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| 19/03/2015 | 30 Comments
Cayman News Service

Cayman Islands Department of Immigration, George Town

(CNS): As government makes promises of much more transparency regarding the immigration system, it has begun the hunt for a private sector partner to deliver the software for a system that would streamline communication between the Department of Immigration . The advertisement in the local print media is seeking a fixed price to implement the system to allow online applications as well as greater public access to the work permit regime.

The deadline for firms wanting to put in a bid is 15 April and government has an aggressive timetable in mind requiring the contract to be awarded at the beginning of May and the process to be complete and the system up and running by next January.

The full online service, which will also offer job-seekers access to the positions held by permit holders, will include a payment system for applications for all immigration related matters. The RFP documents stated that the Ministry of Home Affairs is looking for a software system that will facilitate “members of the public in applying for, and renewing, work permits and criminal record applications”.

Despite calls from the employment ministry and the Chamber Of commerce for the National Workforce Development Agency to become the online central point for all jobs to be posted and all local job seekers to register with that department, the new online immigration system may also offer the facility for employers to advertise jobs and employees to post CVs.

Officials hope the introduction of an online 24-hour service will reduce the time it takes to sort applications and cut out the long queues common at the department. As permit numbers continue to soar and the question of local unemployment continues to raise controversy over the real figures, government is trying to improve participation by locals in the workforce without undermining the business community’s need for permits.

The numbers of permit applications have far outpaced the board systems and the premier has said on a number of occasions he is keen to see immigration decisions all made administratively, leaving the boards to decide appeals for contentious issues only. Many people support the idea that the boards are no longer fit for purpose as it is impossible for hundreds of applications to be properly decided by volunteers meeting just once per week.

According to the tender documents, the immigration department is currently managing over 21,000 active work permits and processes an average of approximately 600 applications for renewals and work permits every month.

“The objective is to streamline the application process and improve customer service by offering online solutions which will not only make it easier for employers and employees to transact business with the government in a transparent and efficient manner but also offer improved turn-around time on applications and processing,” officials stated. “The system will create as close as feasible a virtual one stop shop for conducting work permit  applications with the Immigration Department and reduce the need for customers to wait in long lines to file applications and submit documents.”

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  1. Joe Public says:

    Do immigration and the NWDA ever communicate? It just seems foolish that we have two different departments both working to do almost the same thing? Anyone else see some kingdom building and that we are going to end up with two half baked answers, neither of which will actually help employees, employers, or the people of this country.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not dealing with humans would be a fantastic idea for other departments too i.e. when they can’t find letters authorizing others to collect registered mail due to their filing system and then tell you they don’t have it

  3. Anonymous says:

    Anything would be better than dealing with personnel assuming for you and robbing you of $100 because they assumed wrong

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this the tender that was written by Deloitte?

    • Anonymous says:

      I assume that means Deloitte won’t be allowed to bid. Let’s just see, watch this space.

  5. Driftwood says:

    Oh Lord, another category to cope with…
    Currently we have Caymanians, paper Caymanians, permanent residents, work permit holders, visitors and now we will have “Online Caymanians”. Jeez, who’da thought…

  6. Anonymous says:

    CNS, Could you post a link to the tender?

    CNS: I would if I could find it. It’s not on the Central Tenders Committee website or on the Immigration website. If someone could send it to us, I will post it.

  7. Honesty in Government says:

    Let’s hope that the tendering process takes place without any political interferance

  8. Anonymous says:

    I wonder which newly created mated company will win this contract. Hope it’s not one of the ministry’s cronies like that big security firm and it’s owners. By the time the RFP was put out the new company was already formed. Watch this space.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It will be wonderful if you can get rid of the human involvement in the immigration process
    It is people that mess the whole operation up.
    That said today I paid with US $20’s it took no less than 15 minuets for the girl to make change I couldn’t believe it. She even had to go to the back I wondered why? Thought I was in trouble.

    • Anonymous says:

      Name one other country where you can pay the local government in a foreign currency? Maybe using local currency would result in faster transaction times.

      • Anonymous says:

        Most likely change was made in the back in order to prevent it from going in the station till. USD is highly valued in Cayman, not only is it a preferred currency at Western Union but it comes in handy for shopping in the USA.

      • Anonymous says:

        Canada, Mexico, Belize
        I bet they took my stack of 20’s to the back to exchange them because they know no one in the real world wants CI

  10. Anonymous says:

    LOL, that timescale is insane. This is going to another cluster***k.

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