Airport closed after plane slips off runway

| 27/01/2015 | 5 Comments

(CNS): According to reports from Cayman Airways and Government Information Services, a Convair 580 cargo aircraft chartered by the local airline came off the runway today at Owen Roberts International Airport and the facility was closed. The plane, which is operated by the IFL Group, an Air Cargo Charter Company based in the US, landed at around 12:30pm and slid off the concrete at the north end of the landing strip.

On the aircraft’s final landing roll at slow speed the pilot experienced an apparent steering problem and the plane veered away from the tarmac and onto the grass at the side of the runway. No one was hurt and it is understood that neither the plane nor the cargo was damaged but the airport was closed in order to allow airport personnel to move the aircraft from the vicinity of the runway. Officials said the airport re-opened at 4:30pm.

As a result of the closure all flights have been impacted and CAL’s scheduled flights for the remainder of the day are expected to be delayed for several hours. Flights KX882, KX883, KX832, KX833, KX106, KX107 and CAL Express flights KX4524, KX4525 and KX4516 will all be affected and passengers are advised to contact CAL Reservations at 949-2311 or visit for more information about those flights. Passengers on other airlines are advised to contact the relevant carriers or the airport directly.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    How many years have people been talking about extending the runway? I hope that’s part of the millions of dollars they are planning to spend on the airport.

  2. Directionally challenged says:

    Where is the “north end” of a runway that runs east/west?

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