fire over concerns about the RCIPS’ ability to tackle crime at home and has been criticised for spending too much time abroad, was at the Senior Executive Seminar at the Marshall Centre for Security Studies all of last week talking about terrorism and global security issues.
While robberies, burglaries and other local crimes increase and when the management of the police, the behaviour of officers, the quality of local police work and many more questions regarding competency and efficiency are causing public controversy, Baines was immersed in discussions about global threats on the world stage.

Baines had been invited on the course by Mark Ridley, deputy director of the US Naval Criminal Investigative Service based in Washington DC, but it is not clear who paid for the Cayman CoP to attend the five-day course in southern Germany.

Baines, who was one of 73 delegates from 40 countries, said he needed to find “allies to deal with some serious threats”, not only to Cayman but also in the Caribbean.

The revelation that Baines was on the course did not come from the RCIPS but an article posted on the Marshall Centre’s own website, which quoted Baines as stating that the workshop gave him a better “capability of understanding the complexities involved in the nexus between criminality and terrorism”.

Baines is the first person from the Cayman Islands to attend a course at the military centre, which is named after the famous US general who initiated the post WWII recovery plan for Europe. He said, “Knowing the methodology and the trends that are emerging – at least – allow me to be aware, look for indicators and ask the intelligent questions of my staff so we are better able to recognize the threat. Hopefully, we can do something about it and do our part to work collectively to make it a safer world.”

The five-day seminar showcased lectures from international experts who specialize in terrorism and organized crime and smaller group-discussions. Ridley, who was a speaker at the workshop and encouraged Baines to attend, explained why he wanted the Cayman top cop to go and Baines’ importance to American interests.

“I thought he would benefit from this course not only to strengthen the relationship he has with us (NCIS), but also for him to build relationships with professionals across the globe,” said Ridley, adding that Baines, as the president of the Caribbean Association of Chiefs of Police, has influence with 27 islands in the Caribbean.

“The Caribbean is extremely important to (the US Navy) – it’s a blind spot to us – the Navy does not have the resources in the region that we once we had and it’s really important to us to have people there who we can reach out to for situational awareness,” said Ridley, “We are concerned about regional problems, such as the flow of drugs, guns and bad guys who transit from the Caribbean to the US, which impacts crime in the US.”

Talking about the complexities involved in the serious global threats discussed at the workshop, Baines said the most beneficial part of the seminar was the people he met.

“You develop a trust and relationship with them that will extend way beyond this week,” he stated. “If we don’t have the answer to a particular problem, there are a lot of people here who have a lot of capability and vast amount of experience that you can call on,” Baines added. “It gives us a connectivity that allows us to be more effective for the communities we serve.”

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  1. Herr Hoffman says:

    Why did we have to read his comments to some forum in Germany and yet not one word from RCIPS about him attending such an important conference we are paying for. Well these days there is lot of very important things the RCIPs ain’t telling us the public!!!

  2. Condor1 base Station says:

    Aye Harangued!! I see a least we have one poster on here who knows exactly what time it is!!!!! Yes and you know exactly just how far some of our very stupid loyal stooges will go to please mother and her agenda and boost her international image to the detriment of their own people. No mystery as to why Sir Lancelot Baines nor the RCIPs did not announce this gov’t funded trip to the Deutcheland but someone had to read his comments to its audience to uncover his presence there. So much for good governance and transparency in the Cayman Islands.

  3. Harangued says:

    International experience, I case we have to take in some fugeees, nice.

  4. Hofbrau Haus says:

    Just in time for Oktoberfest in Munich! Sweeeet!

  5. 345 says:

    Bayern? Ein sehr großes Bier bitte!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think I saw him arrive at ORIA in a nice new pair of lederhosen

  7. Joe kidd says:

    You right anon 756am another UK run Cayman funded unit with unlimited powers to further abuse peoples rights in these islands. Where anyone who speaks out or disagree with their abuse or colonial agenda will be deem to be a terrorist.

  8. Cayman Contempt says:

    What really erks us is they are so quick to remind and discourage local officers not to adapt the “YANKS” style of policing and have gone so far as to cut off most of the opportunities offered to local officers for training in the US,Yet they themselves will jump at every and any opportunity to obtain this training (they are suppose to have before they come here) and attend seminars and workshops and rub shoulders and network with any of these Law enforcement agencies. Denying local officers the opportunity.This deliberate policy of sending non Caymanians to their very own homeland to get training paid for by our own government speaks volumes about their real sinister intent towards future policing for the Cayman Islands. Mr Derek Haines would have made a far better Commissioner of police as he had no such agenda or prejudices or contempt we clearly see for capable Caymanian officers today in the RCIPS. Oh and please do not bring up the current install UK Clones and stooges who could even tie their darn shoe laces without getting permission or advice from their masters to do so.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ……and yet I was almost killed on Sunday by some idiotic driver who didn’t have a clue how to drive and then again this morning on the way to drop my kids to school.

    It has gotten to the point where every day I am fearing for my life or the ones of my family and other loved ones when on the road because the driving in Cayman has gotten awful beyond believe.

    Yet, no police on the road as the traffic dept has been dismantled due to lack of funding and able bodies, but let’s spend some time and funds to consider setting up an anti-terrorism unit (yes, I am being purposely sarcastic!).

  10. Raffaelle says:

    Baines and his FCO cronies have deliberately eroded the capacity and capability of the RCIPS and these islands on a whole and has diminished its ability to fight crime and have recreated this even greater dependency on the UK all while they have enriched themselves strategically and financially .The blinds spots that Mr Ridley speaks about or is eluding to is the destructive US policy under this current dreamer they have install in the WH. Who has done the very same thing to US Law enforcement on a much larger scale. This has been a gift and opportunity to those who saw their power waning in the colonies, to fleece and regain dominant control over their economies yet again and to destroy any hope of local leadership ever becoming capable competent or independent of their arrogant and degrading control. Yes Nick R you are spot on in your assessment of what the deal is.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What happened to his deputy’s could he have not taken one with him to leave that information and contacts here. Do not think like that.

  12. nickcayman says:

    (The seminar lectures) “were beneficial to me. It has given me a better availability to understand the complexes involved not just from the single position of law enforcement, but actually in identifying if it’s going to be law enforcement, military or political solution.” Baines said, “For these serious threats, it’s not just one, but a collection of all of those. “However, the most beneficial part (of this seminar) is that you meet people, and you develop a trust and relationship with them that will extend way beyond this week. If we don’t have the answer to a particular problem, there are a lot of people here who have a lot of capability and vast amount of experience that you can call on,” said Baines,

    However, Mr. Baines and the FCO would be well advised to keep in mind the fact that US military policy is driven by the military industrial complex, which uses terrorism to justify its existance and to sell more armaments. I was, I believe, the first person to raise the issue of terrorism in the Cayman Islands in 2003. This was however, in relation to one particular loophole which was, shortly thereafter, secured. “Terrorism”, as Pat Buchanan said, “is the price of empire. If you do not wish to pay the price, you must give up the empire.”

    Nicholas B. Robson

  13. Shirley Smart says:

    I never knew Mr. Baines could speak Bavarian, but I hope he gets some new information about stopping the kind of crimes that are currently causing us so much trouble.

  14. Anonymous says:

    For all the good this RCIPS is they might as well wear clown suits. Talk as much as you want in Bavaria but actions are what is needed.

  15. Sucka Free Cayman says:

    Anon 1:28 they are doing that now to our financial centre themselves so I wouldn’t worry too much about external threats. All that is happening here is our proxy government is picking a tab to enhance his CV. Isn’t that why they are here because they have all this expertise to offer us????? Why couldn’t he send or take a local officer to this workshop with him.???? Colonialism at its best!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hopefully, the next time some violent thugs decide to raid Little Cayman in a fast boat, he will know what to do.

  17. Prost! says:

    Coincidentally, the following day, the first keg was tapped at Oktoberfest.

  18. Anonymous says:

    All part of the process of securing himself a cushy post-RCIPS job no doubt. And I’m not being sarcastic here because rumours in the UK are that he’s getting ready to join Swarbrick, Williams, et al and jump the sinking ship.

    • Anonymous says:

      For sure he’s networking/trolling for jobs which is exactly what he should be doing. He’s 55 yrs. old, been in that post for six years, and might think he’s done all he can. He probably wants a less stressful or equally stressful but more prestigious job. Everyone does not want to retire to Cayman. Without interesting work or compelling social involvement it seems boring.

      • Anonymous says:

        XXXXXXX Even if he proves he is (as the CoP) is unable to prevent Police evidence (at Central Police Station) thefts or an improvement in evidence collection/submisson at court, and, until recent weeks, a noticeable police presence on our roads.

    • Anonymous says:

      And now that he has helped certain people with their plans for independence by ensuring the RCIPS has more than 80% Jamaicans, he can leave and get such fabulous references.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I know that this article will cause a lot of negative comments, however if anyone thinks that Cayman is immune from terror, even be it money flowing through here for whatever reason to finance same, then that person needs a reality check. Cayman is the 5th largest financial centre in the world, has the Union Jack in the corner of the flag, a UK Governor and that in my book makes us a target for someone wanting to damage the financial world. So in short, good that he has gone.

    • Anonymous says:

      He can’t prevent a break-in of the evidence locker at the police headquarters, so if we are relying on him to protect us from terror we’d better all assume the position.

    • Anonymous says:

      He could have sent the CoP in waiting if it truly was about the regional efforts. After all, that is who should be making the contacts for the future

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