Crews remove heated concrete from dump

| 04/03/2015 | 3 Comments

(CNS): As firefighters and landfill personnel were keeping a close watch on the dump Tuesday, crews removed a large chunk of heated concrete which officials said was causing more hotspots in the wake of Sunday’s surface fire. The first fire at ‘Mount Trashmore’ this year on Sunday was brought under control quite quickly but the site has remained under observation since and crews continued working yesterday to keep the fire down.

The premier, who is now responsible for the Department of Environmental Health as well as the Fire Service, commended the work of the firefighters and landfill staff for “their unwavering dedication to their jobs and to the safety of the residents of the Cayman Islands”.

Alden McLaughlin, who took over responsibility for the dump from Osbourne Bodden at the end of last year after the infamous Ozziegate scandal, said, “Their quick action added to the improved management at the landfill and upgrades to equipment have improved our ability to minimise and prevent fires.”

The issue of how government is planning on tackling Cayman’s waste-management problem has caused controversy over the time lines but both the previous minister and the premier have defended the need for government to follow the proper process and ensure the country has a sustainable national plan for dealing with rubbish.

As the process moves slowly forward, the government is also investing in new landfill equipment and improved management systems in the existing environment. The DEH will also be picking up five much needed new garbage trucks from the Department of Vehicle and Equipment Services Wednesday. The new trucks which include three Macks and two Freightliners, totalling more than US1.3 million.

On Thursday the premier and other government officials will launch a Waste Management Essay & Poster Competition, open to all local students, in order to raise awareness about the development of the country’s future waste-management plans and the switch in focus from dumping garbage to reducing, reusing, recycling and recovering.

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  1. People for a Dump Free G.T. says:

    What they need to remove from the dump are the people that are running it.

  2. Caymans List says:

    All Politics and nothing more..

  3. Anonymous says:

    The recycling & reuse center on dump road will gladly process your recycling materials
    Look for the big truck that says “we buy scrap metal” on the left on the way to the dump.
    they recycle A/C’s windows doors car parts batteries, cans and ewaste.

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