Webb’s $1m Atlanta home revealed

| 28/05/2015 | 50 Comments
Cayman News Service

The Daily Telegraph captures the image of Webb’s Atlantis home

(CNS): As the international media continues its round-the-clock coverage of the shocking FIFA scandal that has seen Cayman’s own football boss at the very heart of the corruption allegations, the British media has arrived in the Cayman Islands and the press has published a picture of one of Jeffery Webb’s palatial properties. According to the indictment against Webb, the $1million home in Georgia was used to launder alleged bribes that Webb is said to have received in connection to marketing rights for FIFA tournaments.

The UK’s Daily Telegraph says the property in Loganville, Georgia, is worth around US $940,000 but is one of only several properties Webb owns in the US in addition to his Grand Cayman home in Savannah.

The 164-page indictment, which sets out the alleged crimes of Webb and several other FIFA officials and sports marketing executives, states that cash from kickbacks was directed to the company hired to work on the pool at the home.

Cayman News Service

Costas Takkas

Webb is also said to own real estate held by Kosson Properties Limited, a firm believed to have been set up by Costas Takkas, Webb’s attaché and a former CIFA general secretary. The funds spent on his various US properties came, according to prosecutors, from the alleged bribes paid by Traffic Sports USA, the firm that wanted the lucrative rights to FIFA tournaments contracts with FiIFA. Takkas is said to have received the cash by wire transfer from Fidelity Bank here in Cayman and then sent the cash to the builder’s accounts and other US accounts to buy another two homes in the Stone Mountain area of Georgia.

As the scale and impact of the corruption scandal reverberated around the world Thursday, most of the nations whose representatives were embroiled in the scandal began to take stock of their own footballing federation and announced the start of national probes.

However, the Cayman Islands Football Association remained totally silent on the situation here, and while Webb was ousted from his top jobs with FIFA and CONCACAF and remained in custody in Switzerland, at this point he remains Cayman’s football president. Questions to CIFA remained unanswered and CNS understands that some members remain in Zurich ahead of the planned election Friday.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard that another CIFA associate owns a house “next door” to Jeff in Atlanta. I wonder if Kosson made any payments on that as well.

  2. jewel smalldon says:

    1 have said long ago we had a lot of criminals living walking side by side of us and it did not include jeff

  3. Rp says:

    How much does FIFA and CIFA pay this guy annually anyway, does anyone know? Just curious.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Facebookers… unnah still “praying for his innocence”???? smdh

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this a Stan Thomas development? I understand that he is from Atlanta and is quite a big developer in Georgia.

    • Anonymous says:

      I do wonder whether the U.S. authorities ever investigated the so-called Stan Thomas letter in the context of the FCPA. A sitting Cayman Islands judge discovered the letter among a bundle of documents relating to certain proceedings (all reported in the press) and passed it to the RCIPS. I don’t think he ever heard anything more of it. Most curious.

  6. Kim Kodakian says:

    That pool is clearly photoshopped. The tropical themed shape and cabana just do not fit with the antebellum macmansion vibe of the house.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Word on the street is that another individual (Not Jeff) who has been charged with corruption, has some type of interest in a private residence at the new XXXXXX on Seven Mile Beach.

    I bet the Daily Telegraph will likely take a few pictures of Jeff’s Savannah home and post it alongside of his mansion in Georgia USA. What a comparison that will be ?

  8. bobo says:

    is there doubt any longer?
    It should have been questioned how he rose to the top in FIFA so quickly
    in any event why didnt anyone from Cayman notice?
    Surely his friends and family know?
    How can he afford his lifestyle……if its too good to be true then its not
    this has been going on for a long while

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Very good point bobo. To some of us it had not gone unnoticed. How may Caymanians play on the world stage. Not many. Think about it.
      Now let us investigate CIFA to stem further reputational damage to the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        And that has always been the problem – how does a Caymanian rise so quickly; must have been dirty to get there – but the ones arriving on our shores, with barely two pants and two shirts; can rise above Caymanians and live in gated communities and palacial residences BUT they crawled to the top without nary a blemish? Yeah ck the rich communties here and it there in plain sight!! Came with nothing, made laws like retire @ 55 unless yah above certain ranks, all done by expats, looking out for themselves and their ilk!! Oh we know ’em here……Don’t worry…..we know who they are – many on this thread……yet the only question or concern is NOT the “human” cost ie the born-yah Caymanians feeling like crap…..No BoBo it only about the “money and the reputional damage” of this milking cow called Financial Sector!
        Yup same one founded on the backs of Caymanian seamen, including Jeff’s father, (RIP) but Jeff nor any other Caymanian must ever rise further than those johnny-come-lately! Time longer than rope BoBo!
        Us, the born-yah Caymanians have weathered and come out of worst storms than this; ie Ivan ie white thief from Chamber ie white thief from Solomon Harris etc.
        As usual unna got unna vineyards in Europe to run to just like unna did after Ivan…….don’t forget we know that when unna run the born-yah Caymanians stays, rebuilds and then the bunch-of-unna vipers return with unna fake degrees and reap again…..
        Soon get unna cummuppance…..Hold on! Unna laughing at Jeff; making unna dirty-minded assumptions but time longer than rope!

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow. That is the best telling-off I’ve read in a long time. No matter whether we may agree with the author the fire and spirit are undeniable.

          • Anonymous says:

            I don’t agree with or condone any wrong but as you said it is a good “telling off”.
            Cayman having any financial falling out over this isn’t the first fall and we will come back stronger and yes as that author said “we’ve weathered many other storms”
            I’d add another one they missed that we’ve weathered and we keep wondering when the extradition papers will be filed for the woman from the Pines?
            When is the funds from Chamber being repaid? What assets did we seize?
            You see I believe when we castigate for wrongs we don’t forget to include those that are non-Caymanians too.
            After all the Caymanian that wrote the response has knowledge of how the “expat” the “foreigner” plays as obviously they’ve worked with many here!
            I don’t want to leave without saying again I don’t condone wrong but as we did all the “foreign” thieves; gave them a day in Court; let’s do the same for Jeff. And yes “you without sin cast the first stone”
            See I believe that I can’t judge Jeff because I’m not perfect either.
            I may not have done what he’s accused of but I’ve sinned many times.
            In fact Father God didn’t name the sins He simply said “those WITHOUT sin cast the first stone”….
            I pray for Jeff, as I pray for all prisoners (we all have a soul);
            I pray for our islands and I pray for peace!
            Let’s not beat on the man whilst he’s down…..you wouldn’t like it if it was you and/or one of yours. You may comeback with you remarks but that’s the truth!
            Not have a blessed day and go and help some one who’s in need

  9. Anonymous says:

    How did he get the plans to my planned house….?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Minster Bodden – we can’t hear you.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Place your bids!

  12. Shhhhhh. says:

    That looks like Jeff and Bryce in the pool, doing the back stroke!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Webb is mentioned no less than 75 times in a 150 page indictment. All really bad stuff. There is clear evidence of him accepting concealed payments – not least of which, $500k for the pool in this image. Really, do we need more? Why is there any hesitation from CIFA to remove this guy and change their website?!? CIFA’s sponsors: LIME, CIG, DART, Maples, Fidelity, Weststar/Logic, Maedac, Wata, FastSigns, Gatorade, Nike should demand immediate action. i.e.. Today – or they will carry some of the blame for the inaction. The problem with Cayman is that even faced with a warehouse of evidence we hesitate and wait for a second opinion. No leadership.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fidelity. Where have I heard that before?

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman is a criminal friendly jurisdiction. There are countless white-collar criminals walking around and residing in Cayman. Some have even been faced with legal action with mounting evidence of their crime(s). Yet, case matters are litigated in secrecy and cover-ups [claiming to protect reputations] and the criminals come out like heroes. For every time our failed systems protect them, the emerged more emboldened. That’s why many people have little sympathy when the U.S. Justice Department nab them for violating U.S. and International Laws. It seems like the U.S. Intervention is just what is needed to expose them all – and prosecute them.

      The extent of FIFA’s criminal enterprise – along with CONCACAF and other like associations – is overwhelmingly shocking, and an absolute embarrassment to many people, including myself.


    • Garfield says:

      The Bank of Nova Scotia ((Scotiabank) headquartered in Toronto, Canada is now reviewing their multi million dollar sponsorship of CONCACAF that they made last year.
      All CIFA Cayman sponsors should be doing the same thing until they get some very direct answers to where all the sponsorship money they have been giving CIFA over the past few years has been spent. A full accounting of funds spent by CIFA is now required immediately to limit further damage to football in the Cayman Islands and bring accountability into the CIFA system.

      The time has come for leadership from everybody who care about the future of football in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mm ha anxious ey

  14. Mr. Clean says:

    Not to worry, Mr. Webb. CIG can find a place for you.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Looks like a small hotel. Lots of room to have a pool party and sleepover.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What about the higher ups from Cayman that where with Webb when he got arrested at the hotel did they get arrested too. You would not believe who they are

  17. Toepee says:

    A $1,000,000 goes a loooooooong way in Georgia. That must be the biggest doublewide in Crackerville!!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wow. If you’re lucky, $1M here will get you your run-of-the-mill 3br 3 bath condo, maybe with an ocean view, plonked down somewhere in South Sound or North Side.

    • Anonymous says:

      True. He sure got value for his money in GA. That $1M in Cayman would NEVER afford him that sort of luxury property in Cayman. Try multiplying that (i.e. $1M) by 10.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Nice pool.

  20. Anonymous says:


  21. Renzo Ciccarelli says:

    Hard to reach the top but once on the top TWICE on the bottom. Its about time the FIFA and CONCACAF CARTEL comes to an end! The world should boycott FIFA.

  22. Anonymous says:

    All responsible heads of football in Cayman must demand a change of the present governing body for football in Cayman and a full forsenic audited report on CIFA for the last fifteen years.

  23. I have made comments on a number of Mr Webb’s unfolding allegation stories but somehow feel a need to re-emphasise. This is not a story about cayman corruption – this is a story about a global corruption of ‘our’ (meaning the entire world’s) game. Mr Webb’s involvement is bound to be minimal due to his late arrival at the trough of unilateral corruption in FIFA. FIFA is not any particular nations foil, least of all Cayman’s. It is an embarrisment to the planet earth and we should all (reguardless of nationality) rejoice that at last someone is holding its corruption, arrogance and wrong-doing to task. if that means that one of our own go down too then so be it. if anything it acknowledges our part in a global community.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed, but this is becoming a far too familiar pattern on these islands. It would seem that CIFA feel the same as they have failed to recognise the significance of Webb’s actions. It’s as if it’s business as usual, but then again it probably is here.
      And that’s the real problem that Cayman must deal with.

  24. Brackerjack says:

    That’s a whole pile of house for $1,000,000. Serious value for money. I guess the downside is that it’s in Georgia.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I could not even dream of owning such a home!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Questions to CIFA remained unanswered and CNS understands that some members remain in Zurich ahead of the planned election Friday.

    It might not be so much for the planned election as to plan an alternative route back home that does no pass through US territory.

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