West Bay man faces catalogue of charges

| 16/02/2015 | 0 Comments

(CNS): A 23-year-old West Bay man has been charged with robbery and possession of an imitation  firearm in connection with a street mugging last September and two residential burglaries in West Bay, as well as one commercial burglary in George Town last year. The man was arrested and charged over the weekend with the list of offences and was scheduled to appear in Summary Court on Monday.

Police said the robbery happened on 20 September in Walkers Road, George Town, when two men, one of whom was said to have had a firearm, robbed the victim of his wallet and other personal items. The three burglaries happened between September and December last year. One was at a commercial premises on Eastern Avenue on the 30 September. A second burglary happened at a residential address at Birch Tree Hill Road, West Bay, on 1 December and a third on Boggy Sand Road in the same district on New Year’s Eve.

Despite charging the man with possession of an imitation gun, police did not say that they had recovered any weapons.

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