Royal gongs for marathon man and auditor

| 12/06/2015 | 26 Comments
Cayman News Srvice

Derek Haines during Dublin marathon

(CNS): Derek Haines has been recognised in the latest list of royal gong recipients for the Queen’s birthday honours list. The former police officer and veteran runner has received an MBE for his contributions to the community in general but also for his incredible six marathons last year, in which he raised more than $1.1 million to build a new hospice facility. In the pecking order of royal badges, however, local auditor Dan Scott has been given the higher award of an OBE for services to the financial sector.

Meanwhile, Rudy Myles was awarded the certificate and badge of honour, which is awarded locally by the governor for his contribution to the arts.

Haines’ 2014 achievement was extraordinary, as he pounded the pavements all over the world flying the flag for Cayman and raising a serious amount of cash and good will for the hospice project. Having collecting six marathon medals he can now add the royal one to his collection.

Cayman News Service

Dan Scott

The former cop has also contributed to the development of the Cayman Islands Rugby Club over the more than twenty years Haines has been in Cayman. A director from 1995 and president for the past 14 years, Haines said he has been very pleased to see rugby develop from being a sport mostly played by expats to one that is played mostly by Caymanians.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me over the years in running and in rugby. This award belongs to the community as a whole, although I will have the privilege of wearing it,” he said.

Ernst and Young partner Dan Scott, who is chair of the Judicial Services Commission, already has an MBE in his cupboard but he has been given an OBE for his contributions to financial services and the judiciary.

A former government school student, Scott began his financial career after he got one of the first scholarships offered by Cayman National Bank. From doing the filing and taking out the mail, Scott rose steadily to become a partner at EY within 10 years and became a Managing Partner in 2005. He has also served on various public committees and boards.

Rudy MylesRudy Myles, a well-known and accomplished classical singer, has over the years sung at government and political functions, as well as pageants, international conferences, weddings and funerals. He has also performed with over 160 different choirs across the Caribbean and in the USA, where he studied music when his family moved there from Cayman in the 1970s. Although his day job is with LIME, Myles has sung for the Queen during a royal visit, the opening ceremonies for the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly, the inauguration ceremonies of local governors, and at many Queen’s Birthday Parade ceremonies and annual Parliamentary Prayer Breakfasts.

His civic contributions have included over a decade of service to the farming sector, including stints as a member of the Cayman Islands Agricultural Society’s board as well as serving on other government and NGO boards.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Should I get it as I am wealthy and give to the “poor” and I even get to offset my “poor giving” against my taxes? Just axing!

  2. Knot S Smart says:

    Please may I nominate Mr Legge for next year’s award of the PNG? (Persona Non Grata Award)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can someone remind me why Mr. Haines left the Police Service.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kernohan didn’t like him and there was an issue with a missing gun. Plus he gave the impression to the Press in the UK that after Ivan, when the Caymanian Chief of Police was AWOL, it was he and his son, wielding rifles, who maintained order and stopped the looting.

      • Anonymous says:

        Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Did the Chief of Police go AWOL? Such disasters do usually attract looters (unfortunately) and I could well imagine Derek being out there not shying away from protecting Caymanian property and businesses.

  4. roger davies says:

    All three awards well deserved. Hoping for more coverage on the best in our community, after the recent negative drift in our national press.

    • Anonymous says:

      The royal honours are not designed as a reward for climbing the corporate ladder. All power to Dan. I am as proud as the next person that he has done so well for himself — but really — for “services to the the financial sector”! What services? Making money? This article has not said one word about what those services are that so distinguish him from the next managing director of a financial services company.

      He is a wonderful person and has done extremely well — but these honors are not intended to reward a smart rise up the corporate ladder!

      • Anonymous says:

        Was this a way of PPM trying to take care of their supporter?

      • Piffle says:

        The history of these awards and the many recipients, both here and in the UK, clearly show that climbing the business ladder is a long established basis for getting gonged.

        The basic categories are: 1. Long serving Civil Serpents, 2. Business vultures (including tycoons and equity partners), 3. Actors and singers, 4. Sporting types (mainly velodrome specialists).

        Categories 3 and 4 get their own industry awarded trophies anyway and category 2 get bags of commonly circulated medals bearing the queen’s visage. So that leaves category 1 as the only truly deserving, historically to make up for lack of pay (though less applicable now as they no longer work much at all).

    • Anonymous says:

      I can understand that a royal honour might be due at some point for serving as chairman of the JLSC, but an OBE for services that are fewer than even five years? (Mr. Scott began serving in Aufist 2010 — not quite five years). And the other reason for a successful career?

  5. Pat Steadman says:

    Congratulations to Mr. Derek Haines, Mr. Dan Scott, and Mr. Rudy Myles for their honours and awards announced in the Queen’s Birthday honours list.

    These gentlemen are exemplary outstanding citizens and Cayman is blessed to have them amongst its community. They are three very different people who have made very different contributions to a variety of causes that have had noteworthy positive impacts on the community and on many individuals in Cayman. It is encouraging and heartwarming to see such a diverse group of very deserving persons receiving such high recognition. Well done too to those who nominated them and to those who selected them for these awards.

    {To “Just sayin” and the other snide comments: nobody is saying anyone on the honours list is perfect – for that matter none of us are perfect. Perhaps you really don’t know these people because any fair-minded truthful person that has had the privilege of observing these three Caymanian gentlemen over the years, seeing what they have accomplished, what they have contributed, and the lives they have positively impacted, would doubtless agree these honours are merited.}


  6. Anonymous says:

    Mandatory local auditor signoff has made many an audit partner in Cayman a millionaire!

  7. Oops congrats to all the awardees.

  8. Both awards thoroughly deserved.Congrats to you both.

  9. WaYaSay says:

    Congratulations Derek and Danny. Two great role models for me and all other Caymanians, those who are first generation Caymanians as well as those who, like myself are 7 generation Caymanians.

    To the younger generation, coming out of public schools like Danny did, or private schools, just work really hard at one job for 10 years while moving up the ladder and you will get to the top. I did and it worked for me also, although it took a little longer than 10 years.

    To the older folk like Derek and myself who are around or pass retirement age, you don’t have to stop working hard in the community, keep plugging away at it, weather it be sports or cultural awareness or helping the less fortunate.

    And to those who are here and don’t want to be Caymanian and those who are overseas and are hate blogging Cayman, look at Derek and the thousands of first generation Caymanians who live peacefully among us, then have the class to congratulate him, and Danny too.

    What do you say?

    • Anonymous says:

      The class to run a good copper out of the service simply because he was not a born Caymanian. Derek you are a legend.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Mr Scott deserves it for his support of the vulnerable in our society and family values.

  11. Just Sayin' says:

    Bloody gong show if you ask me.

    • Pithy Helmet says:

      Don’t be so mean spirited. Awards for community spirit must always be balanced by awards for immense wealth.

    • Anonymous says:

      So good to see deserving folks like Dan and Derek get recognised. Recent awards to Gov. Taylor’s friend for posing in front of Miss Lassie’s house devalued the awards.
      Well done guys, you are an example to society.

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