Thieves make-off with 34-ft boat

| 30/06/2015 | 23 Comments
Cayman news Service

Vessel stolen from Raleigh Quay

(CNS): The police are appealing to the public for information regarding the theft of a boat from a dock at Raleigh Quay, in Governor’s Harbour, sometime over the last month. Police said that the owner reported the 34-ft centre console boat missing to police on Saturday but he was uncertain as to exactly when the vessel had been stolen as it was several weeks since he checked the boat. 

Valued at around $125,000, the boat has a dark blue hull with a fiberglass hardtop twin teak captain’s chairs and is powered by two 350 Yamaha Outboard engines.

Anyone who may have seen this vessel between May and present date is asked to call PC Adrian Clarke on 949-7710 or 516-5140 or email  The public can also remain anonymous and receive a reward  for information leading to an arrest or conviction of the accused person(s) by calling Cayman Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Fish Runner II says:

    The fact is 11:28 this was a common thing when Derek Haines was at the helm of the DTF some nights whilst I was anchored off George Town harbor or South Sound Cay to bottom fish I would see marine vessels either going out or coming in from sea patrols at all hours and types of rough weather. On several occasion they would even check on vessels and persons to make sure everything was ok . Vessels moving at night were always suspect and were stopped and searched you could see blue lights clearly. Asked yourself when last have you see blue lights at night out to sea. Things have dramatically change since he left and it has not been to the benefit of these islands that is very clear. There is no excuse with all this suppose special Navy training and very expensive vessels & equipment and foreign officers. After all Mr Haines did it with a few local officers and minimal vessels and was very successful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hold on their sailor Many people in the know speak of the radar system in use around cayman and how they see the drug boats coming and going and they do try to slow that activity down
    that being said if one were to have an about time frame in mind like the day the boat was stolen then one would think they could track it and where it went unless the record button did not work
    come to think about it aren’t their those fancy government cameras along the bypass and shouldn’t one be able to figure out if the boat on a trailer passed the cameras?
    My troll comment is ,,,,,,,,I would bet the boat belonged to an expat and some people took the view that it is a boat in their country and it should be their for the taking.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except those that took it are almost certainly expats themselves – probably from Honduras or Jamaica.

    • Anonymous says:

      radar system?? Do tell.
      I think you are in la la land.
      The only two radars (apart from what is on boats) are the Doppler in East End which is just that, a weather radar. It can pick up a cruise ship but only just and only if its close. The other one is the secondary radar at the airport. This one talks to the plane and the plane responds with its number. You know the movies squawk on 239. That tells the plane what to set it’s transponder too. If the pilot switches off the squawk box the plane disappears off the radar. Added to that Cayman has no terminals of this system as it is owned by COSESNA for navigation and ATC.
      The Radar the US had here in the Reagan era was a primary radar and this could see ships and aircraft but it closed in the early 90’s

  3. Anonymous says:

    Stop leaving your boats where you don’t live. Esp if you are not going to use it for a while!
    There are too many boat operators (and others) working illegally from Governors Harbour. This is zoned residential and people should not be operating businesses in the area.

    • Anonymous says:

      What on earth has Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) got to do with this theft? If it was a business then the boat would have been in use and just because someone is working doesn’t mean they are working illegally.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Governors Harbour , as well as other boat marina’s , dock & residential locations on water access would be easily patrolled by the Marine Unit. My suggestion is to engage a police patrol vessel, to do nightly random patrols in designated areas. This would need to be in dusk to dawn hours. Any vessel operating in this time frame to be stopped & occupants identified. If required , the vessel searched. Residents should take note of vessel activity in late night hours that does not correspond with normal patterns. Any vessel operating at night with lights out should be reported & investigated. Its time people stepped up to aid the police in this area of vessel theft & vandalism. It isn’t the police job to do it by themselves , nor will they be the sole solution to the problem. I’d even advocate residential involvement by private boats , but not sure how you would control that & supervise it? Possibly with the marine unit help? Come on people .. enough is enough of individuals assets & property being stolen with no regard, no apprehension of the thieves. Any other readers feel free to offer suggestions. What about some form of maritime neighbour hood watch programme in liaison with the Police?

    • Shhhhhh. says:

      Most of these boats that are fast, large and have good fuel capacity, are stolen for mainly one or two reasons – people smuggling, and drug / gun smuggling. If your boat fits this description, then have an alarm system, an imobilization system, a camera system, a GPS tracking system, and try to keep it on the trailer rather than in the water. Prevention is always best. I see the Marine Unit doing a lot of canal patrols, but, lets face it, they cannot be everywhere all the time. Take responsibility yourself.

      • Red Bay resident says:

        What a load rubbish! You are dreaming buddie I haven’t seen a single one ages. Tell you what only place I have seen them on patrol is around our local fast food joints.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d say at least half the boats on Governor’s Harbour at night are either under lit or not lit at all, and many of those unlit boats are speeding. Station one patrol boat in there and actually fine the folks breaking the law and we could probably fund a couple new patrol boats with the proceeds.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Install cameras on the exit of governors harbor and all the canals going out of north sound!!!

  6. Diversity Cops says:

    Extent 7:58pm What should concern many is who, why and where these vessels end up. What is even more serious is how are they being stolen in this virtual police state and so called “protected borders” or why very little has been done to prevent it and how are the same people who are doing these boat theft investigations going to stop or prevent their very own countrymen from doing so and do you honestly believe they will. Here is the prevailing view of our illustrious men & women in uniform from our neighbor from the southeast where crime is a legitimate fulltime job or hobby. We can afford it, you have insurance star !!!! Nice

  7. Anonymous says:

    My boat was stolen from Drake Quay in Governor’s Harbour on the morning of Saturday, 16 May between 9:00 AM and noon by two men driving a dark SUV. It was subsequently found on the morning of 31 May, adrift to the SW of here, stripped of its engines and electronics. The engines are silver Honda 225s, four stroke, Ser #BAGJ1402470, BAHJ1400671. If you come across these engines I suppose you can call the same numbers listed in the news story. They are stolen and I’d like them back. The boat is a Boston Whaler Outrage 270, 27 ft centre console, light green hull. If you saw this boat between the dates above I suppose the police would be interested as well, but as I said, the boat has been recovered minus the engines.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those engines are in east on a center console boat I was shocked to see them wondered how they were afforded now I know
      and for the boat in the article Its white not blue so don’t be looking for a blue boat

  8. Anonymous says:

    bailiff collected it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Security devices like Spot TRace will allow tracking of the boat, if it is illegally taken

  10. Anonymous says:

    i saw it… running drugs from…..

  11. Anonymous says:

    More than one boat has been stolen in this area and many others within the past year. come on marine police. Advise the public properly. The late Sonny boy and also famous guy h boat stolen. Why the silence. Is it Isis? Trying to get to Mexico because of the porous border. All you have to do is set up a solar wifi cam on the channel markers. It’s not that difficult but then again we cannot even keep the channel markers properly installed whenever someone knocks them down. Get your act together. It’s cheaper than sending up the copter. Somebody please grow a brain.

  12. The Country With No Plan says:

    I not sure it’s CNS job to create a “log” for us on crime incidents – it is our job to be involved in the occurrences that CNS report – and if truly interested to start our own log of incidents. Use the “Search” bottom on CNS and start OUR own log. That’s taking part, getting our own data and being able to speak with facts and figures. It’s time to take an active part in the developments of our Country.

    As for the crimes in Governor’s Harbour – my comment is: Now that we done shooting each other ( poor people to people), it’s moved on to “rich” neighbourhoods. Maybe now we can get and demand some reduction strategies, some of which includes employment training, support for families who live below poverty, crime reduction programs, etc. to address what is going to be the destruction of these Islands.

    What is the problem? The average person makes $2,000 a month ( go do your research).

    Caymanians and other residents, living in poverty, low education and training, unemployed and reading about the SUCCESS of this Country. Success for whom? These without a car, water, light, job?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is easy pickings for criminals, both home grown and imported.

  14. Anonymous says:

    CNS. Could you request a itinery of every boat stolen or reported to the rcips in the last 3 years。I think it would be beneficial for boat owners to realize the extent of the issue

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