US and CIG mum on Webb extradition

| 13/07/2015 | 12 Comments
Cayman News Service

Jeffrey Webb

(CNS): Both the American and local authorities remained tight-lipped Monday regarding the extradition of Jeffrey Webb following revelations that one of the FIFA officials detained in Switzerland will go to the US to answer corruption allegations in the football scandal. While undisclosed sources have confirmed that Webb is the only one of the seven football bosses arrested in Zürich in May who has agreed to the extradition, neither the US Department of Justice nor Cayman’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) were prepared to comment on the situation.

According to the Swiss authorities, following the extradition requests for all seven of the FIFA officials held in detention centres in Switzerland, the one detainee who has agreed to go to the United States will leave the European country before the end of this week, bound for New York.

Asked about the extradition process, as well as how the US will react to Cayman’s extradition request and when Webb is likely to appear in court, the DoJ told CNS that it would not comment on the extradition process and there was “no additional information to share at this time” on his court appearance in Brooklyn, where the indictment against him has been filed.

Meanwhile, after charges were laid against Webb in the Cayman Islands on Friday 3 July in connection with the hospital CarePay case, the ACC said that it planned to begin extradition proceedings for Webb at the time from Switzerland. But a spokesperson for the ACC said Monday that they were unable to comment or release any further information at this point on how the latest developments impacted the local extradition request.

There has been no indication why Webb has now agreed to the extradition after early indications he would be fighting the request.

Webb, who was the president of the local football association, president of the regional body, CONCACAF, and a VP of FIFA, has been charged along with more than a dozen other football officials and sports marketing executives with a catalogue of serious crimes relating to accusations over millions of dollars worth of bribes and kickbacks paid for marketing and broadcast rights for various football tournaments.

Appointed as the head of CONCACAF after Jack Warner was ousted from office in 2012 amid allegations of corruption, Webb was expected to clean house. But since his arrest in Zürich and the publication of the details of the allegations in the 167-page indictment, the president of the Cayman Islands Football Association has also been directly linked to Warner as a director at one of the companies involved in earlier corruption allegations over the sale of CONCACAF tournament TV rights.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, you people can stop speculating and leave the US authorities and the CI authorities to do their job? Any wonder why your child is going to school without lunch. You can’t get a salary from speculating

  2. Anonymous says:

    The DOJ wouldn’t answer your questions about extradition? Imagine that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If Jeff has started singing to the feds you can bet it goes way beyond FIFA and CONCACAF.

    They’ve already got all they need on those two organisations from other sources so if he has done a deal it must involve matters much closer to home. This should get interesting.

  4. SKEPTICAL says:

    After a Plea Bargain, life in a Low Security prison in the US would be like staying at the Ritz Carlton compared to the “No Tell Motel” at HM Northward Prison.

  5. Anonymous says:

    After jail time in the US he can go to jail here.
    But in the US you can pay for prison time and here you just need to pray and then you can go home.

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