Charity pleads for help with kid’s lunches

| 27/01/2015 | 2 Comments

(CNS): The National Council of Volunteers (NCVO), which runs a number of facilities for children in need, is appealing to the community to help it continue one of its critical programmes. The charity currently provides lunch and a snack for thirty-one children across a number of schools in Cayman but it needs help from the community to continue financing the meals. The charity said that aside from ensuring that children don’t go hungry, kids are able to learn more when they have had a healthy meal during the school day.

The NCVO also noted that healthy eating assists with mental, physical and emotional development of children. For many students their school lunch will be the most important and possibly the only meal of the day.

There are no exact figures in Cayman on how many children are receiving subsidised or free lunches as a number of other service clubs and charities also fund school meal programmes. Government also pays for and subsides several hundred families with school meals.

Anyone who can help the NVCO with its programme can call 949 2124, email or visit the website

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The meal programs are most certainly needed and I thank those involved. BUT, it’s only a bandage. When will the issue of overworked, underpaid parents who can’t afford to feed or enjoy time with their kids be addressed !? GIVE PARENTS THE POWER to NURTURE. No parent wants to leave their child without 🙁

  2. tara says:

    we spend millions of dollars for useless CCTV XXX, but yet children are going hungry??? and government can’t find the funds to help with this

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