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| 20/05/2015 | 17 Comments

(CNS): LIME customers using the local @candw.ky e-mail address will be going through a transition this summer as the local telecomm and internet provider moves its webmail service from Google’s Gmail to Zimbra. LIMA said the change comes because Google plans to discontinue the Gmail product used by internet service providers such as LIME. Alan Dodds, Head of Broadband, TV & Fixed, LIME Cayman Islands, explained the decision to select the new host.

lime email“We chose Zimbra because of its powerful data storage capabilities, vast range of user options and proven security features that are the right fit, for even our most discerning email subscribers,” he said.

The move, which will happened on 13 July, will mean a new ‘look and feel’ for users of the @candw.ky email domain. Zimbra describes itself as one of the world’s fastest-growing webmail service providers, with over 500 million customers. The new service will include collaboration with personal calendars and address lists.

LIME said it is making it easy for users to transfer existing mail to their new mailboxes. All emails will be moved to the new webmail mailbox along with contacts, forwarders and folders to the new system. But customers will be required to export their information from Google Drive using the Take Out tool.

Users of popular email software, including Outlook and Mac Mail, will receive fresh instructions about how to configure the new mailbox to work well with these programmes. This will be part of a series of direct messages to enable a smooth transition, officials from the firm said.

“Customers should be aware that all communication relating to the change will come from customerportal@lime.com,” Dodds said.

With the unveiling of this new way to access email, LIME said it has “introduced more innovation to how the company delivers on its promise improve the service experience of customers throughout the Caribbean.”

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  1. Lime. E. says:

    I had them disconnect my service about a year ago. Very kindly however they have continued to allow me to use their email addresses free of charge since.

    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting to know. We we’re informed that we still had to pay for their cheapest plan just to keep our candw.ky email addresses, that we’d had for over 12 years.

      • Lime. E. says:

        Just to be clear, I am by no means suggesting to you that they have any idea that they are providing me free email service.

    • Anonymous says:

      I (voluntarily) terminated my services over 9 years ago…their systems and services were lousy from back then.

  2. Soured on LIME says:

    CNS: PLEASE, please do the people of this country a favor and investigate these complaints. Then publish the e-mail addresses, direct phone numbers, and physical office address of ANYONE at LIME including the CEO Bill McCabe, who is in responsible for Customer Service!! Where does “the buck stop” from the escalating fees they charge? Our landline charges just went up…but it works sporadically and has not had voicemail for six months! Cell phone and internet service have gone out on many occasions as well.

    PLEASE tell us how to find someone who will actually help solve the ridiculous and unpublished tecnical problems many customers have suffered with since their highly promoted “Upgrade!” We are sick of calling customer/technical service and being transferred to El Salvador and the outsourced morons reading scripts who then do nothing to solve technical problems. Once they hang up, there is no follow up from here. . Like previous posters, our phone and internet service after a move to Frank Sound have been Third World at best and there seems to be no way to find a human being here to help.

    • Anonymous says:

      And guess what….I’m still waiting. As fibre optic was not working, was told to go the LIME office, fill in form to go back to copper, as previously which had been working. Did so, another hour out of work (!), was told it would take ten days but would try and push it through quickly. Did not hear anything until went in to check if there was a day set…..now told that as fibre optic (which didn’t work) was unable to go back to copper. Will have to contact Customer Services!!! Wonder when somebody was going to contact me to let me know? Phoned customer services there and then, given another report number…..and on and on and on…..!
      Plea to Richard Branson or SOMEONE with some ethics and notion of how to run a business and customer service…………PLEASE come and set up your own communications here in Cayman!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Alan Dodds, Head of Broad Bank, TV & Fixed for Cayman.

      Perhaps you would be obliged to make a list of all the complaints and address the customers that are paying your (high) salary and receiving no service in return.

      The workers, the technicians, customer service people cannot be taking the brunt of the complaints all the time. This is not one or two occasional complaints!

      Management is responsible for taking responsibility. Do so!

  3. Anonymous says:

    “We chose Zimbra because of its powerful data storage capabilities, vast range of user options and proven security features that are the right fit, for even our most discerning email subscribers,” he said. “We chose Zimbra because it was cheaper and we really don’t give a monkey’s proverbial about customer service” was what he meant.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad CNS published this, I’ve been getting an email from them for a while but it looked like a scam, tried the website for info and gave up, figured I would worry about it if it stopped working!

  5. Anonymous says:

    “introduced more innovation to how the company delivers on its promise improve the service experience of customers throughout the Caribbean.”

    Having installed fibre optic, have not had landline voicemail for about two months and only communication are emails from Ecuador which say the matter has been passed on to a ‘specialist’!! Perhaps by making this comment here, some corrective action may be taken! LIME have my number, perhaps you could call and let me know what is happening or if not available, please leave a message!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha. I moved to fiber when I moved house. I transferred my land-line. That was 16 months ago and the land line still doesn’t work.I have reported it. Spoken to numerous people. Had sales ring me up the other day wanting to know if I wanted to go to fiber. I said I did 16 months ago but still have no land-line. I’ve given up and got the house a cell phone.

      • Anonymous says:

        Understand your frustration! Cell phone for the house is too expensive for incoming/outgoing overseas calls.

        Between Logic and LIME, there is no logic, reason or ryhme!

      • Anonymous says:

        They helpfully deleted my @candw email when I got fibre, and cannot reinstate it lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Usual situation … They spend more on PR and CSD and insufficient on the technicians…great spin but lousy results = lies and more lies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fear not, you can always go wait in the hour long line to see the single customer service agent up at Galleria. Perhaps LIME should focus on bringing customer service out of the dark ages.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just another example of LIME’s deteriorating service. I’m a @candw.ky customer and I’ve not yet received any notice of this change from LIME. Thank you CNS for revealing it.

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