One third of P2P graduates in latest group find work

| 14/08/2015 | 8 Comments
Cayman News Service

P2P graduates, August 2015

(CNS): Officials confirmed that six young Caymanians had landed themselves work after the latest twelve-week job-ready training programme that finished last month. Eighteen local young people aged between 17 and 20 passed through the seventeenth cohort of what has proved to be a relatively successful initiative.  More than half of the graduates of the programme so far have been employed twelve months after graduation.

“Unemployment among our youth is a constant concern,” said Winston Connolly, the councillor in the employment ministry which oversees the programme.

“Passport2Success is one of the ways in which government is working to combat the issue,” he added.

In addition to the six young people who found work, another graduate is continuing with tertiary education at UCCI this coming September. However, the remaining eleven are still looking for jobs and officials said they are working with the National Workforce Development Agency.

One of the graduates said at the recent graduation ceremony, “I didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going until I joined the Passport2Success programme.”

The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Education, Employment & Gender Affairs in 2010. It is delivered by The Wellness Centre and sponsored by Butterfield Bank and Webster’s Tours. The 12-week course is now being offered to 17 to 23-year-old Caymanians after the age cap was lifted from 20 years old.

A 16-week programme for Caymanian single mothers will resume in January, while the next young people’s programme will start in September. Both are designed to enhance workplace readiness skills and increase the employability of participants.

For more information in regards to Passport2Success, as well as application forms and dates in regards to the start of the next programme, visit or contact the National Workforce Development Agency at 945-3114.

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  1. Hooky says:

    So there are jobs out there, it just takes someone else to lead them to them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Out of the graduates TWO-THIRDS DID NOT GET JOBS!

    Let’s be realistic, 6 got jobs and 12 are still UNEMPLOYED. Why? There are thousands of work permits being granted everyday for unskilled workers and contracts in the CIG for clerical officers, why haven’t these young people been placed?

    When will effort and good character count for entry level jobs again in this country?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because the other 12 may not have been employable, simple. Before you jump down the throats of absolutely everyone else that you can find to point fingers at, maybe you should consider the most obvious answer. I’ve worked with these P2P students for several of these programs now and I will be brutally honest; many of these young ladies simply do not care; they show up late and disheveled with brightly coloured hair, facial piercings and a pretty crummy, disinterested attitude. Why should we extend permanent positions with them when this is the very first impression that they project?

      This is a fantastic initiative and we will continue to support it and the students who are driven and motivated to succeed and help themselves. No one else is entitled to employment however, regardless of their nationality & birth right.

    • I am Caymanian, where is your common sense? says:

      Give it a rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      When will effort and good character count? When it is demonstrated by the candidate, and when they have at least the appearance of an education, not the crap we see paraded every day masquerading as the equivalent of a high school education.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations Natalie McLaughlin. Very proud of your hard work and determination. Best wishes in your journey. – Journey

  4. Anonymous says:

    Jordanian eat that

  5. Anonymous says:

    Finally, some happy news

    CNS: Go to CNS Local Life – it’s all happy news.

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