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(CNS Election): When the polls open at 7am Wednesday, 24 May, Cayman will begin the process of voting for a government for the first time under the equitable system of ‘one man, one vote’ in single-member constituencies. In this historic election, every voter has just one vote to choose just one candidate on the ballot sheet in their electoral district. As a result, the candidate with the most votes will win the seat. There are no more second, third, fourth , fifth or even sixth places, just one finisher in a straight ‘first past the post’ race.

Polling takes place in 19 electoral districts or constituencies that can be found here. Where you vote is determined by where you are registered. Any voter who still does not know which constituency or new voting district they are registered in can look it up here on the Elections Office site register of electors. 

The polls will close at 6pm and election officials hope that the counts will be complete and all of the results for each of the 19 constituencies will all be in by midnight. The country will then know which nineteen individual people have been elected to parliament, but they may not know who will be the premier or who will be sitting in Cabinet for many days unless either the PPM or the CDP secure a majority.

All voters are warned that cell phones, tablets, cameras and any other recording equipment are not allowed in the polling stations. Voters are urged to bring their ID cards but they are not compulsory in order to vote; any other photo ID will do and if they have no ID at all, they can swear an oath.

Once in the privacy of the voting booth, voters are free to select the candidate of their choice, no matter what they may have told candidates during the campaign. No one can know who you voted for, no matter what they say, and no voter is obligated to tell anyone who they voted for. You can mark your candidate of choice with either a tick ✔or a cross X in the space next to their name and picture.

Anyone who does not have a means of transport to get to the polls can contact the candidates running in their districts and they will help organise some way of getting them there. But voters are under no obligation to vote for whoever takes you to the polling station.

For any queries or questions visit the Elections Office website or call 949-8047 email

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  1. My 5 cents says:

    Does the elections page have links to candidates information, backgrounds, abilities and manifestos. As a lime tv user there were zero candidates debates available and we could only watch on chamber candidates forums with missing candidates on YouTube.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for all the in depth coverage CNS.

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