New fire chief won’t be local officer

| 26/05/2015 | 71 Comments

(CNS Video): As government reaches the shortlisting stage in its hunt for a new chief fire officer, it is extremely unlikely that the next person to wear the permanent CFO’s epaulettes will be a Caymanian, even though the service is currently staffed entirely by local officers. The top job in the Cayman Islands Fire Service has been held by a Caymanian for many years and John Bodden is currently acting CFO. But new experience and qualification criteria for the post has ruled out the possibility that a serving senior officer can step into the boss’ boots.

In the latest video report from CNS about the recent firestorms in the service, Kenneth Bryan finds out why the job will almost certainly be going to an overseas candidate and why the new fire chief will not be one of the current senior officers from the service that have been acting in the job.

Chief Fire Officer job description 2014

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  1. Frumpy says:

    On the bright side of it , Cayman Brac may get some promotions now as it is only the ones in Cayman getting any!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that is funny. Why would be need promotions? Look at the numbers that are employed there for such a small island.

  2. WaYaSay says:

    Shame on you Eric Bush for setting another Caymanian up for failure.
    The only person who knew that the criteria for this important position was changing to include a bachelors degree was you.
    The only person that is being paid to know what the qualifications the acting CFO John Bodden has, and, that he did not have said bachelors degree is you. (By the way, what university offers a bachelors degree in fire fighting?)
    To put the man in the acting position for years and not offer him the opportunity to gain said bachelors degree over that time, before you changed the criteria, is unconscionable.
    While the report that was commissioned by your department was apparently damning ( I have not seen the report, just comments on it’s content), I have never seen any complaints from the public, which the department services, about their inability to put out fires in a timely and efficient manner.
    You sir, with all the resources of the CIG, could not address and put right whatever administrative deficiencies the report identified, nonetheless you expect to bring in an expat to make these corrections and further to train the acting CFO to meet your new criteria; notwithstanding that said expat will never be able to give JB a bachelors degree.
    A department that has functioned for all these years, manned entirely by Caymanians, is being placed on a silver platter for an expat to take over. Thank you Mr. Bush.
    Perhaps if John Bodden had spent more time chasing a billy goat around a hall in prospect, instead of fighting fires, he would not be unceremoniously kicked in the ass as he goes out the door with a damning report as his letter of recommendation.

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    But does a non local fire chief know how to put out local fires?…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sepp Blatter is excellent at fire fighting and he might be looking for a new job soon. . .

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your either qualified or you are not. That’s how the world works. As usual we live in fairy tale land here. I understand this is Cayman and Caymanians believe that have this birthright to run everything. You don’t care if someone is qualified for the position just give it to the Caymanian. That makes no sense. The job description is what is required. If you don’t have what they want go out and get it. Stop taking the short route. Skip the education, apply for the job , and then cry cry cry because you NOT qualified. Gimee a beak. The amount of racism around here is unbelievable. It should be what is best for Cayman, it’s people, and visitors. Education is the key.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm You’ve obviously jumped on your soap box without actually understanding what people are complaining about. Yes people are crying , why shouldnt they? They have the birthright to do so. It is their country, and when all the resources are dried up, many of you will leave to dry out some other well.

      The problem is.. please try and get this through your head. The people in charge, including Eric Bush, knew that a fire chief would be needed. That is a fact.
      They had ample time to pick someone local and have them trained. They chose not to. As someone else pointed out, why give John Bodden the role of acting chief, when you didnt care to promote him in the end. If memory serves me right, John does also have a degree, so he isnt the run of the mill high school drop out, as what it seems you have deemed most Caymanians to be.
      To add to this point, this is a normal occurrence in cayman. The people who are actually affected and crying about it, are crying because, many foreigners are brought in to top jobs and give the responsibility to train Caymanians to take over. They choose not to, or give excuses why the locals are not capable. It is apparent that you either did not suffer from an issue like this, are a foreigner or just plain ignorant to the issues that educated locals go through.

      What you’ve done is paint all locals with the same brush, instead of weeding out the frivolous banter of some ‘entitled’ ones and group the actually affected locals in the same group. Shame on you.

      In anycase, as someone said on the marl road. Eric Bush will stop at nothing until he replaces all top positions with expats. He prefer to have full control over people with the use of work permits as the ransom. It would be wise, if the government get a handle on this guy, as it seems he wants to be able to be the only one who holds the entitlement card across the board of chiefs.

      • Anonymous says:

        As acting he made no improvements. I. Fact he has had the longest of job interviews by actually doing the job but failed to avoid a shock report of incompetence. So tell me why should he be given the job when he has proved that his skills at this level were sadly lacking?

      • Your comment is so on point! With a bit of foresight the fire department should have looked at its ranks years ago and recognised that in order to have high quality leadership in the future they needed to supply training opportunities which would expose local firefighters to the levels of skills and training required for a leadership role. In private sector financial services you will find that Caymanian leaders (like their driftwood counterparts) generally have worked internationally, with the best of the best in their field. My mind jumps to the ‘big 4’ accounting firms who commonly send their local trainees on international secondments. I do think it is vital that our leaders are the most qualified and best suited to the job and am impressed that Mr Bush was as candid as he was in this video – but this should serve as a lesson to us that in future we have to look at ways of providing the international training opportunities to local people – because you can bet your bottom $ that that is how The rest of the world are investing in their people.

  6. Anonymous says:

    CIG is just looking for a fall guy. Crew f’s up blame the expat..

  7. Anonymous says:

    if there is no Caymanians fire officers qualified to take the position, then give it to the Caymanian who is educated, willing and able. Who blew the minds of those who was interviewing him for the CFO post, when he expressed to them that if chosen as the CFO he was willing to remain in the Service for as long as it take for the senior Caymanian Fire Officers to become qualified, because of his strong feelings that this post should always be held by a qualified Caymanian. McLeary Fredrick is that qualified, educated, experienced,capable and willing Caymanian and I am sure there are senior officers within the Fire Service that is qualified to hold the Deputy Chief post and capable for the operations and Firefighting. Use Mr. Fredrick strength of Management and Command and Control – we don’t need no expat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I support McLeary Frederick getting the job. He has nothing to do now as boss of the inactive Hazard Management unit.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect sir, the Fire Service is currently run by Caymanians and as the recent report shows it is falling way short of what one would expect from a modern fire service.So I say hire an expert, turn the service around, choose a possible successor and let them shadow the expert for a couple of years so they are actually capable of doing the job once the expert has left.

  8. clearasmud says:

    Eric, you are absolutely ridiculous. The right thing to do would be to appoint a local Fireman to the post and send him on the training courses he needs. Don’t dare appoint an expat to that position. There is absolutely no need. And if PPM allows you to do this, they too should all b voted out at the next election an expats voted in instead. This is absolutely disgusting.

  9. Just Sayin' says:

    Well whoever he or she is, I hope they bring a 12 story ladder with them…

  10. Anonymous says:

    The truth is somewhere between the previous posts. But I do know that the senior Fire Officers (and senior Cutoms Officers) have had more than ample opportunities to attain a Bachelors Degree. That, along with their experience would have put them in the Chief seat. They chose to not get qualified….and therefore have only themselves to blame

    • Anonymous says:

      They did not choose to “not get qualified”. Unfortunately, nearly all of them joined the civil service straight out of high school and they all do not have the intellectual capacity to get a tertiary qualification. It does NOT mean they are not good people, just that they do not have academic ability and if you talk to them, it becomes very obvious.

      • Anonymous says:

        I’m sorry if you feel privileged over individuals who didn’t get a tertiary qualification like you apparently did. Oh how people can discriminate. Atleast those individuals who accepted that they are not as smart as you, decided that they still wanted a job instead of living off of government hand outs.

        Let me make a suggestion to anyone speaking down to these ‘uneducated’ guys and girls. If your home catches on fire( I pray it doesnt, but if it does) and the fire department comes. Make sure you stop all of them and tell them that you want only the fire fighters with tertiary education outing the flames. That way, you know only the most intellectual firefighter saved your home and belongings. N

        In anycase, many of you who talk down about how unintelligent these guys are, should go and do the required physical try out. Since you are so much more superior to these uneducated baboons. (sarcasm if you didnt catch it)

        Not everyone is fit for higher education. These people have made something out of themselves. If they were a burden on society, you would hear another story.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Listen Cayman, all you need to know to be able to put out a fire is how to point the hose in the right direction. I saw an ad in the newspaper some time ago for a gas station pump attentant asking for two years experience when the entire public is allowed to drive in to any gas station and pump their own gas. If I am correct this ad was placed by a current member of our Government and of course a deserving Caymanian went without this job in the name of lower pay to the ‘experienced’ expat. The fire chief job description is a truckload of BS, plain and simple. This job needs to go to a Caymanian. End of story.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Well we have an expat police chief whose capabilities are currently being questioned by the same government and who is becoming well known, along with an expat prison director, for importing criminals to work in those departments so why not add the fire service to the list. I mean we honest, inetlligent Caymanians can do without the jobs, right?

  13. Anonymous says:

    So many Caymanians blaming expats for this, but who is doing the hiring, who hasn’t performed the succession planning. Not expats, but yet we always get the blame.

    The Caymanians who went to sea to find work are revered, but those who come to Cayman and work the low skilled jobs to send money home so their family eats are spat upon and hated, do you see the hypocrisy.

    If you want someone to blame look to your MLA’s and CS chiefs, but I guess it’s easier to blame the outsider than looking in the mirror

    • Anonymous says:

      While you do have valid points. The problem isn’t as black and white as you would like people to believe.

      Here is what you left out in your black and white story:

      Expat is hire to manage a department and train an individual for succession.
      Expat is given say three years.
      Expat makes more money and live a life they could not afford back home.
      Expat decides he wants to stay.
      Expat berates and give assistant a bad review.
      Expat explain to employers that local isnt good and not capable of such a job.
      Local either quits due to frustration or fired because expat recommends it.
      Expat shoot down all local entrants.
      Expat Informs management they know someone for the job personally.
      Expat gets friend,family, or undercover girlfriend/boyfriend a job.
      Now you have two expats.
      Expat and new assistant an be seen hanging out on the beach on weekends having drinks.
      Rinse, repeat recycle..

      THIS is what happens too many times with establishments. This is the normal stance of most expats within a management position in cayman.

      I will say this, not all Caymanians are capable of some jobs being held, but we have ascertain that there are a boatload of expats on this island who are also incompetent.

      Yes I agree with you, that government is ultimately responsible, however, when they hire an expat manager, they expect the manager to 1.Have their employers best interest at heart and 2. not micro manage a manger on how to do his job. (esentially giving him free roam)

      So what do you expect the government to do, when they pick expats to do a job, train a local, then recommend another expat for the job? If you expect the government to tell them no, then why have that person into job? Whats the sense of being a manager , when someone from government, who probably knows nothing of how to do your specific job, tell them what that person can and can not have or do to make their job more efficient?

      Its as if you and many others would like to jam the government up in a catch 22 dilemma. If the government doesn’t do anything about it, its their fault and if they do, they are being anti-expat. No one play better politics and smear games than expats. FACT

      • Anonymous says:

        It works both ways and you need to get rid of that huge chip on your shoulder.

        • Anonymous says:

          calling a spade a spade, isnt having a huge chip on my shoulder. I understand if you and many others are butt hurt over the comments. The truth is the truth, and I really dont care to change the way it is delivered to soften the blow.
          Yes it goes both ways.. I dont see the problem here with caymanians doing this same thing. Caymanian should be nationalist. They have the right and should have the priority over anyone else in their own home land to have the best living standards. Before you or anyone starts to harp about how locals hate expats, it is quite the opposite. I will however add this jab; Just like how a white person will say they have that one black friend, Tyrone, so they arent deemed as racist, Ill say I have a few expat friends too. I dont see why my theory shouldn’t work since its used by white people a lot.

          In anycase, Caymanians should get the first options If you or any expat do get status and become nationalized, then you too should have first choice too. That is how the system should work, but because of people learning to swindle their way around policies, it does not.

          Here is what I find funny over time: I know quite a few ex-expats who are now caymanians. People who found a way to gain status, through marriage, knowing the right people and even so recently, part of the status give away. These same people believed that cayman owed them and shouldn’t discriminate against expat workers. Fast forward 20 years later.. these people are now the same ones who are arguing that expats are coming in and taking their children (caymanians) jobs. Im sure many of you who are on here about how caymanians are against expats, will be paddling the same caymanian rhetoric when your own children stomps the front door open complaining that they were past up of a job they were qualified for, because some expat was chosen instead..

          Life does come full circle

          • Anonymous says:

            Read your comments again and this time without the anger and maybe even brush that chip off your shoulder just while you are reading and you may be enlightened. IAM CAYMaNIAN and I find your comments unhelpful to our cause.

            • Anonymous says:

              You being caymanian has no impact on the way I think. We are all entitled to our own opinion. Apparently, you are the one who has the chip on your shoulder or why would you be telling me that you are caymanian and I need to rethink what I said because it offends you? I tell you , people throwing stones, when they live in glass houses.

          • Ian Robinson says:

            This expat is a great guy he is teaching who ever for the job because he’s the one who had the qualifications for the job so give the guy a chance .He’s head isn’t up his own arse like some people’s. He will do a great job and then leave when his 3 years are up . Hopefully leaving the Cayman Islands in safe hands.

          • Ian Robinson says:

            All I will say the new fire chief will do a great job he is a great guy down to earth . Lovely family man so don’t blame him for taking the job it was a great opportunity for him and he took it as most of you would have done.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Do not forget the Premier said that Management jobs could go to expats and supporting jobs to Caymanians

  15. Cayman says:

    Just my two cents from a young caymanian.

    For the most part I agree that any senior post should be held by a person of compentancy.
    But on the other side what have the persons who have oversight of this part (eg: E. Bush) been doing to see if a local can not become qualified. Like training. Let’s see what the response is gonna be. More pass the buck talk. He’s had how many years? How about the person before him? I’m sure somewhere there’s another report saying that exact thing previously.

    For those who think we need more expat bosses. Let me put to you what is happening here with the young caymanians. We are tired of people from other countries, continually coming here and downgrading us.

    Why are you here? If we are so bad then leave. Go back to your sweet country and leave mine alone. You want to help a country, why not go to Sudan or Iraq and help them. Because you know that unlike us they will make you run. You want to tell everyone they are wrong, but you decided to leave your own country because of better opportunities? Key word there is you left your country, I didn’t.

    I don’t care what their gonna pay me, I ain’t gonna leave my home. This is mine, not yours. This is where I grew up, my friends, my parents. Even my dog buried in the back yard. This may not mean a lot to most, but to caymanians it does.

    Stop putting us down in our own country. We are tired of it and things will soon come to light and actions taken.

  16. Anonymous says:

    fire service like everything else in the civil service is a rats nest of incompetence….
    thats what happens when you gift jobs for life to uneducated locals……

    • Anonymous says:

      The tone that “uneducated locals” smacks of racism. That said there is an issue of people being given jobs they are wholly unsuited for.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Why una dont pyt the star boy chief

  18. Anonymous says:

    The job description seems pretty simple. I can’t believe that none of the local officers are qualified. Is there not one person with a degree and 10-15 years experience? If in fact all of them are really not qualified for this job, hiring one guy from outside is not going to make any difference.

    • Anonymous says:

      The guy from outside will bring experience in a modern fire service and upgrade standards of training and efficiency which over the years have fallen away. Only then will a trained Caymanian deserve the top job.

      • Anonymous says:

        With a properly functioning government and immigration department it would be ensured that an expat would be brought in with the strict understanding that his job is to train the best suited Caymanian for the job and then go home. This of course is never the case and this fact alone is the cause of most if not all of the unrest in Cayman between locals and expats. The situation is going to get worse until Caymanians are recognised as deserving citizens of their own country rather than lazy, uneducated good for nothings in the name of cheap labor.

        • Anonymous says:

          Another Jacan … they have every department covered now. Next is Dep Gov position, too many native Caymanians there, unless Dep Gov and Mrs Nixon smarten up and put in the necessary policy rule for succession

      • Anonymous says:

        Remind me which guy from outside has ever actually done this?

  19. Sharkey says:

    What I see going on in the Islands, is one setting up for a man control . Remember Osborne famous word Driftwood .

  20. Anonymous says:

    Shameful. John Bodden has been with the fire service for years and knows the job inside out. Letting him act as CFO and then giving the job to an expat is not right at all.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he is so great then how to you explain the damning report?

      • Anonymous says:

        Who wrote the report? Who’s getting the job?
        See the point now?
        Say YES!
        Our greatest problem really truth be told, is NOT the expat but our OWN!
        Here we have Eric Bush, an educated Caymanian, in charge and he’s telling me that he couldn’t have made it clear to the officers years ago that on retirement of next Caymanian chief the job description will change?
        YES he should have, end of story!
        That is the problem:- No succession planning and updated job requirements!
        No one is asking for any favors, we are just simply saying – make the playing field a level one!
        If the Caymanian doesn’t prepare himself, then he has no one to blame but DO NOT move the goal post mid stream!!
        That’s UNFAIR hiring practices and we are tired of it……
        H.R. Mgrs…….YOU have been put on notice here too!!
        Caymanians ARE entitled to a job, where fully qualified and if lacking education or experience, he’s seconded to a work permit holder for the years experience you claim you need for the job………BUT the Caymanian WILL be given FIRST priority!!
        Now as far as Customs and the Port is concerned, the same applies there.
        Find a Caymanian, there’s a long list at NWDA and if lacking in degrees or experience, then second him to a work permit holder!!
        Dep Gov:- Since Civil Service is under your umbrella, here’s some advice to you:- START SUCCESSION PLANNING!!!!!!! TODAY!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well neither is running the service i to the ground or have you not read the recent report?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to examine/FOI the qualification and experience from college to work experience at each level of this guy and when his qualification was obtained from a low-ranking university. Every solution it seems is to first get a study to diminish the existing personnel and structures then bring in an outsider which is the only way he and others feel validated. The sad irony is that Cayman’s politico and certain top-enabling civil servants have thrown good, high-quality Caymanians under the bus or early retirement as they call it and today we are paying the price by elevating inexperienced, underqualified cronies to positions that that they lack real-world experience and academic qualification/training, In particular at post-graduate level making critical decisions that will have far-reaching consequences for the civil service and the public. Look at some of the more qualified and experienced HODs and ask why haven’t they been considered for these chief officers posts? I guess they are not cronies or belong to the secret society! At least this can’t be blamed on an expat, however, as this has been a 100% owned Cayman enterprise and all the CEOs have been Caymanian!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes really what is the Chief Officer qualification to be a Chief Officer when he was appointed? Which establish university did he achieve his post graduate degree from? And I would think its a post grad degree that is require for such a post of Chief Officer. Pot crucifying the kettle.
      The have been senior civil servants whose qualification surpass the requirements stated and they cant get the job. Why?

  22. Anonymous says:

    It is so sad that the Fire Service find themselves at this crossroad again due to no succession planning. Back in 2008 the then Chief Officer of the Ministry Mr. Donnie Ebanks, visited the Fire Service to make an announcement of the appointment as the CFO, which seemed to have been a very painful decision. At that meeting he clearly stated the difficulty in promoting senior officers within the Service because of lack of qualifications and that appointment made of Mr. Bodden would be the last under these conditions, as the time had come for Heads of Departments to become qualified. He extended his support to ALL officer to reach the necessary qualifications.

    The past Fire Chief’s failed his officers and the Cayman Islands by not ensuring that this was done. He had ample opportunity to prepare at least eight (8) senior officers to takeover (one officer per year should have been sent overseas on attachment at a reputable facility while obtaining the necessary qualifications), because even before the new Job Description was created, at present there would be no Officer in the Fire Service that would have meet the requirements and qualifications outlined in that JD.

    Nevertheless, I know the Civil Service and the Private Sector has many educated, willing and able young Caymanian who has the necessary qualifications to manage this Department as Management is what the department lacks, as I would venture to say that CI Fire Service has some of the best, most trained firefighters and equipment in the region.
    If a Caymanian Manager could be identified, a senior officer within the service who is qualified and experienced could be identified as the Deputy Chief Fire Officer and be responsible for the operations of the service.

    One of the main jobs of the “NEW MANAGER” should be to prepare a proper succession plan and to make sure there is sufficient officers qualified to take over. I think a time limit should be put on this Manager, and once and Senior Officer has reached the necessary qualifications it should be return to them because I believe that once we lost control of the Fire Service to an expatriate we won’t be able to get it back.

    Eric you are the Captain of this ship and the most important part of this job is to keep this ship sailing, hopefully you will sail this ship through these rough sea and dock safely. The Cayman Islands, its Citizens and visitors deserve the very best, whether it is done by Caymanian or an expatriate. I am praying this will be the outcome of this situation.
    I know how difficult a sound decision is going to be for you with so much interference from the politicians. This is very evident even more recently with the constant head knocking and the house parties with the Premier.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am still trying to understand what role within that job description can’t be done by a senior officer…? These guys have been there for years. They know their job inside out. Does that not mean anything? They are good enough to “act” but not fill the post ? I say shame on Gov! There is no reason why JB or another officer shouldn’t fill that post. Hope that is 168 votes lost in the next election.

  24. kenny says:

    The fire service is a mess. The officers sleep all night and play dominoes all day. We are paying millions for a fire service we don’t need. In most countries the fire service would be half the size it is in cayman. The officers don’t want to be held accountable so they want to control who gets the top job. Surely others can see this . We talk about government costing too much ….This is a perfect example. Where I come from we have volunteer fireman. All we need is a few officers to man the airport side of operations and majority of others officers can be volunteer. Just think what we can do with $5 millions saved when we have an effective fire service.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Given it is an emergency service, surely it is better for the job to go to someone with the desired qualifications and experience rather than to someone because they hold the right passport?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Unnah keep voting the some donkeys in to parliament, while they selling us all out. What a mess this place is. CaymanKind, we are our own worst enemy.

    All the while the foreign communities sticking together and supporting each other right to the top.

  27. Sharkey says:

    This is what I call a real slap in the face to all the senior Caymanians officers that have been running the fire department all these years putting out fires savings people lives . I wonder how all the fire department feel about this.

    • Sam says:

      How those “senior Caymanians officers” have allowed the department to turn into a complete mess?

    • Anonymous says:

      Read the recent report on the state of the Fire Service that is wholly run by locals. No offence meant but there is a big problem that needs solving.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well maybe in this case they need someone to actually model what doing a good job means? Succession planning in the Cayman Islands too often has meant that good expats are thrown out of jobs without being able to train up a local properly to take over. Hence so many services are falling short.

    • Anonymous says:

      Real succession management does not usually happen in Cayman. Unqualified people are put into jobs without any proper training or supervision and somehow their degree is supposed to magically qualify them to do the job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Foolishness . I can personally name a dozen or more locals who were suppose to be ‘trained’ up by expats and were either not trained properly or left such establishment because they were treated like an outcast by an overseeing expat.

      Most of these people are now working with other firms in high positions doing what they were suppose to be doing in their past employment. I’m am not saying this happens to all locals, but the issue does happen quite frequently.
      The reality is; many expats come to the islands, make more money that they would make anywhere else, enjoy the ability to look down on others, instead of being the mediocre in their own country and choose not relinquish their good job. Especially to a Caymanian. If you can not see the firms that are doing this, well you are plainly in denial, in which case, has come to be the normal thing in cayman now.

      I assure you, this new chief, who will make more salary that any fire chief in the world does not have a Caymanian in his/her best interest.Why should he? If he/her has to leave, they will be pushing this position to one of their friends or family. Happens all the time in Cayman. The local is left with either, stick it out or leave type situation. I’d rather have one of my own treat me like this, than someone from another country who cares very little for me and views me as a work horse and second class citizen in my own country.

      In anycase, I will try to keep optimistic with this one, but I’m sure it’ll end up being the same thing as every high profile expat entering and refusing to leaving this island. If only we’d join the UK in their own stand now on immigration control and job security for their nationals. Ahh boi.

  29. Anonymous says:

    How is it that the private sector must submit management succession planning to the relevant government boards but the government cannot even handle its own succession planning?

    • Anonymous says:

      Succession planning is in place for certain ones to retire and continue working in the same job with the same pay, while others if they are allowed to continue, their salary will be reduced. They only recruit over 65, when they weed out the locals at 55 to 60.

      • Anonymous says:

        Big mouth Ezzard Miller where are you now…this is a civil servant job, plenty of Caymanians in the Fire Station can fill this job…why are they going “OUTSIDE” to hire someone???? Don’t advocate and pressure local companies to hire Caymanians when GOVERNMENT doesn’t practice what they preach!!!

        • Ann Nonymous says:

          Yeah Ezebel! Let’s see succession plans or staffing plans for government departments before you bully the private sector!

          And then, go organize a pissup in a brewery why don’t you.

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