Theft allegations at CIAA dismissed by FCU

| 11/08/2015 | 17 Comments
Cayman News Service

Owen Roberts International Airport

(CNS): After a two-year investigation by the RCIPS Financial Crime Unit into alleged theft at the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, the case has been closed and the former CEO of the authority has been told that no further action against him is to be taken. Jeremy Jackson, who was sacked by the board in February 2013 over this issue, stressed that he was never arrested or charged with any offence but said the last two years have been very hard on his family and he is now ready to get back to work.

Jackson said in a media release that he had been formally informed by the FCU on 7 August that the investigation of allegations against him surrounding his termination was closed and that no action is to be taken against him.

He said he was pleased that he has been finally cleared of any suspicion of impropriety in his role as CEO of the CIAA, and said he was now hoping to find a job in the field of aviation.

Jackson told CNS he would be willing to work at either the CIAA or the Cayman Airports Authority, where he was employed before he got the top job at the CIAA, in any capacity but ideally he would like to return to his home island of Cayman Brac.

Check back to CNS later for more on Jackson’s dealings with the CIAA board during the last few years of his term as CEO and why he believes the allegations of theft came about.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    But Prince Wisdom says there is no corruption in Cayman to speak of.

  2. Juliette - Proud to be a friend of Jeremy says:

    I am absolutely delighted with this outcome. I feel the joy his family must feel to have this cloud of suspicion lifted. We have been rooting for your Jeremy and wish you God speed and now you can go on from strength to strength.

  3. Anon says:

    Wow. That’s disgraceful how he was treated. They owe him more than an apology. Just astonishing. He is being very gracious in his response but I hope he holds them fully accountable.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very gracious in his response, I would be gracious too. Too many splurge tax payers money partying and are not accountabile for thieir actions. Time to tighten up and judge according to the rules.

  4. WaYaSay says:

    Another bright, educated ultra achieving young Caymanian has his career destroyed for political expedience and Police ineptitude. Two whole years, without you having work, to realize they have NO evidence or cause to sack you or charge you?………Come on man!

    The plan is working.

    Jeremy I am happy your name has been cleared, I know you are not that kind of person, I hope you can get your career back on course but take it from me, the road will be very rocky for you. Unfortunately you do not fall into the “uneducated Caymanian” category so this is how they put good people like on the shelf.

    The ad for the work permit will be published in due course.

    • Anonymous says:

      But note, he was done in by Caymanians, not foreigners. Never forget it.

      • WaYaSay says:

        Anon 7:49. Look dumbass, I have NEVER mentioned anything about foreigners versus Caymanians in my post. Pull your troll ass back under that rock and stop trying to put a wedge between Caymanians and “foreigners”.

        It is people like you that perpetuate this ridiculous idea that Caymanians do not like foreigners, when the fact is that we like them enough to split the jobs available on Island a little better than 50/50.

        Cayman is a better place because we welcome foreigners to our shore, however we Caymanians deserve at least 50% of the credit for our success as do people on work permits deserve 50%.

        By the mere fact that any sampling of our workforce demographic, in any industry, will reflect our 50/50 diversity, one can correctly assume that whoever screwed Jeremy, were made up of around 50% Caymanians and around 50% people on work permit.

        My comment about the work permit being advertised is because I know that we do not have another experienced, qualified, dedicated, educated Caymanian of Jeremy’s caliber to fill the post.
        Assh*le I do not need you to insinuate, translate or mind read for me, I am quite capable of expressing my true opinions. People like you, who is probably a bitter person posting from half way around the world, do nothing but disturb the great harmony the true Caymanian, here in Cayman, have between foreigners and locals. Such a pity we found someone else to fill your position and you had to leave prick.

        If true Caymanians did not like foreigners, how do you account for the hundreds of thousands of foreigners who visit our shores each year?
        If Caymanians did not like foreigners, how do you explain the 21,000 foreigners who work alongside Caymanians every day?
        If Caymanians did not like foreigners, would they have applied to immigration for 21,000 work permits for foreigners?

        Please do not give me this rubbish that Caymanians do not have the skills to fill those 21,000 jobs, remember we did not need to create the environment that created 21,000 more jobs than we had Caymanians to fill in the first place……..if we did not like foreigners.

        I am sick of assh*les like you with this Caymanian versus Expat garbage, trying to fuel a fire that is little more than an ember!

        • Anonymous says:

          Thanks for your calm, measured response.

        • Anonymous says:

          11:10, your irritated response to 7:49’s post is perhaps understandable though you need to keep taking the blood pressure pills. But please note that that post was factual and probably written by someone who is tired and frustrated at the continual laying of blame for all the ills in Cayman at the door of expatriates. Not you, maybe, you sound reasonable and sensible (though irritated!) but many other posters on this site and, for good measure, Ezzard Miller, often give this impression.

          • Anonymous says:

            I lived and worked in another country for several years. On my way to work I was often called racist names and told to go back to my country by natives of that country. At work, I was told it was unfair for me to be there taking up the job that one of their own should have had. I was told to f off back home several times. I spent almost 5 years there before I returned home to Cayman. Guess what? It happens everywhere. So when I am here and I hear how offended people are by the sentiment of some Caymanians v some expatriates, the reality is it happens everywhere. Your do not hold the monopoly on mortification. Get a pair, buy a bridge and get over it. If you are in Cayman to make it your home, then go ahead. If you are here for a purpose or for a time then get on with it. But do not pretend that natives of your own country are not facing the same challenges or expressing exactly the same sentiments as those you encounter here. I have been pelted with stones, chased while pushing my kid in a stroller through a park, had to seek refuge in a shop when natives were drunk and attacking anyone they thought was a foreigner. I paid my taxes, I did volunteer work and I contributed most of my wages to the local economy but I was still a foreigner coming into to take away a native’s job and seek a “better life”. I had to deal with it and it didn’t stop me, so stop whining, deal with it and stop expecting better treatment than your own people have shown other expatriates in your own country.

          • WaYaSay says:

            Ezzard Miller is doing the job he is paid to do, protect Caymanian voters, and doing a good job at that. He also appears to be doing that job without being involved in corruption or being bought out to keep his mouth shut. Being pro Caymanian is not the same as being anti foreigner.

            He does not get paid to protect non- Caymanians, the immigration and police departments get paid handsomely to do that.

            I just wish other people would tend to their own business that they are being paid to do and not try to be politicians without having the balls to run for office.

            I might not agree with everything he does but he remains true to his Caymanian constituents, which is his job. Leave him out of your comments to my post and le the man do his job while you do yours.

            Mentioning him by name is just your way of back handing all Caymanians……………give me my blood pressure medication before I bust a vain.

            • Anonymous says:

              So the job of an MLA is to “protect Caymanian voters”. That’s it? Nothing else? That’s the sum total of an MLA’s job description? That explains a lot. Ok, thanks for the clarification. By the way, bobo, if you don’t take your blood pressure medication, you might “bust a vein” not a “vain”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is sad and very unfortunate! Mr Jackson should be compensated by the CIAA since being dismissed two years ago. CIAA should also consider being responsible enough to admit that Mr. Jackson was wrongfully accused and therefore re-establish his employment with them. This has put a serious smear on his reputation and therefore a law suit could be in the works. Be proactive and professional!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the letter Jeremy received was also left on Ezzard Miller’s windshield??

  7. Anonymous says:

    At last!!!

    Congratulations, Jeremy. Those of us who know you, knew full well were innocent of these drummed up allegations, which were done for political expediency.

    Now lets see if those leaders in the aviation field will now give you a break so that you can resume some form of normalcy after the years of living under the cloak of suspicion.

    Best of luck my friend. God Bless.

  8. Bluff Patrol says:

    Two years to clear his name. Meanwhile he’s been unable to gain employment and had his name smeared. The wheels of justice move too slowly in Cayman and result in many destroyed lives.

    I wish him the best moving forward.

    • Anonymous says:

      And whats the difference of Jeremy and others forcely accused? I hope he gets a settlement for this, out of work two years, the stress alone….go for it Jeremy, everyone else did

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