Blackbeard’s robbery suspects appear in court

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(CNS): Four men charged with an armed liquor store hold-up in December are awaiting forensic evidence and the progress of another robbery investigation, in which the same firearm is believed to have been used, before they answer the charges, the court heard today.  Devon Wright (23), Bron Webb (21) and Randy Connor (24), who are all in custody, and Andrew Lopez (21), who is on bail, are charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm and robbery in connection with the theft of around CI$5,000 from Blackbeard’s in Grand Harbour.

The robbery happened at about 7:45pm on 17 December and was caught on CCTV.

As well as robbing the contents of the register at gunpoint, the men stole a customer’s purse. But less than half an hour later Wright, Lopez, Webb and Connor were arrested at an address in Prospect, where police found a large amount of cash, clothing and the customer’s purse. A shotgun containing three live rounds was also recovered but police did not find a handgun that was also suspected to have been used in the crime

Police are also still investigating some of the group in relation to another robbery in which the shotgun was also believed to have been used. The men are also awaiting DNA and forensic evidence before they formally respond to the charges.

The case was adjourned without incident. When the four men had last appeared in the court in person, Devon Wright had attempted to escape after having a bail application refused. In his dramatic bid for freedom, when he leapt over the dock and charged into the foyer, he was chased by police and court staff and was quickly detained and taken back to the courthouse cells.

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