Thief avoids jail over stolen coins and cup of soda

| 16/04/2015 | 2 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands courthouse, George Town

(CNS): A George Town man was given a three month suspended sentence for one year on Wednesday after he had admitted taking 85 cents and a cup of soda from a man at Delworths Esso last year. Logan Bodden had originally been charged with robbery as he had a knife when he approached begging for money but the crown accepted the guilty plea to theft since Bodden had not threatened anyone with the weapon. The court heard that he has a serious drink problem and a rap sheet of some 47 offences.

However, because most of them related to drugs or disorderly conduct and threats of violence as a result of being drunk and not for dishonesty, the judge gave Bodden a chance. Justice Charles Quin said it was quite incredible that despite the long list of convictions, Bodden had never been known to be dishonest before. But the judge warned him to stay off the drink and out of trouble otherwise he would go “straight to Northward without a whisper”.

John Furniss, Bodden’s attorney, described his client as a “pest” and said, “When drinking, Mr Bodden is a damn nuisance,” but the lawyer added he was not a dishonest man and when sober he was very decent, but his “demon was drink” had led to a catalogue of petty offences because trouble always comes with the drinking.

With no one hurt and the defendant reportedly apologizing to the complainant, who also bought Bodden a slice of pizza that night, the offence was dealt with without a trial and Bodden’s alcohol dependence was the focus of the punishment.

Suspending the three month sentence for a year, Justice Quin ordered Bodden to stay off the booze and away from liquor stores, as well as to undertake an anger management programme and attend AA meetings three times a week. He said the defendant should also be subjected to random drug and drink tests and if he stayed clean he would stay out of jail.

The judge urged Bodden to find a job, as he has many construction related skills. Work, Justice Quin said, was a key to a better life for him. “With a job you won’t have to steal 85 cents,” he said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The judge wants chaos it will be just days until he commits an offence again
    He needs to be sent to a medical facility to dry out until then I am sure he will drink tonight he cant help it

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