Challengers call foul on CIFA

| 27/08/2015 | 16 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands Football Association HQ, Grand Cayman

(CNS): The two challengers who have been barred from running in this weekend’s CIFA annual elections have said they are astonished by the revelations on CNS this week that the decision to reject their nomination was made by the committee made up of the very members who are all now running unopposed in the annual ballot. With just two days left before the elections, the local football body has shown no sign of changing its position on its rejection of nominations of Sharon Roulstone and Renard Moxam on what is being perceived as a trumped-up technicality.

Despite the public outcry for change and the government’s announcement that it is pulling the more than $127,000 contribution to the association it would have made in this financial year, CIFA appears determined not to allow any challenge to the long-standing incumbents running the association.

Speaking about the refusal of CIFA to allow them to stand for the post of assistant treasurer and first VP respectively, Roulstone and Moxam said their only goal is only to give the membership an opportunity to vote for them if they support their vision for change — or not if they don’t — in a fair election process.

“It is with increasing frustration and disappointment that we note the continuing refusal of the Cayman Islands Football Association to approve our candidature,” the pair said in a release Thursday. “The justifications that have been put forward by CIFA for its position are without substance,” they added, accusing the football association of being “determined to stifle debate about future reform”, which they said was disturbing.

The challengers raised their concerns over the nomination rejections being made by the Executive Committee, when a number of the members of that committee stand to be re-elected unopposed.

“That decision was, we believe, not only legally incorrect but also taken without any regard to conflicts of interest and, more importantly, the best interests of CIFA and its members,” the challengers said.

Having received support from the public and government, which Roulstone and Moxam said demonstrated the desire for change following a difficult and damaging time for the football community in the Cayman Islands, the wider Caribbean and the world, over the last few months.

“We firmly believe that matters can only be put right in an atmosphere of cooperation, openness and reform. The continued political machinations that have taken place in order to preserve the status quo do not contribute to this goal and only serve to reinforce negative impressions of football governance. We call upon CIFA and its Executive Committee to lay aside considerations of self-interest and instead act in the interests of the game and all of those who love it,” the challengers said, in their statement some 48 hours before CIFA is set to rubber stamp the existing executive.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why don’t the members/clubs demand that the accounts of CIFA be publicly displayed. Further why wont the private sector that supports CIFA demand that the accounts be publicly displayed, failing to produce these accounts all funding should be withdrawn or are these companies just as intertwined with the current executives that they get favors/kickbacks in return as well.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      The clubs have the accounts. They make wonderous reading and they are signed off by Blake, who is certified, I suspect by more ways than one. Land and building is in at $2.7m then add$1.6m donated by FIFA, now called THIEFA, and you get $4.3m, unless I missed something. Go visit , see the clubhouse of 1900 square feet, then ask yourself, where did the money really go?

      To the clubs I say, be careful of who you vote for tomorrow but above all ask questions, many many questions, before you attend church the following day.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good straight talk Chris….now let’s dig into CNCF accounts also supported by govt….salaries for $100,000. Plus for the manager and the same again for his wife. Who pays for their fancy parties…?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whatever happened to the guy that was manager or coach of Bodden Town FC that brought them to winning the league for a couple of seasons. Never hear about him these days, would he not have been a good choice for CIFA?

    • Maradona McLean says:

      Civil Servants are much more secure in their jobs when they stay quiet. Plus, why would BTFC want to give up a coach they get for free?

  3. Anonymous says:

    so….current state of affairs:

    1. CIFA treasurer (yes treasurer)of CIFA arrested for corruption re Care Pay
    2. CIFA Exec member minister for health when Care Pay contract awarded
    3. CIFA president arrested for different and hugely public corruption charge – causing immense reputational damage to the country
    4. CIFA Manager arrested for DUI and causing death by dangerous driving
    5. Most high profile sporting event that Cayman would have hosted is cancelled
    6. Millions poured into CIFA Centre of Excellence which is still not functional
    7. Very suspect contracts awarded in regards to the Centre of Excellence
    8. Government pulls national funding due to suspect election procedure and general lack of transparency

    How long is this list going to get??

    And Mr Blake feels that private sector is going to step in? Private sector would be crazy to go anywhere near the organisation right now.

    When are the CIFA members going to grow a pair and do something about this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, Mr. Blake’s statements regarding the issue of the CIG pulling the funding of CI$128K per year from CIFA stating that CIFA will not miss it will tell you why the current “executive” of CIFA do not want to let anyone look into what they are doing. For a small association playing community level football on borrow fields not to miss that amount of money? Funds must be flowing from other sources.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wait until the international media gets hold of this! More corruption in Cayman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    is it me or does it seem like alot of udp names listed…..

    • Anonymous says:

      You are absolutely right…” I can do what I want with the money in the cash pan” is the UDP style of business.
      Better not question that or you will be accused of being a part of a conspiracy by the Governor, chief of police and the FCO.

  6. Anonymous says:

    business as usual in wonderland……

  7. Jack Warner Ebanks says:

    The current CIFA Executive Committee

    Bruce Blake
    Paul Macey
    Peter Campbell
    Mark Campbell
    Mark Scotland
    Martha Godet

    All need to go if Cayman is serious about reforming the sport.

    The CIFA congress should be rescheduled until the end of September. This will allow for open elections and new candidates. All current executive members must resign in the best interests of the sport and CIFA.

    The 16 clubs must demonstrate a conscience and do what is right. Stop selling out for crumbs! The gravy train days are over! Sponsors like Maples DART Progressive Distributors, Advance Automotiveshould cease financial support like the government because the entire election process has been compromised. The agendas and conflicts are there for the world to see. CIFA looks worse than FIFA right now at least Sepp accepted his fate and called for new elections.

    Make no mistake my friend the suspended president (currently under house arrest in NYC) is controlling this entire process and has held an iron grip over the sport for 25 years.

  8. sors says:

    This unfortunately standard behavior by FIFA and many members associations worldwide, especially in the third world, CIFA is doing their very best to be a part of that model, however, as many of us are aware the US DOJ is sending a very clear message that such behavior should not be allowed to continue and flourish, maybe the office of the AG should take a hard look at what is going on and why such effort not to have open democratic elections.

    The member clubs must also take responsibility and stand for what is right and ask themselves, are we better off today than 15 years ago, have we made any progress or has CIFA offered new opportunities to our young players, is your club competing at higher level today that 15 years ago when the football was NOT financed by FIFA to the tune of $500K a year on average? If the answer is not, do not allow the farce to go on.

    Renard, Sharron, continue to challenge the status quo, you have the support of the majority of football fans who want to see a change of management, the CIG is also
    standing for fairness.

  9. Chris Johnson says:

    It is refreshing that these two football enthusiasts are bearing the mantle to rid CIFA of the present incumbents. It is interesting to note over the past week or so the many blogs whose opinion are against the current executive committee, with virtually no one advocating that they are doing a great job. Surely that spells out one thing. Blake and company we do not want you, we do not trust you and we want fresh blood. There has been criticism of Renard, but nothing of any consequence, just the usual crap. The man has the balls to challenge the establishment whilst all others pass wind and watch the world happen.

    I do hope that the CIFA club members support a big change and get football in Cayman on a pedestal where it belongs. Should that take place I have no doubt that you will have the support of Mr Bodden and the current Government.

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