Car overturns in Brac road crash

| 17/09/2015 | 17 Comments
Cayman News Service

Accident on Cayman Brac 15 September 2015

(CNS): A Suzuki Escudo ended up on its roof after a collision near the District Administration Building on Cayman Brac Tuesday. The crash happened at around 10:20am (15 September) when a Honda Torneo was exiting onto Stake Bay Road. The Escudo, which was traveling east, collided with the Honda and overturned. Despite considerable damage to the car, police said there were no reported injuries. The accident is currently under investigation by PC Hernandez of the Cayman Brac Police Station. Anyone with information are being asked to contact her at 948-0331.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    JCB….could you please speak English and reword your blog. We do not understand what you are saying!

  2. Brackish Wata says:

    Notice the high thumbing activity levels? Most likely all public employees surfing the web during office hours.

  3. Da Bracker says:

    Yes Brackers don’t fall for the big con they got going over here, about they are here for us, because the day you start buy that horse$#@! it’s over for you guys. some of these misguided politicos here are under foolish belief or impression that improving and building up your infrastructure it will improve things there in CBrac. When in fact the real truth of the matter is this hoard of parasitic vultures are just waiting with baited breathe to come over there and strip the place of everything including your very dignity, and tranquility you have left.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Folks, with the thickness of sarcasm in this room it seems like you in Grand Cayman are all very jealous of Brackers and what they have. Tell you what, keep more foreigners out and you will not have as many cars and stress to deal with. Driftwood can clog the waters if there is too much of it. Please do not reelect Mack or anyone like him that hands out free citizenships. Big mistake to be overpopulated with no funds for bigger schools, larger traffic jams, etc.

    • Normal Daze says:

      You don’t get out much I am guessing.

      Half your resident population is Jamaicans/Filipinos/Hondos. And you seem to have more “barmaids” per capita than even George Town.

      But don’t let our trollin’ rile you up. We just like an easy target.

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    These are exciting times in Cayman Brac…
    Fist there was the road, driveway and parking lot paving… That brought a lot of excitement…
    Then there was the closing of the hotel…
    Now bazoonka… A mini suv flips over in the middle of a straight road…
    And there we are on ‘the big island’ thinking that their lifestyle was laid back…

    • Anonymous says:

      Were there any other vehicles on the road in Cayman Brac when the accident happened or were these the only two?

      • Buffalo Bill says:

        There were two others, counting mine.

      • anonymous says:

        No, one of my vehicles was at troys garage and the other at grahams garage waiting to be fixed. Both of them have been replacing parts for months and still neither one has been fixed. Am sorry to see that there is one less vehicle on the road – all the people involved in the accident were fine, hardworking, honest upstanding citizens in our community!!!!!!

  6. Speed Racer says:

    I know one thing. It wasn’t caused by a bad road.

    I call on George to include in his forthcoming march a plea, no a demand, that Mose and Juju return the NRA’s asphalt equipment so that the drivers on Grand Cayman can also experience fresh paved road surfaces that are as smooth as a glass top table.

    • Bling Man says:

      They nah done yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Been on the Brac lately? Our new roads are torn up to bury the water pipes!!! Now that took a lot of planning!!!!

      • JCB says:

        Typical. The result of the longstanding internecine war between the NRA (“we’ll build ’em) and the Water Authority (“and we’ll keep tearing them up”).

      • anonymous says:

        Don’t worry, when Juju takes over with the new government next year, she will put a stop to the water line – told me Brac has plenty of trucks to haul water – hmmm that makes a lot of sense, fill the water truck, hire a driver, maintain a vehicle and deliver water or just put in pipes.

        Brac needs to put the able-bodied men who are on social services to work – give them a pick ax, shovel and wheelbarrow to help out (does anyone remember how we built the original airport or southside road????

    • Dimple says:

      I know u bright, Julie made the road and Moses let water authority destroy it..

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