Visiting teenager on road to recovery

| 22/05/2015 | 5 Comments
Cayman News Service

Area where US visitor Harrison Zierenberg was knocked down on Sunday 5 April 2015

(CNS): A 17-year-old boy from Virginia who was struck by a local bus when he was crossing the West Bay Road last month is on the mend, his mother has told the local media in his home state. Harrison Zierenberg is now able to talk but he is still suffering the effects of brain damage and cannot yet walk. His mother said the young man was struck in the head by the van’s wing mirror as it sped along the road.

Police arrested the 56-year-old driver of the bus at the time of the incident but no charges have yet been brought in the case. CNS has contacted the RCIPS to establish the state of the investigation and is awaiting a response.

Zierenberg, who has been in hospital in Miami for several weeks after emergency surgery here in Cayman, has a plate in his head but his mother said her son’s progress has been miraculous, considering that he suffered life-threatening head trauma. He was due to be moved Thursday to a local hospital, where will undergo further surgery and start the extensive therapy to help him walk again.

According to The Richmond Times, Zierenberg who lost his father to a road accident, is expected to eventually get back on his feet because despite almost losing his life, the teenager did not suffer any lasting spinal damage.

“That’s the amazing part, that he was hit by a car going at least 50 mph … His spine is perfect,” Lee Ann Zierenberg said.

The family was on vacation when Zierenberg was hit by the bus around 9pm on 6 April close to the Marriott hotel. Government was expected to formally reduce the speed limit on the West Bay Road this month but as yet the change has not been implemented.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is no functional law enforcement on Grand Cayman. A study should be conducted to see just how dangerous some people will drive when there is no penalties to do so. The over takers from east end and north side early in the mourning have got to be the worst. In the last month I have seen them over take many cars at the same time and force the drivers coming from Bodden town off the road 3 times so far. I’m just glad I am going in the same direction as they are. A bad accident is coming.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What they do in there own country they practice here and get away with if. Poor driving habits. They should not be allowed to drive for reward.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although it sounds like it will be a long battle, glad to hear he is on the mend.

  4. Anonymous says:

    These bus drivers get away with EVERYTHING!! They are by far the worst drivers on the road, from cutting through gas stations to dodge red light, not using turn signals, stopping in the middle of the road, pulling out in front of moving traffic, completely running red lights, speeding and overtaking, they have it all covered and yet you never see any get pulled over! It’s a damn joke. As you can see I hate the b*stards with a passion.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Police on every corner of the road.
    One mistake, and you lose your driver’s license.
    Simple . . . .

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