Mac’s motion stirs up political fireworks

| 23/04/2015 | 15 Comments

(CNS): The premier and opposition leader could be heading for a major political fight on the floor of the Legislative Assembly but the men are not only at odds over the content of McKeeva Bush’s alleged conspiracy motion; they are also rowing over whether it can even be debated in the parliament. Last week Bush filed the conspiracy allegations about his fall from office but it is up to the speaker to decide if the motion is constitutional.

Cayman News Service

McKeeva Bush, Leader of the Opposition

In his latest video report Kenneth Bryan asks if the private member’s motion from Bush calling for a public enquiry into his ousting from office will ever hit the floor of the LA and if it does when that will be.

While the Speaker is the person who will decide if the motion is constitutional, it is the House Business Committee, which is essentially controlled by the government, that will decide when it will appear on the order paper.

Last week’s meeting of parliament was adjourned on Friday without a confirmed date for the legislators to return. But Premier Alden McLaughlin told his legislative colleagues that the government was hoping to return for the Budget Meeting on Friday 15 May, which he said is a priority for his government.

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  1. Anon says:

    Nice shot of Mac with the Queen guarding his back…at least Alden got it right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In his Tuesday night meeting pointed to problems with gangs in his home district of West Bay, which he has presided over for decades. A district where a few hundred votes could win an election. “What would stop someone with criminal intentions and enough contacts from being elected into office”, he asked. “All it really takes is one really bad man,” he said.

    Mr. Bush accused the government of trying to use election changes to prevent him getting re-elected. “You want to get rid of McKeeva? Let’s cut up the district”.

    Good idea.

    • Diogenes says:

      “What would stop someone with criminal intentions and enough contacts from being elected into office”, What indeed! Haven’t we already had proof of that, even before one man one vote is brought into play.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Conspiracy aside – you sir should be ashamed that as the CEO of this leading off-shore and attractive tourist destination you have by all accounts by your attorneys, prosecuting Counsels and the evidence submitted during your trial that you were engaged in a pathological behaviour and conduct unbecoming of a leader of a first-world country. Yet you have dug your heels in and has taken no responsibility for your reckless and irresponsible behaviour – to blame others is not what esteemed statesmen with an eye on history would do but rather be contrite and say that you are taking time out for your family and more importantly to get urgent treatment for your addiction. I wish you well if you chose to seek much-needed professional help.

    P.S. Forgiveness is better than retribution

  4. Illiterate says:

    If McKeeva has irrefutable evidence of a conspiracy involving the Premier then I am sure that CNS, Cayman27, and maybe even the Compass would be more than happy to publish that irrefutable evidence for all of us to see.

    If McKeeva has nothing but lies and innuendo, and perhaps even a back-dated fax message or emails like the ones he has produced in the past that were sent by his “Political Assistant” , then the floor of the Parliament where he is protected against lawsuits from anything he cares to say would be the proper place for his so-called evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Illiterate @ 9:04am I agree 100% and would say to Alden;just wait him out.Do not let yourself be goaded into letting him hide behind parliamentary privilege.If he has such proof then let him take it to the press ,and hope it can pass all libel tests.I do not believe him one little bit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    If it was anybody else I would say give it a public hearing and get it all out in the open. But McKeeva Bush has been thoroughly discredited as a man and a leader. He does not have the best interests of Cayman or the people at heart. All he cares about is McKeeva Bush and he is more than willing to embarrass the country and the government to further his own interests. Frankly I applaud anything anyone did to get him out of the premier’s office. I don’t think Alden should give this man a platform to stir up trouble. He was ousted for all the right reasons and his time is over. Time for Mac to go away.

    • Anonymous says:

      If “we” Caymanians; would for one minute READ some if not all of the history of the political interference of other territories; of the grinding halt done to Jamaica when it sought independence by destroying ~devaluing~ their money and forcing them into never-ending debt in the IMF; the destruction of our neighbor TCI; (don’t believe what they print because they give “their” side whilst destroying as they are doing here!!
      Go and READ; double-check; and eventually you’ll hopefully see the connection to all the territories they brought down, that is if you are not blinded by hate);
      if we choose to not look at the person BUT rather the glaring facts; maybe just maybe; for ONCE we will rise above the cannabalism so ingrained and prevalent amongst us, and we may actually survive!
      YES how we need to “free ourselves from the mental slavery” that has us in bondage!!
      BUT as usual, the commentary will be the never-ending hateful and disgusting spew; showing how blind we are!!
      Conforming that we REFUSE to be learned to the trickery, conniving and destructful forces that engage us in cannanbalism!!
      And so we continue, ever being lead by our noses; never looking at the FACTS; ready to deny the COLD & HARD TRUTH.
      We allow ourselves to be lead like sheep to the slaughter by those who set the wheels in motion to continue their destruction of US and of the territories!!
      It is true too then that we hang our own and eat our young!!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s people like you who make me concerned about Cayman’s future. What has all that got to do with Bush – a pathological gambler with nothing constructive to do or say? All he wants is to get back on that unaccountable gravy train of free travel, slush funds, free credit cards, the power to do unilateral deals and no obligation to submit any paperwork for anything. He is bad news regardless of your tinfoil hat theories. But you’ll vote for him because somehow you conflate your conspiracy theories with his unethical behavior. To put it in simple terms, a bad man wants power. That is bad. It has nothing to do with your geopolitical opinions.

      • Illiterate says:

        Shouting (all CAPS) and repetition of a statement does not make it true. In 1972 we started using our own currency. Before that we used the Jamaican dollar and before that the Jamaican pound.

        In 1972 when we started using our own currency the Cayman dollar and Jamaican dollar were both 2 to 1 British pound. Ever since 1972 the amount of Cayman currency in circulation has been equivalent to the amount of US dollars our government holds in reserves. After a few years we switched from a currency tied to the British pound to tying our currency to the US dollar since most of the money earned came here as US dollars. At the time of the switch one pound was equal to 2.50 US dollars, hence one Cayman dollar is 1.25 US dollars.

        The value of the Jamaican dollar has fallen against other currencies because Jamaica has printed more money, or just colourful paper really, without the equivalent hard currency reserves to back it up. The reason the Jamaican dollar has fallen is all about basic economics, not some vast political conspiracy.

        The official currency of TCI is the US dollar, and Misick was/is a crook. If anyone set out to destroy the TCI it would be him.

        • Anonymous says:

          People like you on CNS educating the masses with PURE HARD FACTS give me hope! Respect.

      • Diogenes says:

        Cold hard truth is what you want eh – how about the Jamaican economy destroyed by politicians hostile to foreign capital and oblivious as to the economic realities, TCI destroyed by electing kleptocrats who feed their voters peanuts and then sold everything from land to favours to make themselves rich whilst leaving ordinary people impoverished. And in both cases the guys in power elected by their own people. Always tempting to blame the evil imperialist powers – who apparently have nothing better to do than destroy tiny notions just for the sheer joy of it – rather than accept accountability at a local level for the politicians you elect.

      • Anonymous says:

        Do all those people who have given this post the thumbs-up actually believe this shit? It’s a sad day for Cayman if they do.

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