Crime climbs by over 13%

| 02/02/2015 | 3 Comments

(CNS): Police released the end of year crime statistics for 2014 Friday and overall crime is on the rise again. Although certain serious crimes, such as murder and robbery, declined slightly last year, most other serious offences were up compared to 2013, especially burglary and attempted burglary, leading to a more than 6.5% jump. The biggest leap in serious offences was wounding, which almost doubled. Attempted burglary rose by 85% though successful burglaries declined by 2.63%.Offences listed as “volume crimes”, which are theft, damage to property, threatening offences, other assaults and domestic violence, grew by just over 3%, while petty crimes such as trespassing disorderly conduct and marine offences increased by a whopping 66%. The biggest jumps were common nuisance and causing fear of violence. Recording drugs and firearms offences in a separate category, police say that while drug arrests fell by more than 7.5%, gun-related crimes grew by more than 10%.

Meanwhile, traffic offences declined by some 23%, matched by a fall in the number of collisions on the road by 12%. With four fatal crashes in 2014 compared to 6 in 2013, road deaths declined by 33%. Nevertheless, there were still 949 road smashes throughout the year and although speeding offences fell some 19%, police still issued 659 tickets for drivers exceeding the road limits. DUI arrests fell significantly with 153 arrests compared to 2013, when 248 drivers were charged with being drunk behind the wheel. And although there was a 31% decline in the number of $100 fines handed out for people using their phones while driving, police still charged 947 people throughout the year for that offence.

2014 Annual Crime Statistics


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  1. Naya Boy says:

    First Crime was down! Then they say it was due to Parents!! Now they say it is deep seat social issues and problems and now it is because we need better infared camera’s I guess the next Hocus pocus theory will be it is due to OBEAH!! What a mess this little place is in just because some honestly believe the foreign Help is only here for our benefit.


    • Anonymous says:

      It is not hocus pocus to say that non white collar crime is due to social issues. Read the studies, look at the most unequal societies and you may be able to make informed comments which in turn may actually help young people make better choices. Unemployment is only part of the problem.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks PPM. Can you definitively say some of this is not connected to unemployment?



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