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And support independent journalism in the Cayman Islands

‘Auntie’ does something that no one else in the Cayman Islands does: she gets answers to questions that members of the public have about what goes on and why things are the way they are in these Islands. Most of the questions she gets are from people living here, and while she has no power to change things, she does her level best to shine a light on those little mysteries that people just want to know.

‘Auntie’ is one part of the Cayman News Service team, which for the last decade has tried to bring openess to news in the Cayman Islands, whether that’s allowing them to comment anonymously or connecting them to the source documents of the news, which we store in the CNS Library.

We owe no allegiance to anyone; we do not now and never have pandered to government; we’re not indebted to big business (and no, we still don’t work for MI5), which hasn’t always made us popular with some of the major advertisers on-island. We write the news as we find it, whatever the reaction, however many angry phone calls, text messages and emails we get (oh yes we do!).

But these are tough times for the news media the world over, as Google and Facebook not only spew out fake news and made up conspiracy theories but also increasingly gobble up advertising money. In addition, we do not, like the print media, benefit from mandated revenue streams resulting from local laws that make businesses advertise jobs in order to get work permits.

So if you value our efforts to keep producing the news, please join the ‘Ask Auntie’ Fan Club, and enjoy our free gift to you — a highly prized ‘Ask Auntie’ mug, which will be hand delivered to your place of work (or wherever else you’d like).

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