Rainfall in short supply during 2014

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(CNS): Local weather experts have said that 2014 was the sixth driest year since records began in 1957, after rainfall was more than a foot short of annual averages. Total rainfall last year was just 41.92 inches, some 14.28 inches below the long-term average of 56.20 inches, according to records revealed by the National Weather Service. The year began with several cold fronts in January, which resulted in a wet start but things soon began to dry up.

In January an accumulation of almost six inches of rain fell on Grand Cayman, well above the normal average of two inches for the month, making January the wettest month of the year and the highest recorded rainfall in the first month of the year since 2003. But it was by no means a sign of things to come.

As the year developed the rain began to dry up, with just over half an inch falling in February, well below the normal 1.5 inches of the 30-year average for the month.

In March rain was below the annual average by 1.36 inches, and while April produced a little more rain than usual, May was short some 4 inches below the long-term average of 5.96. June also saw far less rain than usual, with just 4.63 inches for the month against an average of 6.2 inches.

With an accumulation of just 2.64 inches for the month, July was 3.14 inches lower than the annual average, and although August was a little wetter the month was still short on the average rainfall by over an inch. While September was wet, with a total of 6.58 inches of rain, it was well short of the annual 8.74 inches and October was also short by almost two inches.

November was particularly dry with an accumulation of only 1.98 inches, 4.07 inches below the 30-year average for the month of over six inches. December was also an inch short on the average fall, which resulted in 2014 being recorded as one of Cayman’s driest years on record.

Full annual weather report and charts: Weather systems affecting the Cayman area during 2014

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